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More Workers Affected By Mass Layoffs

In the course of this week alone, over 100,000 layoffs have been announced by a number of major U.S. companies. Now new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) details the extent to which mass layoffs impacted the economy in 2008.

House Offers $825B Stimulus Legislation

After weeks of speculation, some of it calculated with insider knowledge but most with amateur guess work, the House Democrats have released the draft of the much anticipated economic recovery package.

President Obama to Seek 3M Jobs With Recovery

In the aftermath of last Friday’s dismal December 2008 unemployment report President-elect Barack Obama used his weekly radio address to reiterate his call for Congress to pass his economic recovery plan.

Bush Welcomes Obama to Elite Fraternity

In the ultimate photo op, President George W. Bush joined with former President George H. Bush, former President Jimmy Carter and former President Bill Clinton to welcome President-elect Barack Obama to the elite fraternity of United States Presidents.

Op-Ed: Honeymoon's Over As Obama Faces New Challenges

Governor Bill Richardson has withdrawn his name from consideration for Secretary of Commerce due to an ongoing investigation into political contributions he received from a major donor with state contracts in New Mexico.

56th Presidential Inauguration Official Program

The lineup of President-elect Barack Obama's and Vice President-elect Joseph Biden's Inauguration Ceremonies has been announced. The program participants were based on requests from the President-elect and the Vice President-elect.

Obama Looks to Aid Young Workers

In the midst of the current recession and reports of layoffs and corporate bankruptcies, little attention has been given the plight of unemployed young adults.

Former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk Named Trade Rep

President-elect Barack Obama announced Friday afternoon that he has named former Dallas, Texas Mayor Ron Kirk his U.S. Trade Representative. Kirk cut his teeth politically as a legislative assistant to Texas Senator Lloyd Bentsen in the early 1980’s.

President-Elect Obama Raises Stakes For Recovery

A month away from becoming the nation’s 44th President Barack Obama raised the stakes of his economic recovery package, increasing the goal for job creation from 2.5 to 3 million over two years.

Electing Obama Nears Its Final Stage

Today the 538 members of the Electoral College will meet in their state capitals and in Washington, D.C. The Constitution requires that electors meet the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December.

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Obama Citizenship Suit

The Supreme Court this morning declined to hear an emergency appeal from Leo Donofrio of East Brunswick, NJ. Donofrio claimed that President-elect Barack Obama is not qualified for the presidency because he is not a "natural-born" citizen.

Op-Ed: New Deal with Labor for Recovery

President-elect Obama has stated his intention to use infrastructure projects as a cornerstone for a massive jobs program to stimulate the economy. If these projects are supported with federal tax dollars, discrimination in hiring cannot be tolerated.

President-Elect Obama Pushes Jobs Program

One day after the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the economy shed 533,000 jobs in November, President-elect Obama called for a huge public works infrastructure program as the centerpiece of his economic recovery plan.

Op-Ed: Obama's National Security Philosophy

Many continue to question, what has Barack Obama done besides; sign up voters, give a speech, run for president? Many question can he be trusted; Who is he really? Those who feel responsible for ascending Obama to the Presidency are questioning him.

Governors Ask for Economic Help

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell invited his colleagues from the National Governor’s Association to Philadelphia for a bipartisan conversation with Barack Obama and Joe Biden to discuss the issues impacting states in the current economic downturn.

Susan Rice to be U.N. Ambassador

Barack Obama made another historic appointment to his Cabinet with the naming of Dr. Susan E. Rice as Ambassador to the United Nations. The appointment means that an Obama administration will have two women representing the nation on the world stage.

Obama Creates Economic Recovery Advisory Board

President-elect Barack Obama held his third press conference in Chicago in as many days Wednesday, announcing the creation of an Economic Recovery Advisory Board and naming former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker to lead the panel.

Obama Names Social Secretary

President-elect Obama has selected Desiree Rogers to serve as White House Social Secretary. Rogers, a close friend of his and wife Michelle Obama, will make history as the first Black American to hold the coveted position.

Obama's Economic Dream Team

Knowing that consumer confidence has been severely shaken and the markets are panicked, causing in volatile swings, President-elect Obama Today sought to project the image of a leader in control when he announced his economic “Dream Team” yesterday.

Obama Taps Richardson To Lead Commerce Dept.

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has been tapped by President-elect Barack Obama to be Secretary of Commerce according to several published reports. Richardson surprised many when he endorsed Obama after bowing out of the Presidential race.

Barack Obama Details Recovery Plan

President-elect Obama has announced he will propose an Economic Recovery plan aimed at putting Americans to work in transportation infrastructure, public school buildings and clean energy projects.

Obama Proposes Economic Stimulus

President-elect Barack Obama has called for the creation of a jobs program targeting transportation infrastructure, schools and clean energy projects as a means to put as many 2.5 million Americans to work.

Op-Ed: In Holder, Obama Has The Right Man at Justice

President-elect Obama has asked Eric Holder, Jr., U.S. District Attorney for the District of Columbia, to be his Attorney General and he has accepted the offer. Holder is a wise choice and Americans should be confident that Mr. Holder is up to the task.

Valerie Jarrett Named to White House Staff

On Friday President-elect Obama named Valerie Bowman Jarrett as his Sr. Adviser and Assistant to the President for intergovernmental relations. Jarrett will be Obama’s contact with external groups and elected officials at all levels of government.

Team Obama Starts Agency Review

The Obama-Biden Transition team has started to begin reviewing key federal departments, agencies and commissions in preparation for the Obama administration’s transition to power.

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