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Google Maps shows Edward Snowden hiding in the White House

A clever prank on Google Maps has led to it appearing as though Edward Snowden is hiding out in the White House. Web users quickly noticed and began leaving comments on the location including "great source of classified information."

Two teens being charged after faking a kidnapping at Taco Bell

Two teens in Ohio were arrested and are facing misdemeanor charges after a prank at a Taco Bell drive-thru went horribly wrong.

Police reveal details of mysterious tunnel in Toronto

Police in Toronto are seeking the help of the public to find out who is responsible for digging a huge 33-feet long, six-feet high tunnel in the grounds of the Toronto's York University.

Poop prank gets prankster tased

A video of a prankster getting tased after putting fake poop on someone else's car has gone viral since being uploaded to YouTube.

Uruk-hai prank leaves victims unnerved and YouTubers laughing

Amsterdam - A few residents of Amsterdam where more than a bit surprised when a vicious Uruk-hai from Tolkien mythology invaded their real lives. With sword in hand he strode mightily to buy some groceries.

Teen allegedly gives semen-laced cupcakes to bullies

Bakersfield - A group of teenagers got their just desserts at the hands of their vengeful victim, who handed out cupcakes allegedly contaminated with semen.

Arkansas girl, 15, pulls prank, shot to death by homeowner

Little Rock - A group of Little Rock teenagers decided to play a prank at the home of a friend who played a prank on them. According to police, the friend's father came out of the house and fired several shots at the car they were in, killing one of the teens.

Prank upsets residents of Spanish village with unusual name

When a group of friends stole a road sign from the little Spanish village of Villapene, they really upset the locals. Due to a possible, and rather rude, meaning of the name, they merely wanted to use it as a prop in a joke wedding photo.

Man arrested after calling sister with hoax bomb threat

San Diego - Traffic in Southern California was brought to a halt on Thanksgiving after a man anonymously called his sister, who was driving on I-15, to jokingly tell her that there was a bomb in her car.

Video: Ylvis and the 'Voice Controlled ATM' prank

Oslo - The Norwegian brothers known as Ylvis, creators of the viral music video "The Fox", also play the occasional prank. In this example, they set up a "voice controlled" ATM and the results are hilarious.

Video: Girl uses telekinetic powers in coffee shop

New York - Clients in a West Village coffee shop in New York City got the fright of their lives as they watched an angry young woman use her "telekinetic powers" to get revenge on a man who messed up her laptop.

Jimmy Kimmel reveals the hoax behind popular 'twerking' video

After widespread YouTube views of a girl catching fire after attempting to create a twerking video for her boyfriend, Jimmy Kimmel revealed the hoax behind the creation and distribution of the video.

Teenager shot dead as prank goes horribly wrong

Denver - Teenage pranksters often bite off more than they can chew but Premila Lal, 18, definitely got more than she bargained for when she leaped out of a closet to make her friend jump -- she was shot dead.

Japanese man arrested for making 28,000 prank emergency calls

Tokyo - In what could possibly have been the height of sheer boredom, or maybe a touch of paranoia, a Tokyo man has been arrested for making 28,000 prank calls to the local emergency number 110.

UK illusionist Derren Brown shocked at woman's 'joke' during show

London - British illusionist Derren Brown was "terrified" as he watched a man plunge over a theater balcony during his live show. The man survived the experience.

Video: Magician Andy Gross cut-in-half scare prank goes viral

Watch magician and stand-up comedian Andy Gross literally "gross out" innocent passers-by with a prank in which he appears to have been cut in half and carrying his "other half." The video has gone viral online with over 2 million views.

Video: Guy's friends give his room a really magic makeover

So, imagine you have gone away for two months, leaving your room in the hands of your housemates. Then try to imagine coming back to the results of their, well, artistic fun?

Pedestrians photo-shopped into digital ads as part of a prank

A photographer and retouch artist from Sweden teamed up with Adobe to prank pedestrians in Finland by photoshopping them into digital ads right next to them as they were waiting for a bus.

Greeting card company markets Muslim doll as 'terrorist' (video)

Chicago - Noble Works are well known for their greeting cards, which are sometimes controversial. However, this time they may have gone too far by marketing a card, depicting a doll intended to educate Muslim children, as a terrorist.

White House pulls April Fools' Day prank

On Monday, the White House decided to have a little bit of fun and enlist the help of a 'kid president' to pull off an April Fools' Day prank.

Video: Ghostly face appears in mirror, scares hair salon patrons

Patrons at a hair salon got a bit more than they expected when a ghostly face began appearing in mirrors, prompting screams and even sent some running.

Motorists confused over invisible object prank (Videos)

Amsterdam - A group of Dutch pranksters are causing some confusion among motorists in Amsterdam, filming their perplexed targets and posting the videos on YouTube.

Boy fakes own kidnapping to get out of parent-teacher conference

An 11-year-old Spanish boy faked his own kidnapping in order to prevent a scheduled conference between his parents and teacher.

Op-Ed: Funny or cruel, this doomsday viral video may be the best of 2012

One of the biggest stories of 2012 was that people across the world were convinced that the end of the Mayan calender meant the end of the world.

Australian DJs impersonate Queen, Prince Charles, call Kate

London - An Australian radio station is apologizing after two of their DJs impersonated Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles during a prank call to the hospital where Kate Middleton was admitted on Monday.

Graphic Video: TV host sets magician's head on fire

A popular American magician was seriously injured when his hair was set on fire by the host of a Dominican Republic television show.

Watch 'Extremely scary ghost elevator prank in Brazil'

This terrifying TV prank was conceived by the Brazilian Silvio Santos Program. Alone in a dark lift with no power is unsettling experience for anyone. But things get creepier: a ghost girl appears from nowhere, frightening the elevator riders.

Watch Best Halloween Wake Up Prank Ever

Two young men decide to play a prank on their friend who is fast asleep in bed. They dress up in scary Halloween masks, enter his bedroom and begin making eerie ghostly noises. Their friend wakes up from sleep and lets out shrieking cries of fright.

Teenage prank lands boy, 15, in critical condition

Tuscumbia - An Alabama teen remains in critical condition in an Alabama hospital after a friend shot him in the head during a "prank".

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon caught in radio prank

Quebec's 'The Masked Avengers' played a prank on Ban, while at the UN General Assembly, introducing themselves as Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
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Prank Image

Video of doomsday prank goes viral.
Video of doomsday prank goes viral.
Screen Capture
A prank in Edinburgh for the Street View Camera
A prank in Edinburgh for the Street View Camera
Google Street View
Halloween wake up prank
Halloween wake up prank
YouTube screenshot
Blizzard s 2012 April s Fools day prank.
Blizzard's 2012 April's Fools day prank.
Entertainment One
Invisible Object Prank
Invisible Object Prank
Screen Capture
The outfit was very convincing as a whole and really left people reeling with laughter.
The outfit was very convincing as a whole and really left people reeling with laughter.
A group of friends used a village sign as a joke at a wedding
A group of friends used a village sign as a joke at a wedding
Fair Use
Halloween wake up prank
Halloween wake up prank
YouTube screenshot
prank on Ramz the Jackal of the Desert TV show
prank on Ramz the Jackal of the Desert TV show
You Tube screen capture
Ed Bassmaster: Zombie Drive-Thru Prank
Ed Bassmaster: Zombie Drive-Thru Prank
YouTube/Ed Bassmaster

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