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Starbucks apologizes after employee asks police to leave shop

Tempe - Six Tempe, Arizona, police officers were asked to leave a local Starbucks on the Fourth of July because a customer said the officers were making them feel uncomfortable, prompting an outcry on social media and an apology from Starbucks.

NYPD cops receive $151,000 in forced rehab placement

A federal jury has awarded two New York City police officers a combined $151,000 in a long-running suit that alleged NYPD substance abuse counselors forced them into alcohol rehab.

Photo Essay: To catch an alligator Special

North Port - When a 8-foot or larger alligator wonders into a park area where children play and pets roam, the potential for injury and death from a confrontation with the alligator is a real possibility.

Cops accuse man of stealing ID to get illegal prescription drugs

Brooklyn - New York Cops are looking for a man they say stole a 55-year-old woman's identity to obtain prescription drugs illegally.

2 Spanish policemen arrested for stealing €1 million in Ibiza

Ibiza - Two National Police officers on the island of Ibiza have been arrested for allegedly stealing €990,000 (around $1.3 million) from a company owned by former Spanish Foreign Affairs Minister, Abel Matutes.

British crime falls to lowest level since survey began in 1981

Crime in England and Wales has fallen by a further 9% over the past year according to official survey results published Thursday.

Spanish police gear up for 'summer of crime' with extra staff

Madrid - Spain is a pretty safe country to visit, with only one in every thousand tourists likely to be affected by petty crime. However, the country is deploying over 29,000 police officers to ensure tourists' safety and security during July and August.

Cops shoot dogs in front of Philadelphia high school

Philadelphia - When a stray dog got into a pickup truck at a red light outside the high school in Chester, Pa, a fight ensued. Police officers responding to a call about the dog fight opened fire and shot the dogs five times with a pistol and once with a shotgun.

Video: Police kick man going through diabetic shock

Henderson - An officer in Nevada is possibly facing a grand jury, stemming from a 2010 incident. The case centers on the officer who had kicked an individual who was pulled over for suspected drunk driving, but was actually in diabetic shock.

Most of the police force resigns in Marcos Castellanos, Mexico

Police officers in the Michoacán town of Marcos Castellanos have had enough. With the high crime rate against them, almost the whole police force has handed in their resignations.

Video: NYPD Officer DePrimo speaks out on homeless man picture

NYPD Officer Larry DePrimo was interviewed Friday on CNN. DePrimo explained he had to help the man. He would also be introduced to Jennifer Foster, the person who took the photo.

Palestinian man tasered repeatedly in front of family (video)

Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv police were responding to a call about a fight occurring in a Tel Aviv water park. A man criticized the police for their handling of the situation, and got tasered five times.

Woman suing Florida police over a strip search

Beverly Hills - In July 2011, Leila Tarantino was pulled over and detained by police for around two hours for allegedly disobeying a stop sign in Beverly Hills, FL. A police officer then performed a strip search and forcibly removed a tampon.

Video: Nigerian police officers protest fuel subsidy removal?

Ikeja - The police have denied reports that its officers staged a protest against removal of fuel subsidy in Lagos. A statement by the police command in Lagos denied the report. But a video footage of the alleged protest has been posted online (see video above).

Nigeria: Police officers protest removal of fuel subsidy

Ibadan - An unexpected twist in the mass protests against removal of fuel subsidy left Lagosians stunned. A group of police officers numbering about 200 staged a peaceful demonstration against removal of fuel subsidy early on Tuesday morning.

Additional officers distributed throughout Colombian cities

As the holiday season commences, additional police officers are being planted in the Colombian cities of Bogota and Medelin.

New Hampshire wants to add five years to police and fire service

In the first of several public hearings on February 25th, 2011, Senator Jeb Bradley addressed state employees about Senate Bill 3 which is intended to reform the New Hampshire retirement system.

Police officers shot inside Detroit police station, gunman killed

Detroit - A lone gunman walked into a Detroit police station and opened fire on police officers. Four officers were wounded and the gunman was shot and killed.

Sudan to probe viral YouTube video of female flogging (video)

Khartoum - Sudan's judiciary branch has launched an investigation into a video apparently showing several Sudanese police officers flogging a woman. The video has gone viral over the Internet, including YouTube.

Four Juárez, Mexico police officers killed in ambush

Four police officers, responding to an emergency call, were shot and killed in an ambush in Juárez on Saturday, adding to a mounting toll in the death-weary border city.

Police Make Arrest In The Murder of 2 George Police Officers

In the murder of two Dekalb county, Georgia police officers that were working security while off-duty, an arrest has been so far. Police said that a 32-year old man has been arrested and charged with their murders.

Demonstration Against Police Officers Who Are Paid For Ticket Quotas

A demonstration is being held today at the Redford Township, Michigan police station to protest the policy of the police department to award the officers with overtime pay and incentives to meet ticket quotas set by the department.

Red-light-running Police Officers, Firefighters to Pay up

Dallas Police Department will begin to fine Police Officers and Emergency Vehicles for running red lights from April 15, 2007.

4 Officers Charged in Tourist's Beating

4 Long Island police officers are charged for beating a tourist accused of littering.

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The shooting of Michael Brown was a factor in the death of two New York City police officers.
The shooting of Michael Brown was a factor in the death of two New York City police officers.
screen grab
Police officers and firefighters attend the funeral of a Sandy Hook school shooting victim.
Police officers and firefighters attend the funeral of a Sandy Hook school shooting victim.
Protesting firefighters in Brussels  Belgium spray police officers with foam.
Protesting firefighters in Brussels, Belgium spray police officers with foam.
Firefighters and police officers form a wall between Westboro Baptist Church protesters and those at...
Firefighters and police officers form a wall between Westboro Baptist Church protesters and those attending the funeral of a Sandy Hook Elementary School victim.
Protesting firefighters spray police officers with water and foam in Brussels  Belgium.
Protesting firefighters spray police officers with water and foam in Brussels, Belgium.

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