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Peruvian politician announces being awarded Nobel Prize in India

Lima - The former president of Peru, Alejandro Toledo, announced to reporters during an international economic meeting that he will receive a “Humanitarian Nobel Prize” in India.

Advisor says Romney would back an Israeli strike against Iran

Jerusalem - An advisor for the presumptive US Republican Presidential candidate says Mitt Romney would support Israel's right to launch an attack on Iran, over that country's nuclear program.

FEC orders John Edwards to repay $2.3 million in public funds

Washington - The Federal Election Commission has ruled that former Presidential candidate John Edwards misstated the financial activity of his campaign in 2008, thereby receiving over $2.2 million he was not entitled to in matching public funds.

Rudy Giuliani tops poll for 2012 Republican presidential bid

A recent opinion poll conducted by CNN shows former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani leading other aspirants for the 2012 Republican presidential primary despite the absence of official declaration on his intention to join the presidential contest.

US Republican presidential hopeful rejoices over bin Laden death

Washington - In the wake of Osama bin Laden’s reported death, many Republican leaders in the US have been constrained in their statements, but some have issued comments certain to stoke the terrorist fire, chief among them being presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee.

Gingrich Considers Himself a GOP Prospect

Newt Gingrich said, while speaking in Cary North Carolina, that he sees himself as a top GOP Prospect for the 2012 election.

John Edwards' Fall From Grace, Now Facing Federal Investigation

John Edwards, once a rising star in the Democratic Party, is reclusive following his affair, his wife's negative reaction to it, and an investigation by the federal government into his campaign finances.

Op-Ed: Democratic Presidential Candidate Says Pot Safer to 'Trip' on Than Alcohol

Mike Gravel on Sunday night appeared at Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter to speak to its high school students and told those students that it is safer to "trip" on marijuana than it is to "trip" on alcohol.

Thompson Ready to Run: This Time He Really Means It

It didn't happen in April and it didn't happen in June, but this time, Fred Thompson is serious when he says he will officially announce his candidacy for the Presidency next week.

Op/Ed: Analysis of Governor Huckabee at the South Carolina GOP Debate

Many questions have been posed to Governor Huckabee on the Digital Journal website in response to his first article written in our American Presidential Candidates section. While we wait for another article to chew here is an overview of his responses.

Is Fred Thompson getting ready to Announce that He'll Run?

It’s no secret that Fred Thompson has been considering entering the presidential race, but he has yet to announce his candidacy. Nearly 50 lawmakers met with him today, interested in what he had to say. He referred to them as his "old friends."

Candidate says US going bankrupt

Presidential candidate Ron Paul, campaigning in Iowa, says that the US is going bankrupt.

Obama Takes on FOX News

Obama is aggressively going after Fox News today for pushing that smear-job report claiming that he went to an Islamic “madrassa” school as a child. The report has already been completely debunked by CNN, but Obama isn't letting up.

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Sandra Torres  presidential candidate in 2015 Guatemala Presidential election.
Sandra Torres, presidential candidate in 2015 Guatemala Presidential election.
Marina Silva and former presidential candidate Eduardo Campos in 2013.
Marina Silva and former presidential candidate Eduardo Campos in 2013.
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