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Potato chips News

Frito-Lay: Nationwide recall of potato chips in Canada and U.S.

Frito-Lay announced on Friday it is voluntarily recalling a select variety of their jalapeno flavored potato chips due to the potential presence of Salmonella in the seasoning. This is a nationwide recall in Canada and the U.S.

Severe potato chip shortage in Japan creates panic buying spree

Tokyo - Demand for potato chips surged this past week in Japan as the price for a bag of chips soared to six times the retail value. The exorbitant prices came about after a major snack company announced they were halting the sale of 15 popular varieties.

Dispute over potato chips leads to man being stabbed in neck

Portland - Police in Portland, Oregon, arrested a 56-year-old man after a dispute involving potato chips. The incident occurred on Saturday night.

Chocolate potato chips coming soon

Consumers who have taste buds that crave the combination of salty and sweet may enjoy chocolate potato chips, which will be available in stores soon.

Pepsi-Chicken potato chips for sale in Chinese market

A new product has been launched in China, Pepsi-chicken chips. The chips actually went on the market last August, but news of the unique flavored chip is only making global news now.

Kellogg buys Pringles brand from Proctor & Gamble

To further strengthen the notion that they are not just about cereal, The Kellogg Corporation has purchased popular potato chip brand Pringles from Proctor & Gamble, in what company president John Bryant says is a "strategic acquisition."

Gazans Dig Out and Dip Into Smuggled Chips

Chips are little things, but sometimes little things take on big meanings, especially if they're a tasty treat to relieve the bitter tensions brought on by war and strife.

Frito-Lay and others agree to reduce carcinogens in potato chips

Food manufacturers have agreed to reduce levels of cancer-causing acrylamide in potato chips. They will also pay a fine to the Californian government.

Zebra Chip Threatens Potato Chip Industry

Zebra chip is the latest disease to plague the potato industry, especially those in the chipping business. Dr. Don Henne is looking for answers.

How About A Deep Fried Mouse - It's Barbecue Flavoured

Jack Hines, a 66 year old former labourer and contractor, almost ate a crispy, deep fried mouse, that he claims was in a bag of Frito-Lay barbecue flavoured potato chips. Succulent to say the least.

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A bowl of Japan s favorite pizza-flavored potato chips.
A bowl of Japan's favorite pizza-flavored potato chips.
A potato chip is a thin slice of potato that has been deep fried  baked  kettle-cooked  or popped un...
A potato chip is a thin slice of potato that has been deep fried, baked, kettle-cooked, or popped until crunchy.
Recallec Frito-Lay products distributed in Canada.
Recallec Frito-Lay products distributed in Canada.