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Poverty News

The dire plight of many renters in the U.S. revealed

The U.S. rental housing market is increasing and so are the numbers of people who are struggling. The new rentership society has been significantly affected by the economic downturn, triggered by COVID-19, and presided over by Donald Trump.

For young Senegalese, perilous journey to Europe worth the risk

Mbour - Djiby Dieng packed just a tiny backpack when he boarded a brightly coloured wooden boat at the Senegalese port of Mbour to seek his fortune in Europe.

Brazil's poor fear looming end of Covid emergency cash

Salvador - Since she and her husband lost their jobs because of the pandemic, Ilma Silva Santos, a construction worker from the slums of Salvador in northeastern Brazil, has been feeding her family of five thanks to government relief payments -- now set to expire...

Turin restaurants unite to serve Italy's needy

Turin - In the kitchen of the Michelin-starred Del Cambio restaurant, chef Matteo Baronetto fusses over a boiling vat of paccheri -- fat pasta tubes to be immersed in a light tomato sauce.

Anger in France over 'brutal' migrant removal as security bill wins green light

Paris - French authorities on Tuesday ordered an investigation into the "brutal" removal by police of a camp of migrants in central Paris, as parliament gave initial approval to a new security law condemned by activists as eroding press freedom.

Police use tear gas to disperse migrant camp in central Paris

Paris - Police used tear gas as they dismantled a new migrant camp in the centre of Paris set up to house hundreds of refugees evacuated from makeshift suburban shelters without being relocated.

Op-Ed: Election 2020 — Ignorance vs competence

Washington - Well, if 2016 was new insofar as absolute babble was the currency, now it’s predictable. The solution to the problem is “There is no problem”, etc. Everything’s just dandy peachy keen, according to Trump. It's about ignorance vs competence.

Venezuelans 'dying slowly' in rat- and roach-infested homes

Caracas - Sunlight cannot penetrate, the air is fetid and fellow residents include rats and cockroaches -- but that's how 14 families are "dying slowly" in government accommodation in Venezuela's capital Caracas.

Pandemic could push 115 mn into extreme poverty in 2020: World Bank

Washington - As many as 115 million people could be pushed into extreme poverty this year due to the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the World Bank warned Wednesday.

Pandemic deepens struggle of Mexico's indigenous villages

Metlatonoc - In the poverty-stricken mountains of southern Mexico, children can only dream of internet or television that would allow them to join millions of others following distance learning during the pandemic.

Op-Ed: ‘Apocalyptic’ 2020 election – America’s ghosts are raised

Washington - How the United States got itself into the insane situation in which it finds itself for the 2020 election is all too obvious. Decades of deliberate polarization. Why America wants to raise its ugliest ghosts, however, is much less clear.

Beirut blasts heap fresh woes on deeper Lebanon crisis

Beirut - For the Lebanese people, who have watched helplessly as their economy has collapsed in recent months, the devastating explosion in Beirut is one disaster too many.

Disabled Gaza couple make dolls to give their children 'decent life'

Rafah - With skilled fingers, disabled Gazan couple Nihad and Zeinab Jarboa have supported themselves by sewing finely detailed dolls and costumes, but coronavirus has hurt their already meagre income.

Areas in the U.S. with the highest loan take-up rates revealed

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the U.S. economy, and one of the measures of this is with the take-up of loans. New data from WalletHub shows considerable variation throughout the U.S., as measured by individual states.

Egypt homeless, street children hit hard by pandemic scourge

Apo - Wandering Cairo's bustling streets, Zeinab was struggling to survive by selling tissues when the coronavirus left her even more vulnerable, along with thousands of other homeless people and street children.

As surrogacy booms, fears Ukraine becoming 'online baby store'

Kiev - Tears of joy stream down Andrea Viez's face as she lifts her baby boy, born to a surrogate mother in Ukraine."He's a star," the Argentinian in her late 40s says, her voice trembling.

Elevated extreme poverty to persist through 2021: World Bank

Washington - Global economic growth could rebound next year -- but the number of people living in extreme poverty is expected to remain unchanged after a huge surge this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the World Bank warned Tuesday.

Walls close in on Thailand's poorest as virus shrivels economy

Bangkok - Shuffling around their tiny slum home which is too small to stand up in, Thanapat Noidee and his wife Papassorn share donated noodles with their sons and worry about bills, as the coronavirus pushes Thailand's poor deeper into penury.

