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Police state News

Op-Ed: How Erdogan spins the news and Turkey out of control Special

Islamist Ak Party President Erdogan is spinning the news and Turkey out of control as he grants police more powers; limits freedom of speech, protests, and the press; and arrests those who oppose him.

Op-Ed: Inside the American police state Special

For decades, activists have warned of the advancing police state in the United States. The police state arrived, not amidst a storm of riot police, but through the completely unmitigated expansion of total surveillance.

Op-Ed: ANC police state to jail 1 million South African citizens daily?

Johannesburg - Citizens refusing to be robbed to the point of poverty by South Africa's controversial e-tolling scam, have been declared targets for criminal proceedings against them, signed into law by ANC state president Jacob Zuma.

Russian shock artist nails genitals to Red Square

Moscow - A Russian artist stripped naked Sunday and nailed his genitals to the ground of Moscow's Red Square in protest of the Kremlin's "crackdown on political rights."

Review: ‘The Terrifying Future Of The United States’

Thirty years ago this short video would have sounded like paranoid ravings. In the post 9/11 world, it sounds terrifyingly plausible.

Op-Ed: American 'police state' not just hyperbole

Is America really a police state? The term is saturated in articles critical of US government policies on any number of issues and commonly prefixed with 'heading towards'. But based on prison population alone, we've got one.

Op-Ed: Blueprint for police state America?

A US Army manual dated February 12, 2010 has recently been leaked and has been uploaded to a number of conspiracy websites. Is it genuine?

'See Something, Say Something' at the Kentucky Derby

Louisville - Because of the recent bombings at the Boston Marathon, Churchill Downs has decided to beef up security for this year's Kentucky Derby.

Op-Ed: Gun phobia

A New York elementary school was invaded by a SWAT Team earlier today. The team was working off a tip from the school's administration that one of the students may have had a gun.

'Martial law' policing plan announced in Arkansas town

Paragould - A plan by the mayor and police chief of a crime-ridden Arkansas city to deploy heavily-armed and armored police units that will conduct spot interrogations and ID checks is being compared to martial law and a suspension of constitutional rights.

Lawsuit filed over cop who Tased boy, 10, on career day

Santa Fe - A lawsuit has been filed against Police officer Christopher Webb and the New Mexico Department of Public Safety on behalf of a ten-year-old boy who alleges the officer used a Taser on him.

Op-Ed: Police state America — Now it's checkpoints

Here is a short video of a man driving somewhere in the United States. Who is he and where is he going? That is nobody's business but his own.

Death from above: US police drone may fire tasers, rubber bullets

Mongomery County, Texas - Aerial surveillance drones that are being implemented by police departments in America may soon be equipped with a variety of weapons that are dangerous and sometimes deadly.

Op-Ed: Police state UK/police state USA

Big Brother and his servants are at it again, now they want to 'swipe' your mobile phones in order to protect us from criminals. Except the ones in uniform, of course.

Op-Ed: Obama's police state — the net widens

Is the Obama Administration worse than the Bush Administration when it comes to privacy and surveillance? Some people think so.

Tens of thousands rally in Baghdad over end to U.S. occupation

Baghdad - In a recorded speech broadcast before tens of thousands of supporters in the streets of Sadr City in Iraq, radical Shi’ite leader Moqtada al-Sadr noted an end to the American occupation is a starting point for “reconstruction and rebuilding.”

Ron Paul's 'End the TSA' mini- money bomb raises over $160,000

Ron Paul supporters have rallied to the mini-money bomb appeal to End the TSA, raising over $160,000 since its launch on Monday.

Op-Ed: Has Obama lost the black vote?

One day in 1863, American blacks woke up to hear that a white Republican President had given them their freedom. Now, their descendants have woken up to hear a black Democratic President has taken theirs away. And everybody else's.

Toronto on lockdown, vandalism rampant during G20 protest Special

Toronto - The city of Toronto is on partial lockdown after stores were vandalized, vehicles smashed, police cars set on fire and tear gas being set off in various parts of the downtown core. This is part of a G20 protest that began earlier today.

42 Days: Creeping Internment in the UK

The British state's attempt to push through detention without charge for 42 days is a precursor to a plan to impose indefinite internment, targeted disproportionately against Muslims and ethnic minorities.

Op-Ed: Welcome to the New America, Police State

The United States of America was founded on freedoms and rights. Freedoms of speech and religion, the right to pursue happiness. The right to privacy in your own home. Somewhere along the lines in the past decade something has gone terribly wrong.

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One of many billboards put up by the DA to remind the public who imposed the e-tolling atrocity upon...
One of many billboards put up by the DA to remind the public who imposed the e-tolling atrocity upon them
Rally at Queen and Spadina.
Rally at Queen and Spadina.
Demonstraters storm Macy's on 34th Street protesting the Staten Island  New York grand jury&apo...
Demonstraters storm Macy's on 34th Street protesting the Staten Island, New York grand jury's decision not to indict a police officer involved in the chokehold death of a black man, December 5, 2014 in New York City
Andrew Burton, Getty Images/AFP
Cop ready to shoot with rubber bullets at a man who climbed a tree.
Cop ready to shoot with rubber bullets at a man who climbed a tree.
CBC News van vandalized and smashed.
CBC News van vandalized and smashed.