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Poison News

Almost 2,000 children sickened by 'poisoned' candy in Philippines

Davao - At least 1,925 people. the majority of them school children, became sick after eating candies purchased last week from street vendors on the southern island of Mindanao, Philippines. Sixty-six people remain hospitalized.

Blues-rock guitarist Hamish Anderson talks to Digital Journal Special

Digital Journal meets the 23-year-old Australian, described by as a "guitar phenomenon," who is about to embark on an extensive North American tour.

12-yr-old girl tried to poison mother for taking away her iPhone

Boulder - Police said on Friday that they have detained a 12-year-old girl in Boulder, Colorado for allegedly attempting twice to kill her mother by spiking her drinks with bleach because she took her iPhone away.

Utah family poisoned themselves over fears of apocalypse

Springville - A springville, Utah family of five were found dead in their home on September 27, 2014. Today, the Utah State Medical Examiner's office ruled the family had died from poisoning, probably because the parent's were fearful of a "pending apocalypse."

Black widow arrested for ‘poisoning partners with cyanide’

Police in Japan raided the homes of the 67-year-old Japanese black widow, Chisako Kakehi, who was arrested on suspicion of poisoning her husband, as specifics of six former partners’ deaths transpire in local broadcasting.

Australia develops poison to kill off feral cats

A new kind of bait has been created, called “curiosity,” which will be used to control the population of feral cats and save species threatened by them.

Child bride murders groom and friends with rat poison

Kano - A fourteen year-old child bride from Nigeria feeds her husband and his guests a rice dish laced with poison, killing them.

Yasser Arafat possibly poisoned with polonium-210

Former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat may have died from polonium-210 poisoning, according to test results from Swiss scientists.

Enter if you dare: The Poison Garden of deadly plants in Alnwick

Alnwick - An iron gate at the entrance of The Poison Garden in Alnwick hosts a warning sign, complete with scull and crossbones. Part tongue-in-cheek, part warning the sign reads "These plants can kill".

Contaminated school meal in India kills 22 students

At least 22 school children died in northeastern India after eating free school lunches that contained a poison, a state official said. The chemical was organophosphorous, which is commonly used in agriculture. More than 25 others have been hospitalized.

Video: 'Eugenics Now!' by The Truthseeker

To really make your weekend, have a look at this brief documentary on eugenics, including information on Monsanto, GMOs, Bill Gates, vaccinations and how water is simply not a human right anymore.

New York City Mayor Bloomberg targeted with ricin letter

New York - New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg appears to have been the target of a ricin attack after a letter his office received tested positive for the deadly toxin.

Parents beware: Summertime spike in kids' chemical injuries

Columbus - Summer is just around the corner — at least that's what the weathermen keep saying — and with summer comes a whole range of additional hazards faced by children — specifically, chemical injuries, says a new study.

Chile to exhume Pablo Neruda's remains

A judge in Chile has ordered investigators to exhume the body of Nobel prize-winning poet Pablo Neruda as part of an investigation into his death in 1973.

Wife allegedly tries to kill husband with poisoned tuna sandwich

Beth Dickison Richards, 37, was arrested on Friday and charged with attempted first degree murder after allegedly poisoning a tuna fish sandwich that was being served to her husband.

Would-be assassin caught with poison pen

Seoul - Last year a would-be assassin was arrested in Seoul, and was caught with a deadly pen that contained poison that could have caused muscle paralysis.

Arafat's body to be exhumed Tuesday

Ramallah - The remains of former PLO leader Yasser Arafat will be exhumed Tuesday to look more closely into the circumstances surrounding his death in 2004.

German woman in coma after drinking poisoned Capri Sun

A married couple in northwest Germany fell seriously ill after drinking Capri Sun pouches. The police believe the fruit drinks were tampered with after being purchased, and are treating the case as an attempted murder.

Taliban poisons 120 school girls in classroom attack

Taloqan - Taliban poisoned over 120 school girls and three teachers in a school in northern Afghanistan. An unidentified toxic powder was used to contaminate the air in the classrooms.

Fifth-graders accused of placing rat poison in teacher's coffee

Fresno - Three fifth-graders from a California school allegedly tried to poison their teacher in December. The 10 and 11-year-old students are currently facing expulsion.

Lead poison in China sickens 600, including over 100 children

Beijing - In China’s latest case of mass lead poisoning, at least 600 people have been sickened, including 103 children, from tinfoil processing workshops located in Zhejiang province in the eastern part of the country.

Poisoning by tar balls may have caused ancient peoples’ decline

Los Angeles - A group of researchers are suggesting bitumen, found in tar balls and containing carcinogenic agents, may have led to a decline in health of California’s prehistoric peoples, the Chumash, who regularly used the now-known toxic material.

Zoo employee charged with poisoning cats

Washington - An employee of the National Zoo, in Washington DC, who specializes in bird conservation, has been charged with poisoning feral cats.

Dogs being poisoned in Alberta town

Police are warning people in one Alberta community to watch their pets closely, after several dogs were found dead during the weekend.

Suicidal father poisoned son, held on $1 million bail

Miami - Jorge Barahona, 53, was placed on a $1 million bail Thursday by a Florida judge after he attempted to kill his 10-year old adopted son by soaking him in toxic chemicals.

Report: Terrorists to poison food in US hotels and restaurants

A CBS News investigative report on terrorism in the U.S. finds that Al Qaeda plans to poison foods in restaurants and hotels in small operations that are broadly encouraged in terrorist propaganda documents.

Men jailed for deliberately poisoning animals

Newham - Two former council workers have been sentenced to jail and fined for deliberately poisoning animals in a UK park earlier this year.

Seven dogs euthanized after apparently poisoned with antifreeze

Seven German Shepherd dogs had to be euthanized after becoming sick from drinking what appeared to be antifreeze that had been put into their drinking water.

Dad uses sippy cups to allegedly poison his two children

Wyoming - Police said a 25-year-old father forced his 6-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son to drink poisonous cocktails from sippy cups.

Bret Michaels doing well according to father

Bret Michael's father Wally Sychek reports that his son is recovering from a massive brain hemorrhage that he suffered on Friday.
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Poison Image

At least 22 schoolchildren died in northeastern India after eating free school lunches that containe...
At least 22 schoolchildren died in northeastern India after eating free school lunches that contained a poison.
Media News
A new study from Nationwide Children s Hospital reports that more than 100 000 injuries were suffere...
A new study from Nationwide Children's Hospital reports that more than 100,000 injuries were suffered by children due to hydrocarbons between 2000-2009. Hydrocarbons, a chemical compound commonly found in household items from cleaning products to gasoline, are among the top 10 causes of pediatric poisoning deaths in the United States.
Nationwide Children's Hospital
A sign in the New York City subway advises passengers that rodenticide was applied.
A sign in the New York City subway advises passengers that rodenticide was applied.
Paul Lowry/Wikimedia Commons
Cerbera odollam  (pong pong tree sea mango toto) a common tree along Tongan beaches.
Cerbera odollam, (pong pong tree,sea mango,toto) a common tree along Tongan beaches.