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Potatoes News

Chipping forecast: Ireland fears Brexit blight on spud supply

Dublin - In Dublin's oldest chip shop, a pile of British potatoes plunges into a scalding vat of amber oil and under its roiling surface, everyday alchemy creates a cherished deep-fried treat.

Using ‘cleanrooms’ to produce better potatoes

Madison - Researchers have shown that the use of specially designed environments can help to produce better quality potatoes for the consumer. This is with the aim of reducing the extent of microbial contamination.

Scientists grow potato under Mars-like conditions in Peru

- Potatoes on Mars? Scientists are reporting promising results growing the tuber under conditions that mimic the Red Planet in an experiment in Peru linked to US space agency NASA.

Op-Ed: Weird foods 2016 — The new depths of delirium, or good ideas?

London - Nobody in the food industry would be totally surprised if someone came up with a roast house brick, or a fillet of drywall as a new food fad. The creativity is there; it’s the sanity which seems to be missing.

FDA decides GM apples and potatoes are safe

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has deemed genetically modified, non-browning apples and bruise-resistant potatoes to be "safe" for consumption.

Potatoes fight cancer and heart disease and other health news

Scientists have bred potatoes that fight cancer and heart disease. Others have found that coffee can kill you. Those were just two of latest reports about health news from the Internet.

Irish potato famine pathogen identified

London - Scientists have used plant samples collected in the mid-19th Century to identify the pathogen that caused the Irish potato famine. The fungus is different to the known types of fungi of today.

Boeing testing in-flight Internet capabilities with potatoes

Although current frequent travelers won't enjoy the luxury of in-plane internet access, Boeing is officially working on it. There's no mention on when this feature will be implemented on commercial air planes, but it is nice to know it will one day.

Boeing seats sacks of potatoes to test Wi-fi signals

Everett - The U.S. plane manufacturer Boeing is using sacks of potatoes loaded on to plane seats to test signal strengths of Wi-fi. According to Boeing, potatoes "interact" with the signals in a similar way to humans.

Scientists engineer ‘healthy’ potatoes for the U.S.

Potatoes with much higher levels of carotenoids have been created through U.S. Department of Agriculture studies. Carotenoids are powerful antioxidants that can help prevent some forms of cancer and heart disease.

Op-Ed: Maps released of GMO crop experiments in Spain

Maps have been released, showing various locations in Spain, where permission was requested in 2010 and 2011 to experiment with genetically modified crops.

Photo Essay: ‘Foods of the coast, the mountains and the jungle’ Special

Lima - Peruvian cuisine has a tradition of thousands of years stretching from the Inca culture to this day and it has been enriched by influences from Spain and from Chinese, Japanese and African immigrants.

Crisp packets made from plants coming and going

While it was announced that environmentally-friendly crisp packets, made from potato peelings, could soon be on shop shelves across the UK, a North American company cut back on its use of compostable snack bags.

German Biotech company to explain how illegal GE spud was planted

Limburgerhof - Chemical and biotech company BASF has been called to appear in front of the European Commission after a variety of unapproved GE potatoes were found growing with approved GE potatoes in Sweden recently.

Potatoes spark political food fight in U.S.

The USDA has taken the potato off its list of approved foods for the Women, Infants and Children Program, a decision that has outraged the potato industry and politicians from potato-growing states. Nutritionists are also concerned.

McDonalds to reduce pesticide use in potatoes

McDonald's has agreed to take steps towards reducing pesticide use in its domestic potato supply. Shareholders withdraw a proposal.

Potatoes May Hold Key To Alzheimer's Treatment

A virus that commonly infects potatoes bears a striking resemblance to one of the key proteins implicated in Alzheimer's disease.

KFC Spuds are Real Duds: Warning Labels to Appear on Potatoes

Toxic potatoes anyone? Kentucky Fried Chicken and several other restaurants are accused of serving food with cancer-causing chemicals. Now customers in California will be warned.

Potato look alike competition

Potatoes made to look like popular celebrities.

Granny Finds Live Grenade In Sack of Potatoes

When 74-year-old grandmother Olga Mauriello purchased a sack of potatoes at her local market in San Giorgio a Cremano, Italy, little did she think there would be a real bomb amidst the spuds.

Latest food-fad -- 'space potatoes'

Having boldly gone where no spud has before, Chinese space potatoes are now the latest culinary fad to hit the country's ultra-trendy commercial hub of Shanghai.

U.S. To Lift Potato Restrictions

OTTAWA — The United States is lifting key restrictions on shipments of Prince Edward Island potatoes, ending a bitter six-month dispute that pitted Canadian science against U.S. protectionism, senior officials said Wednesday. The Canadian Food In..

Pan-Fried Potatoes Mark Faultline In Switzerland

Geneva (dpa) - It's a little Swiss joke: if you want to find the faultline that divides Switzerland into two worlds, check for the folk who vaunt a dish of pan-fried potatoes as balm for the soul and their gift to mankind. "Roesti", as the dish i...

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Potatoes Image

mini potatoes  halved.
mini potatoes, halved.
Phytophthora infestans on a potato
Phytophthora infestans on a potato
Shredded potatoes releasing their moisture.
Shredded potatoes releasing their moisture.
Cooked stuffed mini potatoes.
Cooked stuffed mini potatoes.
Skewered potatoes.
Skewered potatoes.
Roasted garlic and feta mashed potatoes
Roasted garlic and feta mashed potatoes
Caramelized Onions  Gorgonzola & Chourico Stuffed Mini Potatoes
Caramelized Onions, Gorgonzola & Chourico Stuffed Mini Potatoes
Aloo Phujia
Aloo Phujia
Potatoes in a storage
Potatoes in a storage
J.R. Simplot Company
Stuffed mini potatoes awaiting their fate in the oven.
Stuffed mini potatoes awaiting their fate in the oven.
Potatoes appear in a variety of colors  shapes  and sizes
Potatoes appear in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes
mini potatoes all dolled up.
mini potatoes all dolled up.
Caramelized Potatoes and Onions
Caramelized Potatoes and Onions
Potatoes in the supermarket.
Potatoes in the supermarket.
Ralf Roletschek
Aloo Phujia
Aloo Phujia
Sweet potatoes served in their skins  a sumptuous side dish.
Sweet potatoes served in their skins, a sumptuous side dish.
Spicy potatoes cooking away...
Spicy potatoes cooking away...
Shredded Potatoes
Shredded Potatoes
Grilled potatoes and sweet potatoes. 

(notice the gap on the skewer...there was an incident with ...
Grilled potatoes and sweet potatoes. (notice the gap on the skewer...there was an incident with the sweet potatoes when flipping)

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