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Poaching News

Uganda suspends officials after ton of ivory stolen from vault

Kampala - Uganda's wildlife authority has suspended five top officials after a ton of seized ivory worth over a million dollars vanished from government strongrooms, its chief said Tuesday.

Thought to be extinct, the fanged deer of Afghanistan lives on

In 1948 a Danish research team roaming the Northeast brush lands of Afghanistan made the last documented sighting of the Kashmir musk deer. Now, 60 years later, researchers with the WCS have recorded five sightings of this strange, fanged, deer.

Wild ginseng poacher heads to jail as Feds crack down

Bryson City - Billy Joe Hurley, 46, of Bryson City, North Carolina was broke and quite simply just trying to make a living. Unfortunately he chose to continue to illegally poach wild ginseng, putting the species at risk, despite several arrests and warnings.

Elephant poaching continues at a 'rapid pace'

A new, disturbing report shows that tens of thousands of African elephants have been illegally killed in the last four years.

World Cup raises poaching concerns

According to some recent reports locals around the World Cup are raising extra money from tourists. Unfortunately they are doing so by capturing animals and exhibiting them in their homes.

China unveils $12 billion aid package for Africa

Lagos - China has announced a massive aid package for Africa and extended the offer to share the technology necessary to build a high-speed railway on the continent.

Poaching could wipe out Tanzanian elephants in 7 years: group

Dar Es Salaam - Poachers are slaughtering Tanzania's elephants for their ivory at such alarming rates that the population could be completely wiped out in just seven years, conservationists told a conference Friday.

Billionaire’s donation aims to put poachers on the run

Dar Es Salam - Howard G. Buffett, the son of investment guru Warren Buffett, has pledged to provide a helicopter for anti-poaching activities in Tanzania. The aircraft will be deployed initially at the Selous Game Reserve.

Tigers slaughtered and sold for profit in Zhanjiang, China

Over 10 tigers have been slaughtered as entertainment and harvest for wealthy Chinese in the southern province of Guangdong. Police in Zhanjiang discovered a freshly slaughtered tiger during a raid last week.

Slaughtered for ivory: 65% of forest elephants killed since 2002

London - Yesterday, the Wildlife Conservation Society released new data about the plight of the forest elephants. The release of information was timed to coincide with a conference on wildlife crime.

Suspected ivory smuggler in Kenya facing life due to new law

Nairobi - Tang Yong Jian, who was allegedly attempting to smuggle raw ivory out of Kenya to China, may face life imprisonment and a $230,000 fine if convicted. The new punishments are part of Kenya’s new Wildlife Act of 2013.

Ivory smugglers sentenced in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City - A Vietnamese court sentenced two men to three years in prison for their role in smuggling ivory weighing 2,400 kilograms into the nation from Singapore. The tusks originated in Mozambique. The trial lasted one day.

UN reports that 22,000 elephants were poached last year in Africa

Elephants are one of Africa’s critical “keystone” species, and estimates place the total population of elephants around 450,000. The loss of 22,000 mostly adult elephants, or roughly 5%, is critical as elephant young require the care of the parent.

Sex and the City star fights elephant poaching

Most of America would describe Kristin Davis as “Charlotte from Sex and the City,” the activist community at large would describe her as one of their own who happens to be a actress, and to anti-poaching activists she is nothing short of a Godsend.

Rhino poaching in Africa reaches all-time high

Pretoria - Two rhinos are killed every day in South Africa alone and if this continues, 1,000 of the magnificent creatures could be killed by the end of the year.

South Africa eyeing one-off sale of part of $1bn rhino stockpile

South Africa's environment minister said Wednesday that the country is seeking permission to sell off part of its rhino horn stockpile, valued at over $1 billion, in order to finance conservation and flood a thriving black market.

Elephant tramples suspected poacher to death in Zimbabwe

Harare - An Elephant reportedly trampled a suspected poacher to death as he tried to shoot the animal in Zimbabwe. Rangers found the mangled remains of Solomon Manjoro at the protected Charara National Park, Gatshe-Gatshe, near Lake Kariba, northwest Zimbabwe.

Man sends officials $6K for illegally hunting deer decades ago

Yakima - A man recently sent Washington wildlife officials $6,000. He sent the money, along with a note, explaining he was trying to make amends for a crime he'd committed over 40 years ago.

