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Presidential campaign News

Bloomberg drops $100 million on anti-Trump ads

Billionaire and former New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg is doing something totally unexpected - He is spending $100 million on anti-Trump campaign ads that will focus on key battleground states while he mulls over running for president.

Op-Ed: Remembering Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow Coalition

One of the most significant political developments in the 1980s was the national emergence of the Rainbow Coalition and Jesse Jackson's two dynamic presidential bids.

Op-Ed: Did Romney's failure to prepare lead to election loss?

As President of the United States, one must prepare for nearly every possible scenario, good or bad, and it appears as if Mitt Romney was prepared for the good, but not prepared for what would happen if he did not win the election.

Op-Ed: The Impact of Sandy on US Presidential Politics

New York - The devastation, flooding, loss of power, blocked roads, from Hurricane Sandy creates what may well be a serious threat to voting on election day.

Paul Ryan contradicts NRA Endorsement Ad

Flint - During an interview with a Flint Michigan reporter, Paul Ryan stated President Obama is not proposing more gun laws, a statement in direct opposition to a recent NRA Victory Fund advertisement.

Ron Paul speech fires up thousands in San Diego Special

San Diego - U.S. Presidential candidate Ron Paul drew a massive crowd to his campaign rally at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) on Friday, and Digital Journal was there to capture every minute.

Aides: Newt Gingrich to officially end White House bid next week

Raleigh - Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich will officially end his presidential campaign next week, according to Gingrich camp sources. This comes as Mitt Romney won the popular vote in all five states Tuesday night.

Rick Santorum announces he's dropping out of presidential race

Gettysburg - Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum has announced that he is suspending his bid for the Republican nomination Tuesday at a campaign event in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Op-Ed: Does Santorum's Campaign Need Anger Management?

Michele Bachmann. Rick Perry. Herman Cain. Ron Paul. Even Jon Huntsman. And now, Newt Gingrich. They are all conservative. They have each had their moment in the spotlight.

The Cain saga unfolds, or is it a political soap opera?

Herman Cain's latest accuser now has her own accuser, with allegations of both libel and a lesbian relationship being leveled against Ginger White.

Reid Apologizes to Obama For Racial Remarks

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has issued a public apology and apologized to Barack Obama by phone after it was revealed that he referred to the U.S. President in a racially inappropriate manner during the last Presidential campaign.

Elizabeth Edwards Tells Her Story

Elizabeth Edwards appeared on Larry King Live Wednesday night to talk about her book "Resilience. " But she first talked about her cancer and the issues regarding her relationship with John Edwards, former candidate for President.

McCain's Chances Slipping Away, Big Ten Battleground Poll Results Released

The Latest Big Ten Battleground Poll shows widening leads for Obama throughout the Midwest including states that McCain needs to win.

Op-Ed: John McCain's Campaign Message to Average Americans

John McCain has been very clear about Barack Obama's unAmerican plan to let the average American have tax breaks instead of concentrating the wealth in the pockets of the Wall Street insiders, but are you listening?

Obama Benefits From Private Campaign Financing

Presidential Candidate Barack Obama has raised more than $150 mil in September alone, an unprecedented amount. This is possible because he opted out of public financing.

McCain Chastises Supporters who Believed His Ads

John McCain and his crew have vilified Barack Obama, saying that he "pals around with domestic terrorists" and using his foreign sounding middle name as an epithet. Now he takes umbrage as his believing supporters repeat some of that garbage back.

Presidential Debate October 7th, What to Expect

What to expect from tonight's presidential debate as McCain's campaign switches into attack mode in the face of falling poll numbers and Obama seeks to continue his momentum on economic and health care issues.

Op-Ed: Conservative Columnist George Will Derides Shallowness of McCain Comments

Conservative pundit George Will, in his column in the Washington Post on Tuesday, called McCain impulsive and hot-tempered. Will accused him of acting shallowly and suggested this sort of behavior is typical of what we would see from a McCain White House.

Are Reports Of Hillary Clinton's Presidential Demise Premature?

Clinton said she still expects to win the Ohio and Texas primaries, but her increasingly pessimistic advisers did nothing to rebut a remark by former president Bill Clinton that his wife must win both states to continue her candidacy.

Hillary's Iraq About-Face

An opinion piece regarding 2003 comments by Sen. Clinton on using military force in Iraq. The article goes with a video and previous article where Clinton explains her vote supporting military intervention to disarm Saddam Hussein.

Op-Ed: Voters Are More Pessimistic Than Eight Years Ago

Many voters across the country are extremely anxious and worried about America's place in the world. They also feel a sense of powerlessness over their individual lives. The mood of the country is much darker than the 2000 election.

Group calls for presidential debate on science and technology

In a world driven by science and technology the ability to think scientifically is important for anyone running for President. That at least is the opinion of a group calling itself "Science Debate 2008" who are asking that the candidates debate science.

Op-Ed: Put the Gloves on in South Carolina, Smear is Good

In a year the American people will take to the polls and elect a new government for themselves. Before that happens though they will be saturated with smear campaigns that have already started. Colbert couldn't even get in. They're tough in Carolina.

Thompson Indicates Announcement is Imminent, Others Question Campaign's Strength

Fred Thompson – popular actor, former Senator, and likely presidential candidate – sent an email to supporters this week hinting at his impending entry into the Republican field, but some question the true strength of Thompson's political machine.

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GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich.
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