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Pregnancy News

Baby’s sex affects a woman’s immunity while pregnant

There has been anecdotal evidence for several years: that whether a woman is carrying a boy or a girl her health differs. Now medical evidence indicates that the sex of the baby affects the immunity of the expectant woman.

Biomarker for depression during pregnancy detected

Many women who are pregnant suffer from depression, with some medics putting the rate at one in seven. To assist medics in detecting the likelihood of a woman suffering from depression a biological marker has been detected.

Brain ‘re-wires’ after pregnancy

When a woman becomes a mother it is a life-changing experience. While this is obvious in many ways, new research indicates that the brain undergoes changes and the changes persist for many years.

Warning over drugs that inactivate morning after pill

London - Women have been warned to check what medicine they are taking, particularly medication containing St John's Wort, in case the ingredients inactivate the morning after pill.

Stillbirth and bacteria linked for first time

A common type of bacteria, carried by many women, has been linked with premature delivery and stillbirths. This understanding may help to reduce the number of deaths.

Alone and at risk: Sierra Leone's baby-faced mothers

Freetown - Dizzy and sweating, 15-year-old Isatu Koroma sits with her eyes closed in the maternity ward in Sierra Leone where she has spent the last 10 days, as her tiny little daughter begins to cry.

Does morning sickness predict a baby's gender?

A new study suggests that morning sickness could be predict whether a mother will give birth to a boy or to a girl. Here an extreme form of morning sickness may shift the sex ratio towards girls.

Alcohol-exposed pregnancy remains a risk in U.S.

Washington - Despite numerous warnings, many women in the U.S. consume alcohol while they are pregnant. New figures, from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), place the number of women at risk as 3 million.

CDC warning to women: Don't drink if you're not on birth control

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a press release earlier this week that warned women of child-bearing age about the dangers of drinking alcohol when they may be pregnant, unless they were on birth control.

Reporting rape means prison time for women in UAE

When Marte Deborah Dalelv reported being raped by a work colleague during a 2013 visit to Dubai, UAE, she expected that her attacker would be brought to justice. Instead, the Court convicted her of unlawful sexual relations between Muslims (Zina).

The month in which you were born could affect your later health

According to a new UK study, babies delivered during the hottest months of the year have a better chance of enjoying a healthy adulthood, due to early exposure to sunlight.

Binge drinking still too high with pregnant women

A U.S. based report has shown that one in 10 women aged 18-44 years consumes alcohol during pregnancy. This carries with it a range of ill-health effects for the mother and baby.

Leading brand of contraceptives recalled from stores

The Actavis brand of contraceptives has been recalled due to a problem with the product information supplied with the pills. Half a million boxes are being withdrawn from the U.S.

Abortion Recovery: How to continue Special

Each year there are about 1.1 million abortions in the United States. (Abortion Incidence and Service Availability in the United States, 2011)

Prenatal yoga could lessen depression symptoms

New research published in the Women's Health Issues journal has concluded that prenatal yoga can help pregnant mothers beat depression.

Birth control pill inventor passes away

Carl Djerassi, who synthesized a hormone that went onto become the basis of the birth control pill, has passed away at age 91.

Stressed mothers lead to babies with allergies

During pregnancy it is best to keep relaxed and stress free. This is the best way to protect the health of the baby, according to new research.

Health warning over opioid painkillers and pregnancy

Washington - Opioid medications are commonly used among women of reproductive age. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has warned that taking these medications early in pregnancy can increase the risk for some birth defects.

Thalidomide vicitims in Canada press further for justice Special

Toronto - Ninety-five of the victims from the Thalidomide scandal are alive and residing in Canada. They continue to push for justice and have spoken with Minister Ambrose. The Canadian government may soon agree to fund full support of the Thalidomide survivors.

Caution advised for pregnant women taking pain relief meds

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published new guidance concerning the risks of taking pain relief medication for women whilst they are pregnant.

Wife of freed Cuba agent pregnant, thanks to US

Washington - Before President Barack Obama announced last week that Washington and Havana would restore diplomatic ties, one US official had already been working on a special project -- call it insemination diplomacy -- to unite the two countries.

Victims of 1960s Thalidomide seek Canadian justice (update) Special

Toronto - Over fifty years after the drug, Thalidomide, was prescribed as a morning sickness treatment for pregnant women, their surviving children are campaigning for financial support from Canada's federal government.

Dealing with infertility Special

Chicago - The holiday period can awkward for couples attempting to overcome infertility. To help families over this period, top specialist Dr. Marie Davidson, who is a fertility counselor, provides Digital Journal readers with some advice.

Drinking during pregnancy could be made illegal in the UK

Depending on the outcome of a current case invovling a woman who drank while pregnant, drinking during pregnancy could become a crime in the United Kingdom

How infertility has changed in modern times Special

Infertility is a major concern for many families. Although the problem can cause distress, resolution of the situation is much better these days than it was a few years ago. Digital Journal has spoken to a leading fertility expert to find out more.

Syrian stillborn child sparks Swiss border control investigation

An investigation has been launched in Switzerland into the case of a 22-year-old Syrian migrant who gave birth to a stillborn baby after being ignored by Swiss border authorities when she told them she was heavily bleeding and needed medical attention.

Little-known facts about using frozen donor egg to have a child Special

When women delay motherhood, some women wait only to find their eggs are not viable. For these women, donor eggs are the only option to carry a baby. A leading health expert has spoken with Digital Journal to reveal more about this issue.

Links found between HIV treatment and birth defects

Specific links between medicines used to manage HIV in pregnant women, and the prevalence and type of birth defects, have been found in a new study.

Eight surprising facts about modern mothers Special

Chicago - In honor of Mother’s Day in the U.S. this weekend, the Fertility Centers of Illinois have provided Digital Journal readers with a current snapshot of present-day motherhood.

New TN law criminalizes drug addiction while pregnant

Nashville - Gov. Bill Haslem of Tennessee has signed a bill into law that will charge pregnant women with misdemeanor assault if they are addicted to drugs.
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