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Boy, 11, hanged himself after 'horrific social media prank'

Marquette - The mother of Tysen Benz is speaking out after her 11-year-old son was taken off life support and passed away. She says her son hanged himself after a social media prank wherein his 13-year-old girlfriend pretended to kill herself.

Police investigate donut pranks bothering Oregon residents

Portland - Residents in the town have woken up to pastries littered through the streets. Unknown vandals allegedly smashed food on buildings and rubbed bars down the sides of vehicles.

'Jackass: Bad Grandpa' bounces 'Gravity'

A poor showing for "The Counselor" meant a raunchy comedy took over the top spot at the box office with an impressive $32 million. It also knocked out three-time champ, "Gravity."

Rapper Macklemore pranks ticket scalper

The 'Thrift Shop' rapper Macklemore called up a ticket scalper, and disguised his voice by speaking with a British accent.

Op-Ed: Science pranks revealed on Twitter

New technicians and scientists starting in a lab are often given initiation tests and are the butt of jokes from experienced staff, as with many other workplaces. A number of the jests have been posted on Twitter.

Video: Is this the most easily scared guy in the world?

Arendal - Basse Andersen from Arendal (Norway) is probably the most easily scared guy you have ever seen. His workmates are constantly pulling pranks to give him a fright.

2012 Internet April Fool's Round-up

Every April Fools day companies with a large web presence get into the spirit of pranking. This is the 2012 April Fool's internet round-up with links to the shenanigans.

Rémi Gaillard strikes again, elevator prank goes viral

French prankster and viral video master Rémi Gaillard is at it again. His elevator prank has gone viral, scoring him hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

A Compendium of the Web's Best April Fool's Day Pranks of 2008

One of the most storied traditions on the Web is taking advantage of gullible Netizens on April Fool’s Day. This year, YouTube, Google, BBC, Maxim, Consumerist and ThinkGeek pulled pranks today, giving their visitors a dose of humour on April 1.

The Top 10 April Fools' Pranks

Happy April Fools' Day! Today, you're either pranking, or getting pranked. According to's annual April Fools' survey, 32% of workers say they have initiated or been on the receiving end of an April Fools' Day prank at work. Good times.

Survey: April Fool's Pranks

April Fool's day has come and gone, but that doesn't mean we can't still have fun with it.

April Fools Pranks for all you Nerds

April 1st is fast approaching, do you have your pranks figured out yet????

8-year old -911 Prankster who used Cellphone was Caught by Sheboygan County Police

Wisconsin 8-year old demonstrates little-known cell phone fact: even without service, the 911 feature still works. That she demostrated it over 100 times was the problem.

SpongeBob Display Goes Missing

Sometimes "Pranks" just get out of hand and these days with all the "Stupid Things" kids and adults are doing I am wondering if this is not the total decline of the Human Race... It is surely looking that way to me...

Quarters Prank

She never saw it coming.

Electric Bulb Bulb

Having a Party that includes Alcohol?, wanna freak out your guests?.. Then you really need one or more of these...

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ThinkGeek s 2012 April Fools prank.
ThinkGeek's 2012 April Fools prank.
Members of the online prank channel called  Limitless EXP  orchestrate a fake fight that causes a ra...
Members of the online prank channel called 'Limitless EXP' orchestrate a fake fight that causes a random bystander to jump in and try to break it up.

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