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Russian LGBT activist faces porn trial for vagina drawings

Moscow - Yulia Tsvetkova posted delicate drawings and embroidered images of vulvas on a social media page called "Vagina Monologues" that she hoped would help lift the taboo on women's bodies.

NZ sports store apologises over porn played on big screens

Sydney - The New Zealand arm of Japanese sports brand Asics has apologised after pornography was broadcast on large television screens above its central Auckland store for several hours, startling Sunday morning shoppers.

Ex-Brazil porn star kicked out of Bolsonaro's far-right party

Bras - Ex-Brazilian porn star turned lawmaker Alexandre Frota was kicked out of President Jair Bolsonaro's ultraconservative party on Tuesday after publicly criticising the leader.

Deepnude app shut down after protests

A less than savory app that promised to remove clothes from digital images and create nude representations of the people in the images has been closed down, following pubic protests.

UK to roll out age checks for porn in world first

London - Britain in July is set to become the first country in the world to introduce age-verification to access online pornography, the government said on Wednesday.

Operators of darknet child porn forum jailed in Germany

Altl - A German court on Thursday jailed four men convicted of founding and running a darknet forum for child pornography, with tens of thousands of members swapping illegal pictures and videos.

Bangladesh shuts 20,000 websites in anti-porn 'war'

Dhaka - Bangladesh authorities have blocked almost 20,000 websites as part of an anti-pornography "war", a minister said Tuesday.

Founder of South Korean 'spycam' porn site jailed

Seoul - The female co-founder of South Korea's largest porn site has been jailed following months of mounting public fury over the spread of secretly filmed spycam pornography.

Starbucks to block watching pornography in its stores

Technically Starbucks does not allow the viewing of pornography in its stores. However, it appears that some customers are tempted to click on inappropriate sites. The company is to block porn on free Wi-Fi in the U.S.

China ups cash rewards for citizens who report porn

Bejing - China is raising the cash rewards paid to citizens for reporting pornographic and "illegal" publications to authorities, government regulators said Friday.

Pay up or else: Spain warns of online 'sextorsion'

Madrid - Spanish police warned Saturday of a massive blackmail campaign to expose web users' supposed visits to porn sites unless they pay up -- a technique police calls 'sextorsion'.

Vatican jails Italian priest for child porn

Vatican City - A Vatican court on Saturday jailed for five years an Italian priest who worked as a diplomat for the Holy See's Washington embassy, for possessing and sharing child pornography.

Inside the Stormy striptease aggravating Trump

Philadelphia - It's late and the strip-club crowd is braying. Except the sexy firefighter who sashays out to wild applause is no ordinary stripper.

Vatican arrests ex-diplomat in child sex abuse probe

Vatican City - The Vatican said on Saturday a monsignor who was a former advisor at its US embassy in Washington has been arrested on suspicion of watching child sex abuse.

Turkmenistan bans sex, 'bad habits' from TV

Ashgabat - Tightly controlled Turkmenistan has banned broadcasters from showing sex and encouraging "bad habits" in a law designed to create a "positive image" of the Central Asian country on the air.

Facebook urges users to send nude pics to combat revenge porn

Sydney - Facebook is trying to combat "revenge porn" by encouraging users in Australia to submit their nude photos to a pilot project designed to prevent intimate images from being shared without consent.

'Online sexual violence harming children': Pope

Vatican City - Pope Francis on Friday urged the world, including the Catholic Church, to face up to the devastating effects of online sexual violence on young people, including extreme pornography and sexting.

Vatican recalls diplomat from US in child porn probe

Vatican City - The Vatican has recalled a priest serving as an envoy in Washington and opened a child pornography investigation after US officials asked the church to lift his diplomatic immunity.

Indonesian Islamist leader named suspect in porn case

Jakarta - A Indonesian Islamist leader who helped organise mass protests against Jakarta's Christian governor has been named a suspect in a pornography case, police said Tuesday, as authorities seek to rein in hardliners.

'Revenge porn' on 'mass scale' in Australia: survey

Sydney - Researchers on Monday urged tougher laws to protect victims of "revenge porn" in Australia after a survey revealed abuses, including shooting and sharing intimate images without permission, on a "mass scale".

Takedown of underground pedophile network nets 900 arrests: police

Washington - Nearly 900 suspected pedophiles have been arrested and almost 300 children identified or rescued from their abusers following the massive takedown of an underground online pedophile network, US and European police said Friday.

Porn 'tube' sites threaten children and actors, critics say

Paris - A new documentary claims that pornography has got "uglier and nastier", with actors forced to shoot more hardcore films for less since the explosion of free-to-view internet sites like Youporn and Pornhub.

Two Minnesota lawyers charged in porn extortion scam

Minneapolis - The two lawyers are alleged to have devised a scheme whereby they uploaded pornography on Internet sites and then threatened to sue anyone who downloaded the content. They then agreed to settle the cases in return for large cash payments.

Russia stands firm on porn websites ban

Moscow - Russia on Thursday stood firm after slapping a ban on two major porn websites -- rebuffing a tongue-in-cheek proposal to change its mind in exchange for premium access.

Spain police seek child victims of 'porn king' director

Madrid - Police in Spain said Saturday they were trying to identify children who had been forced to appear in pornographic videos after they arrested the country's "king of porn".

Utah calls pornography public health crisis, in US first

Los Angeles - Utah became the first US state to formally declare pornography a public health crisis, in a move backed by Republicans, seeking to shield its citizens from an "epidemic" of addictive sexual content.

Pakistan orders 400,000 porn sites blocked

Islamabad - Pakistan has asked Internet companies to block more than 400,000 pornography websites, officials said Tuesday, as part of a crackdown on what the top court calls "offensive content" in the Muslim-majority nation.

Dutch, Australian police bust huge child porn ring: Report

Den Haag - Dutch and Australian police with help from the FBI have cracked down on one of the world's largest child pornography websites arresting hundreds of suspects, a Dutch newspaper reported Wednesday.

Japan calls on UN envoy to retract remarks on schoolgirl sex

Toukyo - The Japanese government is demanding a UN envoy retract remarks that 13 percent of schoolgirls in Japan are involved in forms of paid dating that can involve sex.

Bail withheld for Christian rocker held on child porn possession

Chicopee - A Christian rock musician from Massachusetts will remain behind bars pending trial because the FBI contends thousands of downloaded images of child pornography were allegedly found on his computer.
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