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Pregnant woman News

Catholic hospital denies life-saving operation to pregnant woman

Grand Blanc - Jessica Mann is in the third trimester of her third pregnancy, but instead of resting and preparing for her baby, she's locked in a battle with her Catholic hospital which refuses to grant the 33-year-old social worker a potentially life-saving operation.

Bail reduced for CA man caught on camera punching child in face

Bakersfield - The $1 million bail for a California man who was captured on video punching a toddler in the face has been reduced to $20,000 and he was released on Saturday.

Video: Denver cops trip pregnant woman face-first; beat husband

Denver - When Mayra Lazos-Guerrero, seven months pregnant, walked up to two two police officers who were were beating her husband while he was on the ground, she asked them to stop. Instead, one of the officers swept her feet out from under her, a witness said.

Forced abortion done on 7-month pregnant woman in China

A 23-year old housewife who was seven months pregnant was reportedly forced to abort because she could not pay the penalty for violating China's "one-child" population control policy.

Pregnant woman subdued by stun gun for parking in disabled spot

Police officers use a stun gun on a pregnant woman and drag her from her car because of a parking offense. According to officers, they were acting in self-defense.

Georgia cop kicks pregnant woman in the stomach

A police officer from DeKalb County is in hot water for the third time in 7 months. He is now in trouble for kicking a pregnant woman in the stomach.

Pregnant woman has a taste for furniture polish

A woman in England who is expecting a child has found herself to be addicted to eating polish and other cleaning products. These bizarre eating habits are due to a rare disorder called pica.

Mother and infant saved by Task Force medics in Kabul

Kabul - Polish medics on a quick reaction force mission in Kabul, Afghanistan came upon a car with a very pregnant woman inside Monday. They arrived in the nick of time, the woman was in a difficult labour and needed help.

Pregnant woman stabbed 24 times, shot and left for dead, survives

A pregnant 23-year old woman was stabbed 24 times by his attackers, shot once, thrown into deep ravine and left for dead, miraculously survived and lives.

Woman in Tunis expecting 12 babies

A Tunisian woman is said to be expecting 12 babies. The Arabic language teacher in her thirties is being described by her family as a miracle. Doctors are doubtful that any of the babies will survive the pregnancy.

Baby Shower Ends In Bloodshed

Police were called to a Mississauga home on Monday after it was reported that a 21-year-old man was suffering from a self-inflicted stab wound. A 28-year-old, seven-and-a-half-month pregnant woman has now been charged in connection with his death.

Pregnant Woman Tasered By Police

A pregnant woman showed up at a police station with the intent of giving up her one-year old son. But when the officer tried to get information from her, her child got upset and she wanted to leave. The officer tased her to keep her from resisting.

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