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Pokemon News

Pokemon fans petition Danny DeVito to voice Detective Pikachu

Following the unveiling of the Japanese trailer for Great Detective Pikachu, American fans have petitioned Nintendo to cast Danny DeVito in the title role for the English version.

Video: 'Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire' E3 2014 trailer

A new trailer has been streamed, at this year's E3, for "Pokemon Omega Ruby" and "Pokemon Alpha Sapphire" due for release this November.

'Pokemon Omega Ruby' and 'Pokemon Alpha Sapphire' announced

In an announcement that has Pokemon fans around the world salivating, Nintendo confirmed Wednesday that it will be releasing 'Pokemon Omega Ruby' and 'Pokemon Alpha Sapphire' in November 2014.

Op-Ed: 'Twitch Plays Pokemon' takes the Internet by storm Special

In the wake of Flappy Bird's demise, a new Internet sensation has taken over that's one part Internet phenomenon, one part social experiment, and all parts frustration.

Video: Nintendo's 'Pokemon Bank' application trailer

A trailer has been released for "Pokemon Bank," a Nintendo 3DS online application, which is used in conjunction with "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y."

'Pokemon X & Y' sells over 4 million copies in first weekend

"Pokemon X & Y" video games were finally released on October 11 and a report today says that over the first weekend of sales, the Nintendo DS-only games sold more than 4 million copies.

Video: Pokemon Theme Remix Dubstep by Kurt Hugo Schneider

Two musicians have created a dubstep music video in regards to the opening theme of Nintendo's popular franchise known as "Pokemon."

Video: Japanese anime 'Pokemon Origins' trailer

A couple of new trailers have been released for "Pokemon Origins" and the upcoming new series called "Pokemon XY." Both will initially air in Japan sometime in October.

Video: Japanese anime 'Pokemon XY' promo commercial

A promotional commercial trailer has been released for the anime adaptation of "Pokemon XY." Also, an overview trailer has been released for the N3DS game of the same name.

Video: 'Pokemon' adapted into a live stage ballet performance

At the Creighton Lied Arts Center, a group of performers decided to do an adaptation of the popular franchise "Pokemon" in the form of ballet.

Video: Pokemon parody of PSY's 'Gentleman'

A Pokemon based parody of PSY's "Gentleman" has been made available for viewing. It is called "Hitmonchan" which shares the same name as one of the original 150 Pokemon.

Video: 'Pokemon Black/White' Meloetta trailer

Nintendo and GameStop are running a special promotion for "Pokemon Black" and "Pokemon White" as a new mythical Pokemon named Meloetta is introduced.

Video: 'Pokemon TV' app trailer

Lovers of "Pokemon," if they have a smart phone or tablet computer using either Apple's iOS or Google's Android, can take advantage of the new app called "Pokemon TV."

Aiden Glynn creates street art inspired by video games

Toronto-based street artist, character designer and animator, Aiden Glynn has literally taken to the streets and implemented elements of popular video games into everyday objects. These creations draw inspiration from games like Donkey Kong and Pokemon.

Video: 'Pokemon X' & 'Pokemon Y' debut trailer

New Pokemon games, "Pokemon X" & "Pokemon Y," are scheduled for release this October for the Nintendo 3DS portable console. Both games put you in a 3D adventure where you come across new species of Pokemon.

Poo fight ensues at Pokémon Video Game Championships

Birmingham - A Pokémon tournament held at the weekend in Birmingham in the UK was marred by reports that some contestants were fighting at their hotel, throwing human excrement at one another.

Gotta catch 'em all: What keeps Pokémon going strong

The Pokémon craze has seen 15 years of incredible success among its various incarnations of video games, trading cards and several seasons of a TV show. What is it that keeps the trend going strong?

Pokemon creator caught in Twitter death hoax

Tokyo - In the wake of Japan's earthquake and tsunami disaster, there have been many reports of major casualties, injury and death. However, it has also seen a wave of misinformation come through the blogosphere - particularly on Twitter.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl release date

If interest in our weekly Pokemon Radar feature is any indication, everyone on the planet is ravenous for any and all information pertaining to Diamond and Pearl. Well, the wait is now quantifiable, as they're both coming to your DS on April 22.

Smosh- Pokemon Theme Music Video

Finally, Pokemon has its own music video

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Pokemon Image

Screengrab from the E3 2014 trailer for  Pokemon Art Academy.
Screengrab from the E3 2014 trailer for "Pokemon Art Academy."
The Pokemon logo in front of the Nintendo World Centre in New York City
The Pokemon logo in front of the Nintendo World Centre in New York City
Rusty Haskell