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Political correctness News

Op-Ed: The latest politically correct nonsense

Birmingham - The lengths to which some people will go to find offence is truly amazing. The latest nonsense includes banning sombreros as "racist."

Op-Ed: The great N-word shakedown

New York - The dreaded N-word may not be the most insulting epithet in the English language, but as of this month it is certainly the most expensive.

Op-Ed: PC gone mad? 'Man up' now amongst unacceptable terms at Anfield

Liverpool - In an attempt to banish verbal abuse and discrimination from Anfield, the staff of Liverpool Football Club have been issued with a guide to unacceptable language, although some may argue that it's political correctness gone mad.

Review: David Mamet's frank but unsatisfying 'Race' premieres in Toronto Special

Toronto - If David Mamet's “Race” were a musical, its big closing number would probably be “Everyone's a Little Bit Racist” from “Avenue Q”. It's a shame Mamet's play never quite reaches that tune's level of insight into humanity's tribal tendencies.

Op-Ed: Touring 'Book of Mormon' blends bad taste with genuine heart

Edgy, un-PC humour isn't in vogue this year. Neither is irony, it seems. One wonders if that could become a problem for 'The Book of Mormon' (the Broadway musical, not the religious book) as touring productions reach audiences outside New York.

Massachusetts principal cancels 'Honors Night' event

Boston - A Massachusetts principal decided to cancel Honors Night at his school, to avoid offending students who did not earn grades high enough to participate in the event.

Op-Ed: Is this the worst Christmas tree in the history of the holidays? Special

Toronto - Late last month, the Eaton Centre shopping mall in Toronto unveiled this year's Christmas tree and it's quite unique to say the least. Veering away from traditional Christmas trees we see, this just might be one of the ugliest I've ever seen.

Op-Ed: Clarkson furore demonstrates political correctness gone mad

Was it a joke when Piers Morgan said it would be doing the British public a favour if Jeremy Clarkson was taken out by machine gun? It produced less fuss than Clarkson's obviously flippant remarks this week.

Op-Ed: White police officers cry 'racism' - boo hoo hoo

Our wonderful boys in blue who put their lives on the line every time they don their uniforms are now members of an oppressed minority. Six officers of the Metropolitan Police are suing their force for racial discrimination. Why should anyone care?

Op-Ed: BBC radio show on politically incorrect songs

BBC Radio 4 is sometimes thought of as a somewhat boring station, and it would be if it didn’t produce such interesting listening, like this two part documentary on politically incorrect songs.

'Two Fat Ladies' banned from bingo

A bingo caller from Sudbury, Suffolk, UK has been told to stop using traditional phrases at his weekly sessions over fears that the local council could be sued.

Op-Ed: Not calling a spade a spade

Let's get two things straight here: first, the expression to call a spade a spade is thousands of years old and etymologically has nothing whatsoever to do with any racial sentiment.

Has Political Correctness Damaged Journalism?

Journalism has historically had as its philosophical intention to educate, inform and hold power to account. This was the authoritative definition of a free press as defined by Thomas Jefferson. But has political correctness damaged that?

Op-Ed: Social Correctness: Should a Story Match Race to Reporter?

Notice that when the news is about an African American personality or issue, the reporter on television is often a person of color? This is a response to political correctness that I find sometimes foolish.

Dutch labour party ends political correctness

The Dutch co-ruling Labour Party chair Lilliane Ploumen has just announced a change in its policy of political-correctness. If they want the integration of minorities to succeed, the Dutch must openly criticise all cultures and religions - even islam.

Pennsylvania Bans Smoking on All Public Campuses and in Some Private Homes

Last month a very restrictive non-smoking ordinance went into effect in Pennsylvania. The Clean Indoor Air Act, signed into law by Gov. Ed Rendell, a Democrat, went into effect Sept. 11.

Op-Ed Atheism and Religion: Mirror Images?

Atheism is big in the media these days, and just as big on the best-seller lists. But the public atheism being wildly attacked, and just as wildly defended is very different from private atheism. Simple non-belief has been transformed into a movement.

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