South Africa leader faces thorny test over virus lockdown

Johanesburg - Admired by some but berated by others for imposing a tight lockdown, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa faces a fresh leadership test over his handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

Spain govt okays basic income scheme to tackle poverty

Madrid - Spain's leftwing government approved a minimum basic income scheme on Friday to tackle a spike in poverty stemming from the virus crisis that has forced many families to rely on food aid.

With few computers, Romania and Bulgaria face homeschool hurdles

Darova - Maria Avadanei is exhilarated: after receiving a tablet as a donation, she can finally take her online lessons."I was afraid of failing my classes," says the 15-year-old from Darova, a rural commune in Transylvania in western Romania.

From opera to bread line: Italy's surge in the 'new poor'

Rome - Within 10 minutes, all the food was gone.For years, the Ronda della Solidarieta (Solidarity Patrol) charity has served up free dinners twice a week for Rome's needy, passed out at twilight in the shadow of the city's ancient ruins.

Nearly 1 in 5 US children left hungry since virus crisis: study

Washington - Nearly a fifth of young children in the United States are not getting enough to eat since the coronavirus pandemic erupted, according to research out Wednesday highlighting the broader health impact of the crisis.

UK virus toll rises 739 as stats show disadvantaged worst hit

London - Britain's overall death toll from the coronavirus outbreak rose by 739 to 27,510 on Friday, as new data indicated that people in disadvantaged areas were worse hit.

Colored flags signal Guatemalans' need for help under virus curfew

Guatemala City - Floridalma Chavez, 24, hangs a bit of white cloth in the window of her home in Guatemala City, alerting the neighborhood that she and her family need help amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Op-Ed: The downside of coronavirus — how society is reacting

There is a 'dark side' to the coronavirus pandemic, ranging from people engaging in cyber-scams to the impact of the virus disproportionately impacting upon people in low-income households. We take a look at some examples.

India's poor hit hardest by virus lockdown

Ghaziabad - With his rickshaw sitting idle outside his one-room shack, Sailesh Kumar is one of the hundreds of millions of poor Indians hit the hardest by the world's biggest coronavirus lockdown.

Coronavirus adds to struggles in City of God favela

Rio De Janeiro - There are no good options these days in City of God.Venture out in this densely populated Rio de Janeiro favela, and residents risk exposing themselves to coronavirus.Stay in, and many have nothing to eat.

Coronavirus pandemic 'amplifying' poverty in UK

London - The coronavirus pandemic is increasing poverty in Britain, where levels are already high after a decade of austerity triggered by the global financial crisis, according to experts.

Duterte tells Philippine police to shoot dead lockdown troublemakers

Manila - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has told security forces they should shoot dead anyone causing "trouble" in areas locked down due to the coronavirus pandemic.
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Poverty Image

Some poor teenagers resort to selling their bodies to pay for food.
Some poor teenagers resort to selling their bodies to pay for food.
Kay Chernush for the U.S. State Department
Edmonton Homeless Memorial 2014
Edmonton Homeless Memorial 2014
A woman on the streets of South Africa
A woman on the streets of South Africa
Steve Crane
Live Below the Line recipes
Live Below the Line recipes
Live Beyond the Line
Ahmed and Fatma receive BD30 (approx. £49) per moth in government support each month.
Ahmed and Fatma receive BD30 (approx. £49) per moth in government support each month.
Street children at Bandstand. Mumbai  India.
Street children at Bandstand. Mumbai, India.
Toronto mayor Rob Ford and his aides.
Toronto mayor Rob Ford and his aides.
Ahmed and Fatma s house.
Ahmed and Fatma's house.
A young man begging for food money in Guelph  Ontario  February 2010.
A young man begging for food money in Guelph, Ontario, February 2010.
A boy in Kroo Bay  Freetown  Sierra Leone
A boy in Kroo Bay, Freetown, Sierra Leone
Homeless person  Lyon France
Homeless person, Lyon France
Giving money to a homeless person  Lyon France
Giving money to a homeless person, Lyon France
Live Below the Line recipes
Live Below the Line recipes
Live Beyond the Line
Fatma is paralysed and has been sitting on the mattress in this bedroom for eight years.
Fatma is paralysed and has been sitting on the mattress in this bedroom for eight years.
Right to Housing Rally. Harvey  a formerly homeless man.
Right to Housing Rally. Harvey, a formerly homeless man.
Edmonton Homeless Memorial 2014
Edmonton Homeless Memorial 2014
This bridge is called  bridge of monkeys . Especially not to be drunk when we cross it.
This bridge is called "bridge of monkeys". Especially not to be drunk when we cross it.

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