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Prehistoric News

The last woolly mammoths died of thirst

London - The last woolly mammoths to roam the Earth probably died of thirst, according to new research from the Natural History Museum in London.

U.S. scientists hope prehistoric fish can solve modern problem

Chicago - A giant prehistoric fish once thought to be extinct could be the solution to the worsening invasion of non-native Asian carp that is choking U.S. rivers and crowding out local species.

Video of huge alligator strolling across golf course goes viral

Palmetto - For those duffers playing golf in Florida, there are more than just the typical course hazards to keep an eye on. Alligators will occasionally stroll across the fairway or be hunkering down in a sand trap.

Prehistoric Siberian 'unicorn' rhino challenges scientists

Tomsk - Scientists have long been fascinated with this bizarre-looking rhinoceros that likely had an enormous horn, earning the creature the nickname "Siberian unicorn." It was previously thought this huge rhinoceros became extinct 350,000 years ago.

Evidence of earliest massacre found dates back 10,000 years

The fossilized bones of a group of prehistoric hunter-gatherers have been unearthed near Lake Turkana in Kenya, at a place called Nataruk. The smashed remains give evidence of the first human massacre and the brutality of early man.

First beekeepers lived in prehistoric times

Humans have kept bees for centuries — just how long has been a matter of debate. New research has traced back the first beekeepers to prehistoric times.

Oldest dolphin gets a new name

A dolphin, first described from a fossil skull discovered in the 1970s, has been given a new name. However, the mammal retains the title of oldest true dolphin species identified to date.

Prehistoric 'chicken like' dinosaur discovered

Paleontologists have described a new species of birdlike dinosaur. The newly discovered creature has been named Anzu wyliei. More terrifyingly it resembles a giant, monster chicken.

Evidence at ancient graves suggest ceremonial use of flowers

Experts working in northern Israel have found prehistoric graves with the bodies positioned atop flowers. Experts place the graves at being over 10,000 years old. This is the oldest discovery of funerary floral use that has been found to date.

The origin of all dragon myths: Komodo Dragons of Indonesia

Komodo dragons are the world’s largest living lizards. They grow to 10 feet long and run fast like a dog. They would have been a great candidate for the inspiration behind the mythical dragons in Europe, but Europeans didn't discover them until 1910.

Review: ‘The Croods’ are moving into theatres Special

‘The Croods’ are challenging for top spot in the category of favourite prehistoric family as they contend with earthquakes and young love.

Archeologists in Bulgaria say they've found Europe's oldest town

Provadia - Archaeologists in Bulgaria say they have uncovered Europe's oldest town. The remains of the prehistoric town are believed to date between 4700 and 4200 BC.

Giant prehistoric penguin stood over four feet, weighed 130 lbs

Dunedin - Paleontologists say they have constructed from fossilized bones a prehistoric species of penguins that stood at least 4 feet 2 inches tall. The giant penguins lived in New Zealand about 25 million years ago.

The mysterious prehistoric Roman sepulchral barrows of Six Hills Special

Knebworth - If you drive around southern Britain, out of Knebworth in North Hertfordshire towards Stevenage, you will encounter a mysterious collection of small hills or barrows.

Artificial blood for humans developed from pre-historic mammoths

Blood from pre-historic woolly mammoths is now helping scientists advance modern medical procedures. New artificial blood for humans will be based on the reduction of each patient's body temperature.

Archaeologists discover Britain's oldest house

Archaeologists have discovered Britain's oldest house at a Stone Age site in North Yorkshire, pre-dating the previously oldest known dwelling by 500 years.

Clancy, Banjo, and Matilda, New Australian dinosaurs

It's a secret. There is such a thing as Australian parochialism in paleontology, in naming dinosaurs, like everything else. Clancy, Banjo and Matilda are named after Banjo Patterson’s poem Clancy of the Overflow, and Waltzing Matilda.

Many Prehistoric European Cave Artists Were Women

Cave paintings have been around for at least 30,000 years and it has always been assumed that they were done by men. However, a new analysis shows that many handprints were in fact those of women.

Largest Prehistoric Snake Discovered

Scientists have recovered fossils of a 60-million-year-old South American snake whose length and weight might make today's anacondas and reticulated pythons seem a bit cuter and cuddlier.

Prehistoric Climate Can Help Forecast Future Changes

The first comprehensive reconstruction of an extreme warm period shows the sensitivity of the climate system to changes in carbon dioxide (CO2) levels.

Even Pre-historic men fought over women

According to the latest research, men fighting over women is nothing new, evidence has been shown for the first time to support the theory that fighting over women could have been far more harsh in prehistoric times than now.

80-Million-Year-Old Fish Found In Rock: Not Another Tall Tale

A stone pretending to be as one with a rockery along an English beach has turned out to be the fossilized head of a prehistoric fish. Read on for the intriguing details, no matter how you may feel about old things.

Prehistoric whale found in inland Italy

Italian researchers have excavated the skeleton of a 4 million-year-old whale in the Tuscan countryside, a discovery that could help reconstruct the prehistoric environment of the sea that once covered the region.

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Prehistoric Image

Looking like a living fossil  the frilled shark has long  terminally positioned jaws.
Looking like a living fossil, the frilled shark has long, terminally positioned jaws.
Reconstruction of the Mleisa1 prehistoric elephants
by Mauricio Anton.
Reconstruction of the Mleisa1 prehistoric elephants by Mauricio Anton.
Mauricio Anton
Ryan Somma
Dr. DeLong says the underwater forest in Alabama reminds her of the forest in Louisiana s Atchafalay...
Dr. DeLong says the underwater forest in Alabama reminds her of the forest in Louisiana's Atchafalaya Basin, shown here.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Digital Visual Library
DreamWorks Animation
At nearly 32 feet long Machimosaurus was the terror of Jurassic-Cretaceous seas.
At nearly 32 feet long Machimosaurus was the terror of Jurassic-Cretaceous seas.
YouTube National Geographic
aurignacien  cave art dated to 31 000 years ago of horses.
aurignacien, cave art dated to 31,000 years ago of horses.
Etologic horse study, Chauvet´s cave/ FunkMonk

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