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Pneumonia News

Essential Science: Breakthrough for patients with pneumonia

New research, published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, presents the first clinical results with CAL02 in patients suffering from severe pneumonia, the first cause of infectious mortality in the world.

Pneumonia to kill nearly 11 mn children by 2030, study warns

Paris - Pneumonia will kill nearly 11 million children under five by 2030, experts warned Monday on a global day aimed at raising awareness of the biggest infectious killer of infants worldwide.

One more reason not to pick your nose: pneumonia

Paris - Parents exasperated by their children constantly ignoring pleas to stop picking their noses, may have finally found an argument to break the habit: it might give you pneumonia.

Artificial intelligence diagnoses eye diseases

New studies demonstrate how artificial intelligence, in the medical context, can quickly and accurately diagnose a range of eye diseases and other medical conditions like pneumonia.

Massage gives infants breath of life in Ivory Coast

Abidjan - A mother from a working-class district of Abidjan watches fearfully while the physiotherapist presses down on the thorax and abdomen of her crying, struggling baby to help him breathe.

Pneumonia: Five things to know

Washington - US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has cancelled campaign engagements after being diagnosed with pneumonia.

Spinal cord injury linked to immune system paralysis

A study has shown spinal cord injuries can also cause a “paralysis” of the immune system. The consequence of this is that patients are left more susceptible to pneumonia and other pathogenic infections.

Legionnaires' outbreak at veterans home worsens: 7 now dead

The course of the Legionnaires' disease outbreak at a veterans' home in Quincy, Illinois took a rapid and deadly turn on Wednesday, with seven deaths reported, up from four on Monday, and 39 confirmed illnesses, up from 25 the day before.

Pneumonia is a growing cause of hospitalization in U.S.

Washington - Pneumonia is one of the leading causes of hospitalization among adults in the U.S., to the extent that the medical costs exceeded $10 billion. It is also a major reason for death.

MRSA superbug in supermarket pork sparks alarm over farming risks

Cambridge - A strain of the MRSA superbug linked to the overuse of antibiotics has been discovered in pork sold by several prominent British supermarkets, according to an investigation by The Guardian.

Madagascar plague kills 40 since August

A plague outbreak in Madagascar has killed 40 people on the island, with 119 more people diagnosed with the bacterial disease since early August.

Flu can make bacterial infections worse

New research suggests that influenza infection can result in the bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae becoming more infectious, leading to a greater risk to ear and throat infections.

Pneumonia-causing bacteria can pose heart risks

Austin - According to a new study, older adults who are hospitalized for pneumonia are at a higher risk for heart problems. This is because Streptococcus pneumonia bacteria may infiltrate the heart, causing microlesions that can lead to cardiac complications.

Autopsy: Star college player who went missing died of pneumonia

Lansing - A former Division II college football star who disappeared during a fishing trip in Northern Michigan died of pneumonia caused by inhaling his own vomit after he became disoriented, possibly due to pain killers combined with a degenerative brain disease.

New SARS-like coronavirus may be spreading in France

French health officials reported the need to test for additional cases of the SARS-like coronavirus that appears to have emerged from the Middle East, as the novel virus continues to demonstrate its ability to spread among human populations.

Fourth victim of SARS-like 'novel coronavirus' reported in UK

While reported cases of the new 'novel coronavirus,' NCoV, appeared to be on the rise, health officials in the UK and in the UAE maintained the SARS-like virus is not a threat.

Evangelist Billy Graham released from hospital after six days

The Rev. Billy Graham was admitted to Mission Hospital in Asheville North Carolina on Wed. Nov. 30 for observation and treatment. He was suffering from congestion and a cough with a slight fever.

George Michael hospitalized with pneumonia

George Michael's publicist announced earlier this week that the British singer had been hospitalized at the AKH in Vienna a few hours before his scheduled performance there.

Study: Plant-based antioxidants protect lungs from H1N1

While immunization may be the best defense against swine flu, a new study shows that antioxidants in certain foods may also protect against H1N1 and help prevent lung damage from the virus.

Co-infections common in H1N1 deaths

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that a third of H1N1 deaths are attributed to co-infections with common pneumonia bacteria, prompting renewed focus on pneumonia vaccines.

With plague concerns in China, scientists look at spread of fleas

As concern spreads over the advancement of pneumonic plague in China, researchers look at the spread of plague-carrying fleas and the global impact their distribution represents.

Pneumonia vaccine may be effective in lessening swine flu impact

Some say usage of Pneumovax vaccine is underused against the H1N1 swine flu virus, and evidence exists that it may ward off unnecessary death.

Swine flu resembles 1918 pandemic, more likely to cause pneumonia

According to researchers in a report on Monday, the H1N1 swine flu virus has disturbing similarities to that of the 1918 pandemic that killed millions worldwide. The new flu also causes pneumonia more than regular flu viruses.

Body’s response to the flu allows pneumonia to flourish

It is not well known how the flu makes individuals more sensitive to pneumonia. Recently, scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles, studied mice that were sick with the flu and identified one mechanism that hinders the immune system.

Patrick Swayze In Hospital For Observation

Patrick Swayze has been checked into the hospital for observation. On Friday evening it was revealed that the star, who is battling pancreatic cancer, has pneumonia.

AIDS-denialist Christine Maggiore dies in US

AIDS-denialist Christine Maggiore, 52, founder of the nonprofit organisation Alive & Well Aids Alternatives, died at her Los Angeles home Saturday after she was treated for pneumonia for six months. Her official cause of death is pending.

Newspaper: Ambien and pneumonia combination may have caused Ledger's death

Actor Heath Ledger had sleeping problems prior to his death yesterday. An Australian newspaper speculates that his sleeping tablets consumption in combination with his reported pneumonia condition might have led to his fatal death.

Charles Nelson Reilly Dead At 76

He was the man of the game shows. From Match Box to Hollywood Squares Charles Nelson Reilly and his larger than life persona entertained us during the 1970's and '80s. The Tony award winning actor died Sunday from complications of pneumonia. He was 76.

Outbreak of walking pneumonia closes Rhode Island elementary school, leaves one dead

An outbreak of walking pneumonia among children from Greenwood Elementary School that has been linked to at least one death and serious illness in others has forced officials to close the school for at least one week.

Mick Jagger's father dies

'The 93-year-old father of Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger, a former fitness instructor partly responsible for his son's athletic prowess on stage, has died of pneumonia in England, a spokesman said.'

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