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Swede convicted for posting private sex tape online

Stockholm - A Swedish man was ordered Monday to pay damages to his ex-girlfriend for posting a video online of them having sex, the first such ruling in the Scandinavian country.

U.S. man convicted over 'revenge porn' scam

Los Angeles - A U.S. man was convicted in San Diego on Monday of extortion and identity theft for running a "revenge porn" website hosting over 10,000 sexually explicit photos.

U.K. lawmakers ban sex acts from domestically-produced porn

Women climaxing, spanking, bondage and other forms of rough sex just got a little harder to come by in the United Kingdom following an amended set of restrictions on which types of pornography U.K. film makers may produce.

Google defends child porn tip-offs to police

Washington - Google defended its policy of electronically monitoring its users' content for child sexual abuse after it tipped off police in Texas to a child pornography suspect.

Police allegedly have a bizarre request in child porn case

Manassas - A 17-year-old boy is facing charges of child pornography and manufacturing child pornography for sending a video of himself to his girlfriend. According to the boy's lawyers police want to take a picture of his erect penis to use as evidence.

Japan bans child porn possession

Tokyo - Japan on Wednesday finally fell into line with other major developed countries and made the possession of child pornography illegal, but the sometimes graphic images of paedophilia in manga comic books remain legal.

Japan to act on child porn possession

Tokyo - Japan edged closer to banning the possession of child pornography on Wednesday, the last major developed country to do so, but paedophilia portrayed in the country's popular manga comics will be exempt.

Howie B's 'Down With The Dawn' a portrait of loss and life Special

Scottish DJ/producer Howie B. is perhaps best-known for his work with U2, Bjork, Tricky, and Ry Cooder. But he's also a gifted artist in his own right. His latest album offers a wide range of sounds, and references deeply personal experiences.

Too much porn could mess with men's brains

Berlin - According to researchers from the Max Planck Institute in Berlin, they found less grey matter in the brains of men who watched large amounts of porn. The research was published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry Wednesday and could have men a tad worried.

U.S. dismantles huge international child porn website

Washington - The United States announced Tuesday it has dismantled a massive international online child pornography ring, one of the largest such operations ever uncovered.Authorities said they arrested and charged 14 suspects in the secret, members-only online net...

Your porn is not Canadian enough, regulators warn adult channels

Ottawa - Canadian broadcasting regulators would like to see more Vancouver vixens, Regina vaginas, Montréal MILFs and Banff barebackers from the nation's X-rated cable channels.

Former US Congressman arrested in Zimbabwe

Harare - Former U.S. Congressman Mel Reynolds was arrested in Zimbabwe, at the Bronte Garden Hotel in the capital city of Harare, on suspicion of pornography possession and an alleged immigration offense. In Zimbabwe, possession of pornography is illegal.

Girl, 8, raped by 13 year-old brother after watching porn on Xbox

Blackburn - A 13-year-old boy in the U.K. has admitted to sexually assaulting his younger sister after viewing pornography on a friend's Xbox 360.

Teacher in Germany caught watching porn in class by students

Bonn - A teacher at a private school outside Bonn, Germany, has been suspended, and is under investigation, for watching pornography while conducting science lessons.

Porn footage shown on big outdoor LED screen by mistake

A porn film “The Forbidden Legend: Sex and Chopsticks” was played to a surprised public for about 10 minutes in Jilin province, China. A technician had been watching the film on his computer without realizing it was connected to the LED screen.

'Largest porn collection' in Michigan stolen during burglary

Muskegon - On Tuesday, a Michigan man filed a police report claiming "one of the largest porn collections" in the state of Michigan had been stolen.

Op-Ed: David Duke and the Jewish pornographers

Having taken on and beaten the banks, the tiny nation of Iceland is now gearing up to take on the porn industry. This action is applauded by David Duke as a blow against Jewish supremacy, but he doesn't see the bigger picture.

Twitter’s Vine gets a 17+ rating

Due to complaints relating to access to pornographic material, Twitter’s new video app, called Vine, has been given a 17+ rating on the Apple store.

Twitter votes sexually explicit Vine clip 'Editor's Choice'

San Francisco - Twitter's introduction of Vine, a mobile application service which allows users to capture and share short looping videos, has become controversial after a pornographic video landed on the "Editor's Choice" list.

Women becoming part of adult industry's new market

For years women have not been considered likely customers for the adult entertainment industry, however a new trend is changing that view.

Video: Swedish TV shows hardcore porn in live newscast

Stockholm - A Swedish TV station accidentally broadcast hardcore porn in the background of a live newscast. Halfway through the newscast, an adult movie began playing behind the anchor who remained unaware of the steamy goings-on behind her.

Adult actress receives bottles of 'life elixir' from loyal fans

Uta Kohaku, a popular adult actress, took to Twitter to request something from her fans: 100 bottles of their semen for an upcoming video. Her fans responded and delivered.

Video: Porn actress turn to pop music in 'We Are The Party'

The line between mainstream pop music and adult entertainment gets blurred with the release of the debut single by The Ex-Girlfriends, led by pornographic actress Little Lupe, called "We Are The Party."

Mother, daughter plan to be 'filthy rich' with online porn site

Tampa - Just when you thought the Internet could not get any more strange, or creepy, in walks "The Sexxxtons", an online show featuring a mother and daughter adult entertainment duo.

Octomom nominated for four adult video awards at AVN 2013

Nadya "Octomon" Suleman ended up doing a solo porn movie called "Octomom Home Alone." Now, her movie has been nominated for four AVN Awards.

Op-Ed: Antisemitism, authoritarianism, conspiracy and porn

An Egyptian preacher has accused 'the Jews' of orchestrating a conspiracy to use Internet pornography in order to corrupt Muslims.

Pay-scale for in-demand adult actresses revealed by porn agent

Mark Spiegler of "Spiegler Girls," an agent for elite adult actresses, gave an estimate of how much an in-demand actress would make for certain scenes.

Children's Disney movie interrupted by porn

Asheville - At some point everyone has had to deal with a television program getting interrupted. For one mother and her three children, she had more than just your casual signal loss.

Senior citizen crime spree, of sorts

Valley Springs - Valley Springs, California has had its share of senior citizen crime this week. For a small rural town, they've been busy with some weird ones.

Syphilis scare forces LA porn industry shutdown

Los Angeles - Major studios in the LA porn industry have halted production of porn movies after a male performer who tested positive for syphilis allegedly concealed the diagnosis raising fears that he may have spread the disease to other actors and actresses.
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