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Power grid News

Hybrid energy offers grid fluctuation fix

Friebus - Electrical grids require modification due to the increase in renewable energy sources. Industry leaders aim to expand both electricity storage capacity and flexible energy management. To achieve this, a new hybrid energy storage system has been developed.

Puerto Rico's governor announces plan to privatize power utility

San Juan - Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello announced on Monday he intends to sell off the U.S. territory’s troubled power utility, PREPA to the private sector, saying the process could take roughly 18 months to complete.

The answer to rebuilding Puerto Rico's power grid? — Renewables

San Juan - Not only is Puerto Rico in the midst of a humanitarian disaster, but with the Island's electrical grid basically destroyed by Hurricane Maria, now is the time to rebuild a new grid using renewable energy sources.

Solar eclipse to be a 'test case' for renewable energy in U.S.

Renewable energy companies and power grid managers across the United States will have their eyes glued to monitoring systems during Monday's total solar eclipse. Not only is the eclipse an historic event, it will also test the renewable energy sector.

Parked electric vehicles can earn money supplying the power grid

Our ambitious efforts in replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources have created challenges for power grid operators in finding new ways to secure grid capacity and balance the demand for power.

Feds have plan in case we are hit with catastrophic solar flares

We take the nation's power grid for granted. But what would happen if the power went out all over the country, or all over the world? This scenario has resulted in the White House coming out with a contingency plan if a massive solar flare hits.

Smart Meters are wave of the future for power grid says PG&E Special

South San Francisco - As the winter months approach no doubt more people will be turning up the heat. Yet more demand causes heating bills to rise. California's Pacific Gas and Electric views "Smart-Meters" as the wave of the future.

Op-Ed: Millions of Indians plunge into darkness a second time

An intense summer 2012, followed by nearly failed monsoon and an economy on its downslide, further compounded by an utterly powerless India for two days, defines a nearly economically crippled India.

Another day another blackout in India - 600 million affected

Just one day after a massive power failure left more than 300 million people in the dark, India's power grid has collapsed again, cutting power to more than 600 million.

Op-Ed: Is the sun getting ready to turn out the lights?

The sun sure has been heating up things around these and other parts lately. The Lower-48 hasn’t seen this much sun in at least a generation. Here in Texas, too much sun and too little rain teamed up in 2011 to give us the worst drought in history.

New technology helps electric vehicles provide power to a home

Barrie - The environmental impact of electric vehicles has been in the media for some time. Now comes news that electric vehicles can also impact running the home.

Report: Climate change, extreme weather set to disrupt power grid

Washington - A new report on climate change shows more extreme weather is on the way, and the current US energy infrastructure is poised to fail unless it goes through a detailed transformation, including appropriate wind and solar sites.

Lights Out: U.S. Power Grid Under Attack by Cyber Hackers

In a scenario reminiscent of the Hollywood film Live Free or Die Hard, hackers are targeting the U.S Power Grid. Intelligence sleuths have found cyber footprints according to a Wall Street Journal report.

CIA Admits Hackers Caused Multi-City Power Outage

Security experts have long said critical public infrastructure needs to be protected from the threat of cyber attacks. In a rare public address, the CIA has admitted hackers do strike and have caused at least one power outage affecting multiple cities.

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Power grid

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Smart Meters are the wave of the future for the power grid. As more people use electrical appliances...
Smart Meters are the wave of the future for the power grid. As more people use electrical appliances and devices, a more efficient system of tracking and maintaing power use is required for the 21st Century.
Courtesy of PG&E media department
Local power grid  with transformer  PHCN
Local power grid, with transformer, PHCN
A photovoltaic (PV) module is a packaged  connect assembly of typically 6×10 solar cells. Solar Pho...
A photovoltaic (PV) module is a packaged, connect assembly of typically 6×10 solar cells. Solar Photovoltaic panels constitute the solar array of a photovoltaic system that generates and supplies solar electricity in commercial and residential applications.
AleSpa (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Ontario Ministry of Energy
Yesterday at 2:56pm · 
The Wataynikaneyap Power connection project wil...
Ontario Ministry of Energy Yesterday at 2:56pm · The Wataynikaneyap Power connection project will connect 16 First Nation communities to Ontario’s electricity grid, eliminating their diesel dependency and making it easier for them to build new housing and infrastructure.
Ontario Ministry of Energy

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