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Prescription drug abuse News

Opioids prolong chronic pain: Study

Opioids are regularly prescribed to deal with chronic pain. A new study casts some doubt over the effectiveness of this class of drugs and indicates they can sometimes make certain conditions worse.

'Black Box' warning is now required on all painkillers says FDA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on Tuesday that immediate-release opioid painkillers such as Oxycontin and fentanyl will now be required to carry a "black box" warning about the risk of abuse, addiction, overdose and death.

California doctor gets 30 years to life for overdose deaths

Los Angeles - Hsiu-Ying "Lisa" Tseng is the first doctor in the United States to be convicted of second-degree murder in the overdose deaths of three of her patients. She wrote the prescriptions but did not administer the drugs.

Compound pharmacies possible alternative to addictive medications Special

As the epidemic of prescription drug abuse continues to proliferate, medical professionals continue to search for ways to reduce their reliance on these dangerous and addictive medications — for many, the use of compound drugs has been the answer.

Doctors concerned about addiction prescribing fewer opiates

According to a new study released by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, nearly half of all primary care physicians in the U.S. say they are becoming less likely to prescribe opioids to patients for pain management.

Human Rights Watch calls for better treatment for addicted vets

New York - A recent report published by Human Rights Watch has found half a million veterans returning home from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan have become dependent on drugs.

Gun rights advocates blame Adam Lanza's medication

In several speculative reports following the massacre of children at Sandy Hook Elementary, defenders of the Second Amendment claim that Lanza was likely on medication which may have caused his homicidal behavior.

Op-Ed: Parents not talking to kids about drugs, may be using drugs

Until we find ways to reach out to parents, who themselves abuse drugs, all the 'Just say no' campaigns in the world will do little to stop kids from using drugs.

Actor Gerard Butler now home from rehab

After struggling with addiction to pain medications, Actor Gerard Butler finished a quiet stint at rehab on Friday morning.

Take a pill, pass the test? The growing problem in schools

Salt Lake City - A commonly discussed question wonders if a pill could help students get good grades, get into college and compete at the top, should they take it? The answer is "yes" for most college and even high school students in Utah.

NY Coroner Report: Ledger died of prescription drug abuse

New York City medical examiner office released their report today and said Hollywood actor Heath Ledger died because of accidental prescription drug abuse. The various drugs he took at the same time produced a toxic effect leading to his death.

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Preparing heroin for injection.
Preparing heroin for injection.
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