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Population growth News

Key technologies identified to boost food production by 2050

Findings produced by the World Bank and United Nations to address climate change and excessive population growth center on the application of new technologies. One of the most important applications are measures to prevent agricultural emissions rising.

Environment Agency — UK could run out of fresh water in 25 years

London - England faces an "existential threat" if it does not change how it manages its water, the head of the country's Environment Agency warned Tuesday.

High-rise graveyards and driver-less hearses — Death goes hi-tech

About 100 billion people have lived and died on Earth in the past 50,000 years. And for the seven billion or so humans living today, well, we will be joining those who have preceded us within the next century. So where are we going to bury them?

UN: World security at risk unless food production is increased

The UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) issued a stern warning to the world on Monday, saying food production must be increased a staggering 60 percent by mid-century to avoid mass starvation, social unrest and terrorism.

Huge population drift augurs as climate change alters ecosystems

Potsdam - Climate change is likely to transform landscapes worldwide, affecting most of Earth’s forests and agriculture — and it isn’t a far future scenario, says a new report. Profound changes in the world’s ecosystems could happen less than 90 years hence

Op-Ed: President Obama, President Xi, and the overpopulation time bomb

U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping are meeting at a retreat in Southern California this coming weekend, and the pressing matter before them is the one they will not tackle: population management.

Op-Ed: Are human populations increasing or decreasing?

With 7 billion people living on Earth, the global demographics experts are considering the planet’s future in space along with the Earth’s human population. However, the global population count could begin dropping in the next few years.

Ontario could see 15 new federal ridings due to population boost

Toronto - This autumn, an elections commission will hold public hearings to gather input from voters regarding the possibility of new federal electoral districts in the province of Ontario. Due to a population increase, it could garner 15 new seats.

Oregon's Loss, Texas Gain Might Mean 'Game' for Republicans

In the early 80's Oregonians had signs that said, "Visit but don't move here" directed to migrants, especially Californians, who looked for Oregon opportunity. But Oregon is losing pace in the recession which could promote a political upset.

Root Causes: Swine Flu, Globalization and Population Explosions

We have been told the story of how swine flu originated its effects and global transmission, but not about why it originated and how it can spread so quickly. The answer is the forces of globalization and population growth.

Don’t burden England with more than two children: Green advisor

The leading green adviser of the UK Government has warned not to put the “irresponsible burden” of more than two children on the environment.

New Brunswick Launches Population Growth Strategy

The government of New Brunswick has released its population growth strategy; immigration plays a key role also featured is a focus on youth and an emphasis on being family friendly.

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