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Anti-austerity Syriza wins Greek election: Exit polls

Athens - Radical leftwing party Syriza won Greece's general election on Sunday in a victory that could impact the course of austerity in Europe, exit polls showed.Syriza took between 35.5 percent and 39.

Romania PM and rival neck-and-neck in presidential runoff: exit polls

Bucharest - Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta and his conservative opponent Klaus Iohannis were neck-and-neck in a presidential runoff vote, exit polls showed Sunday.

Japan's Okinawa 'elects governor opposed to US base'

Toukyo - Residents of Japan's Okinawa Sunday elected a governor who opposes plans to relocate a US military base, reports said, a fresh setback for efforts to resolve a thorny issue in military relations.

Toronto's Ford era is over; John Tory elected mayor

Toronto - Toronto decided to elect long-time politician John Tory to lead the city. Tory took 40 percent of the votes, with Doug Ford (Rob Ford's brother) finished second and Olivia Chow in third.

Op-Ed: Are pollsters out of touch?

Denver - Polls, sales and collectors are being hurt by people getting off the grid. When cell phones first came out in large numbers, users did not have to worry about unwanted phone calls. That has all changed.

Op-Ed: Me-too journalism challenges credibility

New York - In recent weeks the public has been bombarded with false reports carried as the lead stories on respected journalism venues. The claimed release of 200 kidnapped Nigerian girls was one.

Norway ends e-voting experiment

Oslo - Norway has decided to end trials of e-voting systems used in national and local elections. Trials were run between 2011 and 2013. The reason is down to concerns with security and confidentiality.

U.S. public at odds with ‘scientific opinion’

A new poll suggests that sizable chunk of U.S. citizens disagree with scientists and what is — and is not — scientific fact.

In poll average, President Obama's disapproval hits two-term high

Across a broad spectrum of national polls and spanning his entire two-year term, President Obama's disapproval ratings have reached a record high.

Op-Ed: PPP Poll — Folks prefer dog poo, hemorrhoids, over Congress

Washington - Numbers are fun. They can be very revealing. They can tell us things about ourselves and how we see the world. And depending on how the questions in a poll are worded, they can give us a good idea of how we're doing as a nation in the good old USA.

Hassan Rouhani wins Iranian Presidential Election

Meet Iran's newly elected president; the face of the country's ambitious nuclear program, and the icon of the Iranian people, Hassan Rouhani.

Op-Ed: Final Liberal Party leadership debate — Trudeau is not Obama

Montreal - The Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) will hold its fifth and final leadership debate on Saturday March 22. The debate, which has six candidates remaining has to be considered largely as a coronation of Justin Trudeau after the withdrawal of Marc Garneau.

2012 U.S. Election results state-by-state, Obama wins [updated]

Tuesday's U.S. election saw President Barack Obama win reelection in an impressive victory over Mitt Roney, and Digital Journal is providing updated results state-by-state throughout the evening. Find out which states the candidates won.

NH voters make a big showing at the polls Special

Dover - All across America, voters are casting their ballots in the Presidential election. In the city of Dover, New Hampshire, the lines at the polls were quite long, even during the normally quiet mid-morning period.

Op-Ed: What's behind the current Romney surge?

Obama's campaign is panicking as poll after poll slips away towards Romney. States like Virginia. Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Florida seem to be heading Romney's way like osmosis - from the ground up.

Op-Ed: Poll examines American attitudes on Middle East issues

Washington - While the attacks on U.S. embassies in Egypt and Libya shocked many Americans, most recognize the violence as perpetrated by extremists, as shown by a new poll.

Israeli's Prime Minister calls early election over ailing economy

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced an early election, saying the vote should be held "as soon as possible."

Obama ahead by 7 according to latest Reuters/Ipsos survey

The most recent Reuters/Ipsos poll indicates that Obama leads by 7 points, however, with debates around the corner it is too early to call this still tight race.

Time 100 — Anonymous leading the pack ahead of reddit

Each year the public gets the chance to vote for the person they consider most influential. Anonymous, while not a "person" per se, is ahead of reddit in the popular annual Time 100 poll, with announcements of the winner to be made on April 17.

Did CNN change its own rules to allow Rick Perry in its debate?

Columbia - Media pundits are questioning if CNN bent its debate criteria in order to allow Texas Governor Rick Perry to participate in the upcoming Southern Republican Presidential Debate. According to CNN criteria, Perry does not meet any of the standards.

Polls show 95% of Americans despise Congress

After the session debate over the payroll tax extension, the latest Rasmussen Report survey of 1,000 likely voters has found that 95% of Americans despise Congress. Additionally, 48% of American voters feel that most members of Congress are corrupt.

Putin releases sexy ad amid drop in the polls

Vladimir Putin and his party, the United Russia Party, have recently released a new sexy ad, hoping to garner more support for the upcoming Dec. 4 elections.

New poll says Obama still leading GOP rivals

Washington - A new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll says President Obama, in a "hypothetical general election match up" of the candidates, has increased his lead over Herman Cain and Mitt Romney, leading Romney by six percentage points compared to two points in October.

Herman Cain tops Republican polls in South Carolina and Virginia

Two polls released on Tuesday, just hours before a key GOP presidential debate, reflect the dramatic gains made by Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.

Pawlenty likens Obama to 'a manure spreader in a wind storm'

Former Minnesota governor and Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty, struggling ahead of the key Iowa Straw Poll, compared the speeches of President Obama to 'a manure spreader in a wind storm.

Canadians cast their ballots today, polls show Conservative lead

Today, Canadians will head to the polls to vote in a race between two parties many thought would not go head-to-head this year: the New Democrats is six points behind the leading Conservative Party, according to a recent Nanos Research poll.

Polls find New Democrats tied for second, debates annoyed viewers

Ottawa - A number of polls have found that Jack Layton's New Democratic Party has caught up to or surpassed the Liberal Party of Canada for second place. Another poll showed last week's federal leaders' debate annoyed television viewers.

Canadian PM only taking 5 questions per day, Tories lead in polls

Ottawa - Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper doesn't hold a lot of press conferences when Parliament is in session, but it seems he doesn't take a lot of questions even on the campaign trail during this year's federal election.

Nigerians hope for credible polls Special

After creating time from marathon academic work, Nurudeen, a Mathematics student from the University of Lagos eventually got his name enlisted in Nigeria's voters' register.

New polls predict GOP tidal wave, show broad discontent

New polls released by Gallup and by Rasmussen Reports project sweeping Republican victories and widespread unhappiness with incumbent candidates.
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