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Op-Ed: 2020 Daytime Emmy Award predictions — Who will win?

The 2020 Daytime Emmy Awards will be held remotely on June 26 during a virtual ceremony that will be telecast on CBS. Who will win in the acting categories?

What you need to know about cybersecurity risk in 2020 Special

What is in store for the realm of technology and cybersecurity in 2020? Issues extend from the risk of ransomware to the possibility of further data breaches. A leading expert provides key advice for businesses and readers at large.

2020 security predictions: Redesign of the cyber industry Special

What does 2020 have in store for the cybersecurity sector? Executives at Nominet have made predictions based on industry trends, and have made these available for Digital Journal readers.

Key business technology predictions to look forward to in 2020 Special

From the hybrid cloud to machine learning innovations, Alluxio has provided some key 2020 Technology Predictions, formulated by of Haoyuan Li, founder and CTO, Alluxio, for Digital Journal readers.

LogRhythm's 2020 technology predictions Special

How can bias inherent within artificial intelligence be overcome? How can biometric data be properly controlled? Will ransomware threats continue to plague businesses? These are among the key businesses tech trends for 2020.

2020 Predictions: Mobile app dev, 5G, No-code and DevSecOps Special

From 5G to bringing your own device to work; and from no-code solutions to increased privacy concerns, there are several key technology and security trends for businesses, according to experts at Blue Cedar.

What does 2020 have in store for AI and data management? Special

The areas that will ascend in 2020 include AI, NLP, and implementation/ integration of first-party/ third party data, according to Madhu Therani of Near. Areas for business concern extend to security and data privacy.

Q&A: 2020 predictions: Biometrics to identify verification Special

What does 2020 have in store for technological developments? The trajectory is that technology will continue to permeate deep into different aspects of society and culture, as two leading experts explain to Digital Journal readers.

Op-Ed: 2019 Oscar predictions — 'Best Supporting Actor' category

The Oscar race for "Best Supporting Actor" is heating up. This year's category features two previous winners (Mahershala Ali and Sam Rockwell), as well as three first-time nominees, including veteran actors Sam Elliott and Richard E Grant.

Feng shui masters say Trump secrets could be nosed out in Year of Pig

Fpo - As the Chinese zodiac turns into the Year of the Pig next week, feng shui masters are predicting turbulence and division for world leaders at home -- not least President Donald Trump, who risks having past secrets revealed.

Op-Ed: 2019 Oscar predictions — 'Best Supporting Actress' category

Los Angeles - The Oscar race for "Best Supporting Actress" features a diverse group of talented actresses. First-time contenders Regina King and Marina de Taviras are nominated alongside Oscar winners Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone, as well as six-time nominee Amy Adams.

Feng shui masters predict claws out in Year of Dog

Hong Kong - As the Chinese zodiac switches into the Year of the Dog later this week, Hong Kong feng shui experts predict anything but a walk in the park for global leaders.

Unpredictions – what won’t happen with artificial intelligence Special

Artificial intelligence promises many things, however some of these claims are over-exaggerated and hence not likely to happen in the short term. Conversica Chief Scientist Dr. Sid J. Reddy gives readers the low down.

Microsoft thinks search boxes will disappear within ten years

Microsoft has published a list of major tech changes its researchers expect to see in the next ten years. They range from improved language translators and advances in deep learning to the prediction that traditional app search boxes will become obsolete.

AI predicted the U.S. elections better than humans

Trump or Clinton? The opinion pollsters generally called the result of the vote wrong. In contrast, an artificial intelligence system called MogIA predicted the result to a high degree of accuracy. Does this mean more investment in AI systems?

Op-Ed: 2016 Academy Award predictions: 'Best Supporting Actress'

Five talented actresses are in the running for the 2016 Academy Award for "Best Supporting Actress." Digital Journal predicts who will win.

Op-Ed: 2016 Oscar predictions: 'Best Supporting Actor'

On February 28, the Academy Awards are going to take place in California, and Digital Journal predicts who will win "Best Supporting Actor."

Op-Ed: 2016 Oscar predictions: Best Actor, DiCaprio should get his due

The quest for Leonardo DiCaprio's elusive Academy Award should be happening this year once and for all. He is unstoppable.

Op-Ed: Which four hopefuls will survive to continue Stanley Cup quest?

Stanley Cup pretenders are being separated from the real contenders with half of the original 16 hopefuls eliminated in the first round.

Health care system in collapse as Ebola death toll passes 3,000

As fast as clinics are built, they are filled up, leaving scores of the sick and dying to sit or crouch on the ground outside the gates. Ebola is turning into an insurmountable obstacle as health care workers labor day and night, fighting a losing battle.

Ebola deaths could reach 20,000

Atlanta - Some startling Ebola figures have been release: the WHO predicts more than 20,000 people could be infected by November, while the U.S. CDC estimates the epidemic will strike some 500,000 people by the end of January 2015.

Op-Ed: Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton should win CMA Musical Event award

Five collaborations are in the running for the 2014 Country Music Association (CMA) award for "Musical Event of the Year."

Scientists may shortly be able to predict the flu

Scientists have developed a formula that can predict the evolution of the seasonal flu for the next year. This will allow health providers to prepare and the public to be aware of the most serious instances of flu.

Gene predicting company falls foul of Federal law

GeneLink, a "personal genomics company," faces U.S. government pressure, via the Federal Trade Commission, over some of its advertising claims.

Op-Ed: 2014 Grammy predictions for 'Best Country Solo Performance'

Five songs by some of country's finest solo artists are in the running for the 2014 Grammy award for "Best Country Solo Performance."

Op-Ed: 2014 Grammy predictions for 'Best Country Album'

Five country albums are in the running for the 2014 Grammy award for "Best Country Album." It includes three male solo artists and two female solo artists.

Op-Ed: 10 bold predictions for the 2013-14 NBA season

Tonight the NBA regular season begins, and I look into the crystal basketball to predict the major storylines you'll soon be hearing about, from Derrick Rose's stunning comeback to the West Coast trade bound to shake up the playoffs picture.

Climate change: Just how hot will it get in your lifetime?

The UN is about to publish an exhaustive examination of climate change. The science is predicting dangerous temperature rises in our future. Now there's an interactive guide to find out just how hot it will get in your lifetime, unless there is change.

Op-Ed: Academy of Country Music awards predictions — Video of the Year

The Academy of Country Music (ACM) awards are expected to take place tomorrow in Las Vegas and the following six country artists are nominated for "Video of the Year." Similar to the award for "Vocal Event of the Year," this is an off-camera award.

Op-Ed: Academy of Country Music awards predictions — Single of the Year

The 2013 Academy of Country Music (ACM) awards' category for "Single Record of the Year" consists of five songs by some of country music's biggest musical acts. The award goes to the artists, producers, as well as the record company.
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Five-month running mean of the SST deviation for NINO.3 predicted by JMA s El Niño prediction model...
Five-month running mean of the SST deviation for NINO.3 predicted by JMA's El Niño prediction model (JMA/MRI-CGCM2). Red dots indicate observed values, and boxes indicate predictions. Each box denotes the range where the value will be included with the probability of 70%.
This image is real-time for Aug. 29  2017 in the Southeastern US. It shows predicted rainfall amount...
This image is real-time for Aug. 29, 2017 in the Southeastern US. It shows predicted rainfall amounts.
A compilation of seven long-range forecast models  shows the upcoming transition to La Niña conditi...
A compilation of seven long-range forecast models, shows the upcoming transition to La Niña conditions (cooler ocean temperatures than average) in the tropical Pacific Ocean—which would shift weather patterns worldwide.

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