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Polar bears News

Small town on Russian Arctic island attracts over 50 polar bears

Dwindling sea ice and a garbage dump buffet are probably two causes of a huge influx of polar bears to towns in the Russian arctic. The situation is risky for both polar bears and humans as their proximity increases the potential for conflict.

Polar bear patrols reduce bear deaths in Canada, WWF says

As sea ice in the Arctic continues to thin and decrease, polar bears are spending longer periods prowling coastlines. Separated from seals, their primary source of food, the bears scavenge for meals and are attracted by cooking odors and human waste.

Polar bear population being reduced by climate warming in Arctic

A report released yesterday from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) paints a rather dismal picture for the future of polar bears. The report says their numbers may be dramatically reduced, thanks to global warming.

Polar bears are starving due to warming of the Arctic

Polar bears are not adapting to food loss associated with warmer summers in the Arctic. Scientists once thought the bears would enter into a form of hibernation when deprived of prey, but new research says the bears are starving.

Polar bears seen killing, eating dolphins in unprecedented photos

Polar bears are killing and eating dolphins, and this is the first time the bears have ever been observed doing this. The dolphins found themselves stuck in the Arctic Ocean due to global warming and they became easy pickings for the bears.

Cold weather triggers mass movement of polar bears

An analysis of polar bear genes confirms the mammals’ recent migration to icier climes. Bears are traversing towards the Canadian Archipelago.

Study finds polar bears declining in Arctic, global warming cited

Rack up another negative for global warming as a study from Canadian and American scientists found polar bear numbers have dwindled significantly in the Arctic over the past decade or more. Why? Shrinking sea ice. Why again? Global warming.

Polar bear found starved to death

For years scientists have warned that as the Arctic sea ice melts, polar bears are finding it increasingly difficult to find food, threatening them with starvation. Now it’s happened. A dead polar bear found in Norway had starved to death.

Polar bears may require feedings by humans to survive

According to a research paper released this week, some of the world's polar bears may need supplemental feedings by humans in order to survive.

Rare video surfaces of polar bear mom nursing cubs

Churchill - A rare video has surfaced that has captured a mother polar bear nursing her cubs. Reportedly, this is a extraordinary event to capture live and in the wild. The footage was filmed on the shores of Canada's Hudson Bay.

Op-Ed: 'Frozen Planet' — Brazen fakery or much ado about nothing?

The BBC's highly acclaimed 'Frozen Planet' documentary series has come under fire for faking footage of polar bears in the wild. Did David Attenborough's team deceive the world, or is this much ado about nothing?

US gov’t gags another climate scientist

The scientist who sounded the alarm over the threat to polar bears from the melting polar ice cap is being investigated by the Inspector General’s office, though no reason has been given, and the scientist has been ordered not to talk about it.

Polar bears uncover and smash spy cams

Spy cameras released by the BBC to track the activities of Polar bears in their snowy environment were not received well as the devices were smashed by the bears.

Pilot program at Toronto Zoo looks to conserve energy

Toronto - Toronto Hydro and the Toronto Zoo are teaming up to save energy while providing Polar Bears at the park with the climate they need. The pilot program is using Ice Bear energy storage technology.

Nunavut says Polar Bears do not need special protection

Iqaluit - Canada's Environment Minister Jim Prentice is considering what to do with the status of polar bears in Canada. The current listing as a species of "special concern" is under review.

Op-Ed: Polar Bear Living on the Edge of Extinction

The ongoing fight for the Polar Bear. Melting ice caps due to global warming are threatening the extinction of this amazing animal.

Polar Bear Chomps On Zoo Patron In Germany

Zoo keepers are being credited for saving a life at Berlin Zoo after a woman jumped into a polar bear exhibit at the Berlin Zoo. The woman climbed over the fence and jumped into the animals habitat during their feeding time.

Five Countries Declare Polar Bears Threatened by Climate Change

Five countries issued a joint statement on Thursday identifying climate change as “the most important long-term threat” to the bears.

Genetics And Common Sense Sheds Light On Fruitless Situation At A Japanese Zoo

What is 2 feet long and hard as a rock? Well, I can honestly say it was missing from this mating pair in a Japanese zoo. After nearly six months of trying to mate a pair of polar bears, it seems that a piece of important equipment was missing.

Polar bears starving, drowning and resorting to cannibalism as Artic ice melts

With the Arctic ice receding, polar bears are starving, drowning, and even resorting to cannibalism as a result of the lack of access to their normal food sources.

Why Should Polar Bears be protected as a Threatened Species?

Congress voted this week to protect polar bears as a threatened species, even though their numbers have increased significantly in the past few decades. This is the first time global warming has been officially cited as a reason for protecting a species.

Report Says Climate Change Hitting Arctic Faster, Harder

Climate change is having a greater and faster impact on the Arctic than previously thought, according to a new study by the global conservation organization WWF.

U.S. Blocks Report On Arctic Area As It Prepares Auctioning It Off

The United States has blocked an assessment of oil and gas activity in the Arctic as it prepares to sell off an area in the Chukchi Sea off of Alaska. The area is one of the last remaining habitats that is intact of the polar bear.

Critics Say Oil Interests Delaying Polar Bear Endangered Species Ruling

The Bush administration has announced it will miss a legal deadline put in place to determine if polar bears should be listed under the Endangered Species Act, and critics are roaring in anger. Some say an oil contract is the real reason for the delay.

U.S. Geological Survey: 16,000 Polar Bears Will Disappear by 2050

Two-thirds of the world's polar bear population may disappear by 2050 if predictions concerning the rate of sea ice melting hold true. Polar bears rely on the ice to capture their food and as the ice disappears their ability to capture food is hampered.

Invisible Polar Bears in Arctic?

Polar bears look invisible when viewed with Infra red scanning, and Jessica Preciado finds the reason why.

Lords Of The Arctic Go Hungry In The Heat

Ottawa (dpa) - The polar bears gaze wistfully across the fragile freezing water in Hudson Bay. Soon, the ice should be strong enough to hold their gigantic bodies which can weigh up to half a ton. With the advent of winter, when the bears can finall...

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Screen grab taken from rare footage captured of a mother polar bear nursing her cubs
Screen grab taken from rare footage captured of a mother polar bear nursing her cubs
The status of the world s polar bear populations  according to the World Wildlife Fund.
The status of the world's polar bear populations, according to the World Wildlife Fund.
World Wildlife Fund
Sow and cub Polar Bears (Ursus maritimus) in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge  Alaska.
Sow and cub Polar Bears (Ursus maritimus) in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska.
Alan D. Wilson
Female polar bears den during the winter in which they will give birth to young. Other polar bears d...
Female polar bears den during the winter in which they will give birth to young. Other polar bears do not den, but are active year-round.
US Department of the Interior

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