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Polar bear News

Grizzlies and polar bears are mating for an alarming reason

Grizzly-polar bear hybrids are becoming a reality. Most recently, a bear was shot in northern Canada that didn't quite fit the polar bear description.

Nissan the polar bear picks up migrant hitchhikers at Calais

Calais - Nissan the polar bear was en route from Russia to the UK when he was joined by several asylum seekers while stopped at the ferry port of Calais in France.

Scientist: Polar bear holds breath for 3 minutes, shatters record

A Canadian researcher recently witnessed a polar bear holding his breath for a record-breaking three minutes off of Norway's Svalbard Islands. While this is amazing, it's nothing to be happy about.

'Taco', the polar bear in Chile’s National Zoo is free at last

Santiago - After 16 years of captivity in Chile's National Zoo, Taco the polar bear died. During his confinement the animal endured summer temperatures that often reached 36 C in Santiago, the Chilean capital. Years of protests did not achieve Taco's freedom.

Polar bear collars, tranquilizers don't do lasting harm: Study

Polar bears don't suffer any long-term harm when they are shot with tranquilizer darts, briefly handled, and fitted with radio collars, even if the bear is captured up to 10 times, according to a new study conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey.

'World's Saddest Bear' to remain in sweltering hot Argentine Zoo

Mendoza - Despite worldwide criticism from animal rights activist and constant pleas for his release, the "world's saddest polar bear" will not be moved to a Canadian zoo.

Abominable Snowman mystery may be solved

For years the world has been fascinated with tales of the mysterious, elusive creature we know as the Yeti, or abominable snowman. But DNA from purported samples of the creature may shed light on its true origins, bringing it out of the realm of fantasy.

Putin calls for more attention to wildlife in the Arctic

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the Third International Arctic Forum in Salekhard, on Wednesday, to talk about issues affecting the Russian Arctic.

Video: Polar bear attacks BBC filmmaker

A BBC filmmaker found himself in a scary position when a hungry polar bear decided it preferred him instead of a seal for lunch.

Rare video surfaces of polar bear mom nursing cubs

Churchill - A rare video has surfaced that has captured a mother polar bear nursing her cubs. Reportedly, this is a extraordinary event to capture live and in the wild. The footage was filmed on the shores of Canada's Hudson Bay.

Video: Jaguar, other zoo animals celebrate Halloween

San Diego - With Hurricane Sandy and the election dominating a lot of the media coverage, people sometimes need a distraction, and what better way to put a smile on our face than seeing adorable animals celebrate the holidays.

Scientist who released drowning polar bear documents reprimanded

A scientist who witnessed polar bears drowning and helped to spur the global warming movement has been reprimanded for releasing government documents.

Caught on video: Polar bear breaks glass enclosure with rock

Rotterdam - Visitors at the Rotterdam Zoo in The Netherlands were given a surprise as they gazed upon a "toddler" polar bear when the bear picked up a rock and threw it at the glass enclosure. The whole incident was caught on video.

U.S. craving for energy drives wildlife toward extinction: Report

Washington - America's craving for energy is an increasing challenge in protecting the world's wildlife, our "irreplaceable natural heritage," with much of the blame given to the fossil fuel industry, recipients of massive government handouts, a new report shows.

Op-Ed: Polar bears eating polar bears, what's new?

Anthropocentric climate change proponents suggest polar bear cannibalism is increasing due to the lack of sea ice formation and the humans causing the warming.

Mascot controversy over Canada's beaver and polar bear

If Canada's Conservative Senator Nicole Eaton has her way, the magnificent polar bear will soon be replacing the busy little beaver as Canada’s National Symbol.

British teen killed by polar bear on remote island

A British teenager is dead and four other people are injured following an attack by a polar bear, on the Norwegian island of Svalbard.

Famous polar bear Knut dies at the age of four

Berlin - Knut, the polar bear who became world famous as a cub, was found dead in his enclosure at the Berlin Zoo Saturday afternoon.

Polar bear under attack

The Moscow Zoo’s most popular polar bear has been the victim of a multiple-gunshot attack. The attack happened at the end of October. The zoo said on Saturday.

UK's only polar bear to get a new playmate today

Kingussie - Mercedes, Britain's only polar bear, will get a new playmate today when a 23-month-old cub called Walker joins her from a zoo in Holland.

