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Poop News

NASA admits it needs help dealing with astronaut poop

NASA is having a hard time figuring out what to do with space poop, or astronaut poop. This is why they're asking inventors to think of a solution.

Scientists think poop can power vehicles

Los Angeles - Poop could one day power people's vehicles. Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, think poop can become a new kind of fuel..

Poop flavored curry being served at Tokyo-based restaurant

Tokyo - A Japanese chef and former adult film actor wanted to create a first, so he decided to give human feces a chance in the kitchen.

Someone has been pooping at a Norwegian golf course for 10 Years

Stavanger - Apparently there is someone who has been using the holes at a Norwegian golf course as their own toilet. They have been doing it for many years too.

Shifting through sewage to get valuable metals

Sewage, one of the most unpleasant waste products, may contain valuable metals. While not exactly worth its weight in gold, scientists are looking at ways of extracting key elements from the sludge.

Human poop may contain gold in it

Denver - A new study has revealed that human feces contain microscopic nuggets of gold, as well as silver and other rare metals such as palladium.

New antibiotic found in horse dung fungus

Researchers have isolated a new substance from a fungus that kills bacteria. The substance, known as copsin, has the same effect as traditional antibiotics. The substance was found in the common inky cap mushroom that grows on horse dung.

Poop prank gets prankster tased

A video of a prankster getting tased after putting fake poop on someone else's car has gone viral since being uploaded to YouTube.

Tracking Ebola using ape poop

Researchers have developed a novel method to study the Ebola virus in wildlife. The new technique is based on apes, like humans, who survive viral infections developing antibodies against the infection.

Child on Delta Airlines flight poops on seat

Passengers on a Delta Airlines flight were not happy when they witnessed a couple encouraging their toddler to poop right on the seat.

EPA tells employees to stop pooping in the hallway

Denver - Like all major organizations, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) faces a number of challenges that it must overcome. The latest challenge is one in which no amount of schooling could have prepared them — employees pooping in the hallway.

Dog poops on flight, causes plane to make emergency landing

Last week a plane had to make an emergency landing after a dog defecated in the center of the aisle, not once, but twice.

Caribou poop traded for gas money in Canada

Researchers and hunters in the Northwest Territories of Canada are encouraged to swap reindeer fecal samples for gas cards to monitor heard health of the Woodland Caribou.

Bathroom clubs in NYC will let you poop in private

New York - If you cannot find a decent public restroom to relieve yourself, then you will pay top dollar for a cushy seat when the urge strikes. This is what a new startup is betting on.

Bacteria from baby poop helps make healthy sausages

Researchers say that there is a trick that may make sausage healthier and more delicious. That trick is to use bacteria from baby poop.

Which direction does your canine friend face when going potty?

Quite the odd question. Nevertheless, scientists took a keen interest in answering the question: do dogs align their body axis with respect to the Earth’s magnetic field lines when seeking to relieve their bowels and bladders?

Berlin dogs overdosing on drug users' excrement in parks

Berlin - Vets in Germany's capital are warning about an increase in the number of dogs becoming ill and unable to walk properly, after eating the feces of human drug users in Berlin's parks.

Panda poop may provide basis of new biofuels

Giant pandas Ya Ya and Le Le, located at the Memphis Zoo, could provide a solution for biofuel production. Scientists are searching the feces from the pandas for useful microbes.

Panda poop statue of Venus sells for $45,000 USD

It is hard to believe that something made out of feces would be worth tens of thousands of dollars, but one poopy creation from a Chinese artist recently sold for $45,000.

Zoo turns elephant poop into profit

Topeka - Through a collaboration between Friends of the Topeka Zoo and the Topeka Zoo, staff and volunteers are becoming “manurologists” by taking “endangered feces” and turning it into unique art pieces called “My Pet Poo."

Kings of Leon leave stage after pigeon poops on musician's head

Saint Louis - Rock band Kings Of Leon left the stage after performing only a couple of songs on Friday because a pigeon had pooped on the bass player.

Toronto doggie toilet inventor looking for investors Special

Toronto - Bending over to pick up dog poop can be hard if you are disabled but Toronto's William John Taylor has an invention that could help pet owners.

High School bullying leaves Principal in a stinky situation

In a case that is being labeled a "prank" where 3 high school cheerleaders smeared feces on the clothing and property of another cheerleader, the principal's actions against the perpetrators have created quite a stink, including reassignment.

Scientists track Emperor penguins from space through poop

British scientists are using satellite imagery to track the emperor penguins' colonies by following their poop. Because of their natural camouflage, traditional techniques make it hard to locate and track them.

Going For A Facial? Just Order The Bird Crap Wrap

A New York Spa called Shizuka New York offers an entire line of rejuvenating facials, but at the top of their list is one that has gone to the birds, literally. Boasting of its all-natural ingredients, the brightening regime is guaranteed to get results.

You too can get your very own poo, rhino poo that is

Need a unusual Christmas gift? International Rhino Foundation is now auctioning rhino poo on eBay, all proceeds from this auction is to go to benefit their conservation programs in an effort to save these endangered rhinos from becoming extinct.

Organization Promotes Safe, Hygienic Human Waste Disposal Technology

The Sulabh International Social Service Organization is promoting a toilet that will recycle human waste into biogas and fertilizer. The organization will attend the World Toilet Summit.

Giraffe Poop to Stop Baldness and Increase Hair Growth

Some scientists from the University of sydney are saying that Giraffe poop will decrease hair loss and increase the hair you have. The study took 2 years with 50 men. So, go smear poo on your head baldy.

Poop, Scoop, Carry

In Toronto you may have to carry your dog's business home.

Panda poop to do double duty in China

There's a new Chinese saying: When life hands you panda poop, make paper. Researchers at a giant panda reserve in southern China are looking for paper mills to process their surplus of fiber-rich panda excrement into high quality paper.
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Caribou from Wagon Trail
Caribou from Wagon Trail
The Topeka Zoo is getting a trunk full of cash thanks to its newest gift products: dolls and gifts m...
The Topeka Zoo is getting a trunk full of cash thanks to its newest gift products: dolls and gifts made from elephants' poop.
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