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Study says chemotherapy is safe for pregnant women

A new study has found that pregnant women who are diagnosed with cancer can have chemotherapy without endangering their unborn child. Researchers say there appears to be no greater risk of birth defects or other health issues.

U.S. CDC reports 1 in 13 pregnant women drink alcohol

Research released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says drinking among pregnant women is a public health concern. The agency noted 1 in 13 pregnant women drink alcohol.

Op-Ed: Thugs in uniform Taser pregnant women

Police officers put their lives on the line every time they step outside their front doors, often having to face such dangerous public enemies as dementia patients and pregnant women.

Research: Mother's diet affects baby's allergies

Scientists have identified a connection between diet of pregnant mothers and the risks of developing allergies in their babies.

Mothers may give birth early when they live close to major roads

A new Australian study has found that pregnant women may give birth earlier when they live within a 400 metre radius of multiple main roads or freeways.

Special H1N1 Vaccine In Canada For Pregnant Women

A vaccine that does not contain chemical additive adjuvant is now ready for Ontario women who are pregnant. The 200,000 doses on hand were obtained from Australia.

Poll: Half of pregnant women will refuse H1N1 vaccine

A new poll reveals that just less than half of pregnant women will refuse to receive the H1N1 Swine Flu vaccination because of widespread fear.

UK health care horror story: no beds for women in labor

As the United States debates the merits of government-sponsored health care, stories emerge from the UK of dramatic bed shortages in maternity wards and the consequences those shortages have on patients in labor.

Study says pregnant women has higher risk with swine flu

In a recent swine flu-related study. Researchers from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have concluded that pregnant women who get the dreaded virus are four times more likely to be hospitalized as compared to other swine flu patients.

New Study Shows a Diabetic Link to Postpartum Depression

Diabetic women are more likely to develop postpartum depression than those who aren’t diabetic, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Now pregnant women are told: 'It is safe to drink daily glass of wine'

Till now doctors advised pregnant women not to drink during pregnancy, now a national health institute says pregnant women can drink up to 1.5 glasses of wine a day without harming their unborn baby.

Methyl Iodide: The New Threat to Pregnant Women & Kids in California and Florida

The EPA has approved the use of methyl iodide, a pesticide on strawberry fields. But scientists and Nobel laureates warn the substance is a neurotoxin and carcinogen that causes tumors and neurological damage when exposed to it.

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