World famous polar bear lives in misery now, attacked by mates

Berlin - Knut, the polar bear born in the Berlin Zoo in December 2006, is having a tough time now after enjoying several years as a beloved furry celebrity. The female bears he now shares a home with do not find him appealing.

Arctic explorer wakes up to find his head in polar bear's jaws

An explorer was asleep in his tent on the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard when he awoke to find a polar bear had him by the head in the beginning stages of a vicious attack.

Visiting Tundra Trek at Toronto Zoo Special

Tundra Trek is the newest addition to the Toronto Zoo. Although the exhibit is very large, it displays only six species, but it does so in a way that takes into account animal welfare as well as the desires and educational needs of a demanding public.

Boy Stares Down 'Endangered Species' Polar Bear and Survives

Polar bears are reported to be growing extinct, but one of them appeared recently and was stared down by a brave teen who is now being called a hero in the press.

UK's only polar bear moved due to global warming

Britain's only polar bear is now settling into her new home after being moved north from the Edinburgh Zoo so that she might escape the effects of climate change.

Drilling Shell in Alaska

Shell Offshore, Inc. has green light to drill for oil and natural gas deposits, off the northern coastline of Alaska, in the "environmentally sensitive" Beaufort Sea.

Polar bears shrink as pollution causes them stress

Scientists studying polar bear growth have revealed that the bears have shrunk in size over the last century. The scientists compared polar bear skulls from the early 20th century to those from the late 20th century.

Famed Man Who Hand-Fed Rejected Polar Bear Cub Knut In German Zoo Dies At Age 44

The sweet man who was known for hand-feeding the Berlin born polar bear cub, Knut, died in his Berlin apartment earlier this week from a heart attack. Thomas Doerflein has taken care of Knut since his mother abandoned him in 2006.

The Polar Bear Makes The List

The polar bear has been added to the list of endangered animals. As the rising temperatures in the Arctic Sea causes the ice to vanish so are the bears.

Singapore Zoo said to keep polar bear in warmer climate

Singapore Zoo reverses its decision decides to keep the Polar bear in its hot weather climate conditions.
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Polar bear Image

An archipelago midway between mainland Norway and the North Pole: Polar bear walking on broken-up ic...
An archipelago midway between mainland Norway and the North Pole: Polar bear walking on broken-up ice floes
Anna Henly
Humphrey takes a dip-sort of  in his pool for the very first time.
Humphrey takes a dip-sort of, in his pool for the very first time.
Screenshot from YouTube
Screen Capture
Jumping Polar Bear in its natural environment  in Spitsbergen Island  Svalbard  Norway.
Jumping Polar Bear in its natural environment, in Spitsbergen Island, Svalbard, Norway.
Arturo de Frias Marques (CC BY-SA 4.0)
A polar bear attacks a BBC filmmakers safety pod
A polar bear attacks a BBC filmmakers safety pod
Screen Capture
Nissan the polar bear briefly spent time with four asylum seekers who broke into the truck at Calais...
Nissan the polar bear briefly spent time with four asylum seekers who broke into the truck at Calais.
Arctic Wolf
Polar bears face multiple risks said the coalition s report  from global warming  oil development an...
Polar bears face multiple risks said the coalition's report, from global warming, oil development and habitat loss.
Ansgar Walk
Taco  the polar bear of Santiago de Chile s National Zoo
Taco, the polar bear of Santiago de Chile's National Zoo
Minvu, Gov't of Chile
A polar bear attacks the safety pod of a BBC filmmaker
A polar bear attacks the safety pod of a BBC filmmaker
Screen Capture
Polar bear jumping on fast ice in Spitsbergen Island  Svalbard  Norway
Polar bear jumping on fast ice in Spitsbergen Island, Svalbard, Norway
Arturo de Frias Marques
Asahiyama Zoo in Japan on Google s new  zoo view
Asahiyama Zoo in Japan on Google's new "zoo view"
Screen grab
Polar bear in Svalbard area.
Polar bear in Svalbard area.
Northern Bird 8
Swimming polar bear
Swimming polar bear
A polar bear attacks the safety pod of wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan
A polar bear attacks the safety pod of wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan

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