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Poverty News

Corruption costs poor countries $1 trillion a year: NGO

Paris - Corruption, fraud and money-laundering cost poor countries a total of $1.0 trillion a year, the anti-poverty organisation ONE said in a study released on Wednesday.

Low-caste Indians still forced to clean human waste: rights group

Mumbai - Low-caste Indians are still routinely forced into manually removing human excrement from toilets despite a highly-publicised law introduced last year to end the "discriminatory practice", a rights group said Monday.

Op-Ed: Detroit's controversial water shutoff reeks of 'too big to fail'

Detroit's deep financial woes have been public for years. Many of its residents are behind on their water bills, and the city has been controversially shutting off water to some delinquent residents. But are delinquent businesses getting a free ride?

More than 2.2 billion people 'poor or near-poor': UN

Tokyo - More than 2.2 billion people are "poor or near-poor", with financial crises, natural disasters, soaring food prices and violent conflicts threatening to exacerbate the problem, a United Nations report said Thursday.

Venezuela moves to empty Tower of David skyscraper slum

Caracas - Venezuelan authorities on Tuesday began moving residents out of the Tower of David, a Caracas skyscraper so notorious as a haven for squatters and gangs it was depicted in the US TV series "Homeland.

Eric Elliott's fight against poverty with code goes viral

In his words, Eric Elliott lost everything in 2008 and had to sell his house in 2009, resorting to couch surfing with friends. But by 2010, he had turned all of that around by entering one of the highest-paid industries of all right now: web development.

Desperate and alone, immigrant children to be housed in Dallas

Dallas - More than 1,000 unaccompanied children who crossed illegally into Texas earlier this month are on their way to shelters in Dallas, Texas.

Indiana GOP candidate: Nobody has guts to let poor wither and die

Valparaiso - A Republican candidate for the Indiana House of Representatives is defending a controversial Facebook comment about poor people in which he lamented that "no one has the guts to just let them wither and die."

Boy tied to bus stop highlights struggle for disabled Indians

Mumbai - The nine-year-old boy dressed in blue lay listlessly on the pavement in the scorching Mumbai summer afternoon, his ankle tethered with rope to a bus stop, unheeded by pedestrians strolling past.

Homeless memorial honours lives lost in Edmonton Special

Edmonton - An estimated forty men and women died in Edmonton in 2013 as a direct or indirect result of not having adequate shelter.

Review: 'Falling Into Place': Hattie Kauffman's story of faith and hope

"Falling Into Place" is a memoir about how finding faith in a higher power and oneself can bring out inner strength and peace. Hattie Kauffman’s trials become lessons of perseverance and hope for all of us.

Nigeria eyes private funds to spark agriculture boom

Lagos - Can investors get rich by backing Nigerian agriculture?

IMF no longer forces 'structural adjustment': Lagarde

Washington - The International Monetary Fund has changed and no longer imposes tough "structural adjustment" programs as it did in poor countries two decades ago, IMF chief Christine Lagarde said Saturday.

Petition over Nike factory workers

Nike has been accused of selling the England team’s shirt for £90 ($150), while the workers in its factories in Indonesia are paid 30 pence (50 cents) per hour to produce the t-shirt.

Women of Philippine slum welcome birth control victory

Manila - Single mother Christina Bantasan clutched her baby in the shadows of a sprawling Philippine slum, wishing that a controversial birth control law had come earlier so she could have planned her future better.

Philippine Supreme Court approves birth control law

Manila - The Philippines' highest court approved Tuesday a controversial birth control law that supporters said would transform the lives of millions of poor Filipinos, despite bitter opposition from the powerful Catholic Church.

Drought worsens food crisis in poverty-stricken Haiti

Port-au-prince - The World Food Program sounded an alarm Friday over arid conditions in northwest Haiti that have worsened an already dire food shortage in this impoverished country.

Booming demand for shea, African 'women's gold', reduces poverty

Abidjan - The fruit of the shea tree has long been considered sacred by many in Western Africa because of its myriad health benefits.

Poor hit hardest by cuts in crisis-hit Europe

Athens - Welfare cuts ordered in the wake of Europe's economic crisis are hitting the poor disproportionately hard, with child poverty rising and people's health at risk, a leading Catholic charity warned on Thursday.

Paris man awarded 12,000 euros for renting 'broom closet'

Paris - A Paris court on Monday ordered nearly 12,000 euros ($16,500) in compensation to be paid to a man who rented a "broom closet" for 15 years.The court in Paris's 11th district said the owner of the tiny flat and its property manager had violated city byl...

