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Poo News

Plane drops frozen excrement, smashes house roof

Nepean - One of the odder stories of the week: 'frozen excrement' is dropped from an airplane and it crashes through house roof at high speed.

Britain's poo-powered bus sets a land-speed record

The land-speed record for the world's fastest service bus was broken last week by a vehicle powered not by polluting diesel but rather clean and green poo. The feat, set by the "Bus Hound," was achieved in Britain and has since been verified as accurate.

UK's first ever 'poo bus' hits the road

Bath - Yesterday the first ever poo bus in the United Kingdom hit the streets. The bus is powered on human waste and food waste.

Spanish scientists examine world's oldest human poo

On examining 50,000-year-old human excrement, geoarchaeologists have figured out that our Neanderthal ancestors were probably omnivorous, or vegetarian. The remains were found at the El Salt Neanderthal site in Alicante in eastern Spain.

Man mailed cat feces to companies that didn't hire him

On Friday a man in St. Louis received two years probation for mailing cat feces to companies that didn't hire him. He plead guilty to mailing injurious articles.

Scientists examine bird poo contents

Scientists have examined the contents of bird poo and have compared the bacteria isolated with young birds and adults. The results reveal several differences in the composition of gut bacteria.

Fecal transplants are to become regulated

Fecal therapy is a new method of treating people with infection. However, U.S. physicians and researchers will now have to get approval from the FDA before they can perform a stool transplant.

Killing Salmonella using human feces

Researchers have recently found a novel mode of interaction between Salmonella, a foodborne pathogen, and the gut bacteria, where certain bacteria isolated from human feces can kill the pathogen.

Harry Styles ex, Cara Delevingne, gets pooed on while in NYC

Cara Delevingne, the ex girlfriend of One Direction's Harry Styles, was pooed on by a bird while she was in New York City.

'Cooking with Poo' — Would the title of the book put you off?

Bangkok - Cookery book "Cooking with Poo" has won the Diagram Prize for the oddest book title of the year. But the reference to Poo is not what you think it might be. Meet Saiyuud Diwong, a cookery teacher in Bangkok, Thailand.

Poo burger? Medium rare or well done?

Tokyo - Japan is crowded by the limits of being an island nation. Agricultural expansion is often difficult against the backdrop of population expansion. The question then is how to create more food in less area? And it's supposed to taste just like beef?

Teacher sends boy home with bag of poo

The father opened the bag held by his 5-year-old son and found a smelly package inside the bag. The teacher gave the boy a bag of poo as punishment.

Elephant Poo for Biofuel?

Scientists have discovered a fungus that exists in elephant excrements that helps break down fibres and wood into biofuel.

Poo-flinging teacher admits guilt

A 49-year old elementary school principal in Canada got into an argument of some sorts with a grade school boy that resulted in the principal throwing excrement at him.

Water From Elephant Poo - Man Vs Wild

Thirsty? How about some water freshly squeezed from elephant dung. Bear Grylls shows us how to survive in the African savannah.

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The Topeka Zoo is getting a trunk full of cash thanks to its newest gift products: dolls and gifts m...
The Topeka Zoo is getting a trunk full of cash thanks to its newest gift products: dolls and gifts made from elephants' poop.
Friends of the Topeka Zoo
Reading Buses  cow poo-powered Scania Alexander Dennis Enviro 300 set a land speed record for an ope...
Reading Buses' cow poo-powered Scania Alexander Dennis Enviro 300 set a land speed record for an operational service bus whilst doing 76.785mph
Reading Buses via BBC

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