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Poor News

Vatican McDonald's row ends with hamburgers for homeless

Vatican City - A controversial branch of McDonald's that opened recently near the Vatican is to serve hamburgers to the homeless under an initiative with a local charity.

Facebook aims to give free web access to 100 countries this year

Social network giant Facebook has announced an aggressive expansion of its program that aims to connect more people to the web. It means that 100 developing countries could get free net access this year.

Op-Ed: Why we must care that half of public school students are poor

The Southern Education Foundation reports that 51 percent of all public school students are now on the federal free and reduced-price lunch programs, the highest percentage in at least 50 years. Why this matters:

Liberia's losing battle with erosion and rising sea levels

Monrovia - Thousands of people and businesses are literally being swept away because of rising seas along the Liberian coast. In Buchanan City and West Point, Monrovia's slum community, hope of a solution has been replaced by desperation as the poor look for help.

iPhones are for rich people, while Android is for the poor

New maps showing the locations of iPhone and android phones visually highlight how iPhones are used by rich people, while android phones are used by those who live in poor areas.

Bill Gates predicts almost no poor countries by 2035

Bill Gates has predicted that by 2035 there will be virtually no poor countries in the world. According to information from the World Bank there are officially 35 poor countries in the world today where citizens live with low or no income.

Peru's poorest residents to receive free solar power

Lima - A new program in the South American country will provide 2 million of the nation's poorest people with free electricity.

Goodwill fires cashier for giving discounts to poor people

Naples - A cashier at Goodwill was fired for giving half off discounts to the poorest customers of the store. The store at first considered filing grand theft charges against the teenager it had fired but then decided not to.

Pope Francis to future priests and nuns: Buy 'humble' cars

Rome - Pope Francis on Saturday evening told future priests and nuns to resist the temptation to buy expensive cars; instead they should buy something more "humble."

Op-Ed: Background checks for welfare applicants?

When a world where parents must endure background checks to gain employment should we allow background checks for welfare applicants. If one cannot gain employment or feed their family what will happen next?

Will the UK's end of foreign aid to India begin a donor trend?

The UK's decision to end aid to India in 2015 sets a number of questions in motion and ultimately may redefine the notions of national pride and of the donor-recipient relationship.

Rare signed copy of Stephen King book on auction to help poor

Hancock - A rare, signed copy of "The Regulators", published in 1996 and written by Stephen King under the pen name Richard Bachman, is to be auctioned off. Proceeds will go to a local fuel fund for poor residents who cannot afford heating this winter.

Cold weather, housing crisis threatens those displaced by Sandy

New York - As trucks loads of fuel are delivered and the lights slowly begin to illuminate parts of New York, finding housing for those displaced by Hurricane Sandy has become the next priority.

Young man in Gaza sets self on fire to protest living conditions

Gaza - A young man has died from his injuries after setting himself on fire in the morgue of a hospital in Gaza City, apparently to draw attention to his family's poor living conditions.

'Wealth equals health': Doctors say rich healthier than the poor

Toronto - Doctors say the old adage of "wealth equals health" is quite accurate. The 2012 National Report Card on Health Care was released by the Canadian Medical Association and it highlights that the rich maintain better health than the poor.

US heatwave and drought expected to affect global food prices

Authorities around the world are raising the alarm about the impact of the heatwave and drought across the American farm belt. They say there will be food shortages, a spike in food prices and even a halt to ethanol production.

Global food and commodity prices spark worries on security

With spikes in food and energy commodity prices hitting developed and undeveloped nations, there are growing concerns over the prospects for widespread unrest.

14.3% of Americans Living Below Poverty line

According to the U.S. Census Bureau 14.3 percent of Americans are now living below the poverty line. There hasn't been a number reported this high since 1994.

Show animals brutalised and kept in poor conditions in China

Beatings, whippings and being prodded with metal hooks are all part of everyday life for animals in circuses, zoos and parks across China.