Elephant poaching increasing in Gabon

Elephant poaching in Gabon is increasing at an ‘alarming rate’ according to environmental groups. Since 2004, some 11,000 elephants have been killed by ivory poachers.

Swedish police stumped by animal heads discovery

Swedish authorities are seeking a suspected poacher who has been killing animals, but keeping only their heads. The suspect leaves behind the headless bodies of the animals he shoots.

Review: Ivory Wars — Out Of Africa Special

The latest edition of the BBC's 'Panorama' documentary series casts a disturbing eye over the trade in ivory, and the future, or otherwise, of the elephant.

Bloodhounds sniff out elephant poachers in Africa

Elephant poaching continues to be a major problem in Africa's national parks. To combat this a new initiative is being tried out at the Virunga National Park. This involves the use of specially trained bloodhounds to help wardens to track down poachers.

'Operation Crash' arrests 7 in US for rhino horn trafficking

Los Angeles - As part of a nationwide, multi-agency effort to tackle black rhino horn smuggling, seven people have been arrested in the US. The latest, taken into custody last night at Los Angeles International Airport, was a Chinese national.

Two more S.African rhinos de-horned as onslaught continues

Cape Town - The onslaught against South Africa's rhinos continues with poachers darting and de-horning two white rhinos on Sunday night leaving the animals bleeding and in a life-threatening condition.

Wounded elephant gets new leg, grows up, inspires rescuers

Chhouk, a now 5-year-old bull elephant rescued in 2007 in the Cambodian jungle, was profiled recently by NBC News; alone and helpless after a chunk of his left front foot at least six inches long was lost to a poacher's trap, he almost died.

Indian poachers target a new species: a playful, cute hare Special

New Delhi - The black-naped hare, or the Indian hare, is so common in the wild in India that it is seen as a species of Least Concern by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and accorded least protection by India’s Wildlife Protection Act.

Swedish wolves suffer from poaching, halt to hunts ordered

Stockholm - More than half of all Swedish wolf deaths are the result of illegal poaching, with two-thirds of the poaching going undetected and without the mistreatment in the last ten years, the wolves’ population could be four times greater, a new study shows.

South African troops battle rhino poachers, crime syndicates

International crime syndicates are teaming up with poachers in South Africa, leading to continued slaughtering of rhinos with an added twist of using AK-47 assault rifles, night-vision goggles and taunts as rhino horn’s price exceeds the price of gold.

South Africa deploys army to combat poaching

According to South African National Defence Force (SANDF) Brigadier General Koos Liebenberg, incidents of poaching have dropped significantly since the start of Operation Corona in the Kruger National Park in March this year.

Bangladesh hoping to protect Bengal tigers

A special force is being set up in Bangladesh to save animals such as the Royal Bengal Tiger, amid evidence that poachers now pose an increased threat to the big cats.
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National geographic
At the beginning of the 20th century there were 500 000 rhinos; in 1970 there were 70 000; today  th...
At the beginning of the 20th century there were 500,000 rhinos; in 1970 there were 70,000; today, there are fewer than 29,000 rhinos surviving in the wild. 95% of all the rhinos in the world have now been killed. Taken at private game farm in Gauteng, South Africa.
Hein waschefort
South Africa is home to the highest population count of rhinos in the world.
South Africa is home to the highest population count of rhinos in the world.
Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve
This May 21  2013 photo provided by the National Park Service shows wildlife biologist Terry Hines s...
This May 21, 2013 photo provided by the National Park Service shows wildlife biologist Terry Hines standing next to a massive scar on an old growth redwood tree in the Redwood National and State Parks near Klamath, Calif., where poachers have cut off a burl to sell for decorative wood.
Recorded number of rhino poached in South Africa
Recorded number of rhino poached in South Africa
S.A. Department of Environmental Affairs
This map shows just how precious rhinos are.
This map shows just how precious rhinos are.
Save The Rhino
Reliquary with ivory inlays.
Reliquary with ivory inlays.
South Africa is home to the highest population count of rhinos in the world.
South Africa is home to the highest population count of rhinos in the world.
World Resources Institute
Mother and young rhinoceros killed for their horns. At the beginning of the 20th century there were ...
Mother and young rhinoceros killed for their horns. At the beginning of the 20th century there were 500,000 rhinos. Since 1970 the world rhino population has declined by 90 percent.
Hein waschefort


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