Programs to redistribute income good for growth: IMF

Washington - The International Monetary Fund came out Wednesday in support of the fight against income inequality, with Fund economists saying income redistribution efforts can strengthen economic growth.Plunging into a debate over the gap between rich and poor tha...

Food bank feeding the poor in Scotland runs out of food

Glasgow - The largest food bank in Scotland, which exists to help feed the poverty stricken, has run out of food. The food bank in Glasgow has been cleaned out because the number of families asking for help has reached record levels.

Inequality, discrimination key obstacles to development: UN

New York - Inequality and discrimination, particularly towards women, are among the world's biggest obstacles to development, a UN report published Wednesday said.The study, which collected data from 176 countries, stressed that growing inequality may undermine p...

Warming up with Canada's first ever hot chocolate festival

Well, the groundhog spotting its own shadow may be a bummer, as the furry forecaster predicts a long winter, but why not warm up with a cup of hot chocolate at participating vendors in this year's first ever national Hot Chocolate Festival?

Bill Gates predicts almost no poor countries by 2035

Bill Gates has predicted that by 2035 there will be virtually no poor countries in the world. According to information from the World Bank there are officially 35 poor countries in the world today where citizens live with low or no income.

Rand Paul: 'There are always perceptions of what is extreme'

With The New York Times and NBC's "Meet The Press" seeking to tether him to his father's Libertarian positions, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) defended his cause and his father alike.

Op-Ed: Is the World Economic Forum working for regional economies?

The World Economic Forum's annual conference in Davos concluded this weekend during a turbulent period in emerging markets and yielding questions on the impact the WEF is making globally.

Reality TV show sparks row over welfare dependency

London - The welfare system was the pride of post-war Britain, but the reaction to the incendiary reality television programme "Benefits Street" is showing how much times have changed.

Obama's 'promise zones' versus Senator Paul's 'freedom zones'

President Obama's "promise zones" very much resemble Senator Rand Paul's ideas on "economic freedom zones" the Republican introduced in Detroit in December. Is imitation flattery, as Paul insists?

France will not 'copy' British economic policies: PM

Paris - French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said Thursday that his government will not copy British economic policies as they had created poverty and inequality.
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Poverty Image

Housing embedded in the bush and alongside a small stream greenish under ideal mosquito breeding
Housing embedded in the bush and alongside a small stream greenish under ideal mosquito breeding
The report also draws attention to the non-availability of health services in informal settlements  ...
The report also draws attention to the non-availability of health services in informal settlements, both for communicable diseases (for instance diarrhoeal diseases, acute respiratory infections and TB); and for non-communicable diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, which kill 35 million a year and, on current trends, could be responsible for 75 per cent of all deaths within a decade.
Activist holding copy of 24 s Dec. 1 newspaper.
Activist holding copy of 24's Dec. 1 newspaper.
Homeless person  Lyon France
Homeless person, Lyon France
Live Below the Line recipes
Live Below the Line recipes
Live Beyond the Line
This image is part of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment reports on Biodiversity and human well-bei...
This image is part of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment reports on Biodiversity and human well-being. It illustrates the relationship between biodiversity, ecosystem services, human well-being, and poverty. Moreover it shows areas where conservation strategies, planning, and intervention can alter the drivers of change from local, regional, to global scales.
Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
Homeless person  Lyon France
Homeless person, Lyon France
Live Below the Line recipes
Live Below the Line recipes
Live Beyond the Line
Giving money to a homeless person  Lyon France
Giving money to a homeless person, Lyon France
Ahmed and Fatma s house.
Ahmed and Fatma's house.
Edmonton Homeless Memorial 2014
Edmonton Homeless Memorial 2014
Media scrum
Media scrum
Down-and-outs at the Pompidou Arts Center  Paris France
Down-and-outs at the Pompidou Arts Center, Paris France
Ontario Coalition Against Poverty leader  John Clarke.
Ontario Coalition Against Poverty leader, John Clarke.
Poverty in U.S.
Poverty in U.S.
Ed Yourdon
Ahmed and Fatma receive BD30 (approx. £49) per moth in government support each month.
Ahmed and Fatma receive BD30 (approx. £49) per moth in government support each month.
Homeless person  Lyon France
Homeless person, Lyon France
A young man begging for food money in Guelph  Ontario  February 2010.
A young man begging for food money in Guelph, Ontario, February 2010.


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