Poisoned by arsenic, millions are sick or dying in Bangladesh

The poisoning of almost the total population of Bangladesh is so bad, the WHO regards it as the biggest disaster ever, way beyond the terrible and catastrophic events we know by the names Chernobyl or Bhopal ...

South Carolina's Andre Bauer compares poor to strays, apologizes

South Carolina's Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer spoke about welfare recipients on January 22, comparing them to stray animals who should not be encouraged to breed.

Op-Ed: Administration Using Flawed System To Push Poor To The Side

The Obama Administration continues to use a misleading and inaccurate practice to base its yearly cost of living increases for seniors and the poverty stricken.

Suicides on increase in India, blame put on debt and stress

The number of suicides in India continues to increase throughout the country, but one region in particular is now becoming known as India's 'suicide capital.' Just overnight there were reports of 20 suicides in Vidarbha region.

Percentage-wise the Poor Give More to Charity than the Rich

The poor donate more than the rich when it comes to giving at their capacity. A homeless person is more likely to feed another than the richest man in the harshest of economic times.

Poor and African Americans Overwhelmingly Pay for SCHIP

One of the first actions President Obama took was to sign H.R.2, or what is referred to as SCHIP, to help poor families that do not qualify for medicaid, but is this hurting as much as it is helping?

New Mexico schools to punish children who cannot afford lunch

As the state of the economy continues to plummet, one school district in New Mexico will target poor children as a way to help cut costs and recoup its own debt. Let them eat cheese! Cold cheese, that is.

Man wants Slumdog Millionaire banned for insulting the poor

A slum dweller in India is suing the music director, actor and other Indians associated with the movie Slumdog Millionaire. He wants the movie banned for offering a wrong portrayal of the slums.

Professor creates DIY liquid glasses that do not need an optician

A scientist had a chance conversation with a colleague in 1985 to provide eyesight for the world’s poor that has led to his discovery of liquid optical lenses. The $1 special glasses don’t require an optician to fit the wearer’s needs.

Gaza power plant to shut down as fuel runs out

The blackout prediction was announced by the head of the Popular Committee Against the Siege on Gaza, Jamal Al-Khudari, at a press conference in Gaza City.

Impact of Financial Crisis on World’s Urban Poor

The current global financial turmoil must be viewed as a “housing finance crisis,” leaving the world’s urban poor to fend for themselves.
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Poor Image

Hungry and homeless
Poor and unemployed in New York
Digital Journal
Toronto: The life on the street
Toronto: The life on the street
A woman on the streets of South Africa
A woman on the streets of South Africa
Steve Crane
A sign
A sign
Participants listening to speeches and songs at Nathan Phillips Square.
Participants listening to speeches and songs at Nathan Phillips Square.
Dancers leading the march.
Dancers leading the march.
A welfare state
Photo by FaceMePLS
Zimbabwe was once known as the breadbasket of Africa  but perennial shortages now mean that many vil...
Zimbabwe was once known as the breadbasket of Africa, but perennial shortages now mean that many villagers rely on food aid from the World Food Programme
Participants dancing and stretching out their legs before the walk.
Participants dancing and stretching out their legs before the walk.
Volunteers organizing the event.
Volunteers organizing the event.
File photo: Bystanders do nothing to help a homeless man lying down on Toronto Street
File photo: Bystanders do nothing to help a homeless man lying down on Toronto Street
Digital Journal
Participants listening to speeches and songs at Nathan Phillips Square.
Participants listening to speeches and songs at Nathan Phillips Square.
Loyola University health sciences students participate in poverty simulation workshop  at St. Eulali...
Loyola University health sciences students participate in poverty simulation workshop, at St. Eulalia Church, in Maywood, Ill.
Nora Dudley
Participants getting ready to walk.
Participants getting ready to walk.
The campaign asked homeless people to write down something about themselves that people wouldn t kno...
The campaign asked homeless people to write down something about themselves that people wouldn't know by just walking past them.
Rethink Homelessness

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