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Plastic surgery News

Women opt for labiaplasty for designer vagina look in yoga pants

According to plastic surgeons in the U.S., they are seeing a 49 percent increase in clients requesting the controversial labiaplasty procedure to look sleek in tight pants. The "designer vagina" look is, however, causing controversy.

Chinese actress Angelababy endures face exam for court

Beijing - Chinese actress Angelababy had her face probed by a doctor to prove she hasn't had plastic surgery. The exam was performed at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.

Locals vandalize 'fat-shaming' muffin top advertisement

Jackson - One plastic surgeon put up a billboard which denigrated people for having rolls of fat known as "muffin tops." Unknown residents vandalized it by blocking out parts of the sign and spraying "you're beautiful!" at the top.

Video: In-home plastic surgeons mutilate clients

Los Angeles - Mutilation is a strong word but one that fits for this story. Victims have lost limbs, skin and one even lost their life. This is due to a trend of private, untrained plastic surgery sweeping parts of the developed world.

Op-Ed: Avoid plastic surgery nightmare; choose the right surgeon for you

Plastic surgery is a highly personal decision, sometimes made for the wrong reason. Other times, patients fail to carefully research the surgeon. Both situations can lead to an unhappy outcome.

15-year-old gets nose job to stop bullying

Once the victim of excessive bullying,15-year-old Renata had been removed from public school and tutored at home for the past three years. However, in a controversial turn of events, the teen may have regained the confidence to rejoin her peers.

Nose growing on forehead; nothing to sniff at

Fujia - If you were to describe a 22-year old man from China as having a "turned up nose," you would be telling the truth. The man, whose nose was injured in a car accident, has had a nose grafted to his forehead.

Regular sex can make you look 7 years younger

Put away the expensive face creams, say goodbye to those painful facials and forget about surgical procedures because they may all be for naught. A new study shows a healthy dose of sex is the secret to looking younger.

Photo of Korean beauty contestants sparks plastic surgery debate

A Japanese blog raised a controversy after it suggested that Korea's plastic surgery craze may be transforming the country's beauty pageants into a parade of clones.

Interview: Dr. Justin Piasecki talks about his medical practice Special

Gig Harbor - On March 8, 2013, Dr. Justin Piasecki chatted via telephone with Digital Journal about his medical practice, which is situated in Washington.

China: Bigger eyes, better job

Plastic surgery has become a common practice –and a profitable business- in China. High beauty standards and appearance woes aren’t exclusive of Western societies.

In China, spouses can sue you for being 'ugly' and win in court

Jian Feng of China recently won a $120,000 lawsuit. The lawsuit filed by Feng was against his now ex-wife for being "ugly."

Meet Justin Jedlica 'The Human Ken Doll'

Video: New Yorker undergoes $100,000 of plastic surgery and 90 procedures to reach his ideal silicone enhanced physique.

Charity pays for girl's plastic surgery

Nadia lsle, a bullied teen from Georgia, received plastic surgery for free thanks to the charity Little Baby Face Foundation.

'Chinplants': America's latest must-have plastic surgery

Disillusioned with weak jawlines and longing for strong, confident profiles, Americans are lining up for the hottest trend in plastic surgery: Chinplants.

Seniors turning to plastic surgery to look younger

Don't be surprised if someday, somewhere, someone turns to you, and says, 'Hey, that's my grandmother you're ogling'; today seniors are going to great lengths to keep their figures and look good.

Teens undergo plastic surgery to avoid bullying

Teens and kids even younger are undergoing cosmetic surgery to stop bullying by peers, U.S. and British surgeons admit. However, some experts fear such interventions by scalpel may bring more problems than fixes.

Seven-year-old gets plastic surgery to prevent being bullied

Samantha Shaw is a seven-year-old from South Dakota who recently had plastic surgery for her ears. Her mother, Cami Roselles, wanted it done because of the girl's "cup ears."

Reality TV star Heidi Montag to go under the knife again

Television reality star Heidi Montag is reportedly wanting to undergo more plastic surgery and enlarge her breasts once again. The person to blame for this round of surgery? Ryan Seacrest.

Has Heidi Montag gone too far?

"The Hills" star Heidi Montag - or Heidi Pratt or Heidi Montag-Pratt, whatever she is going by this week - is back in the news after appearing at the grand opening party for LIQUID Pool Lounge at ARIA Resort and Casino.

Breast implants see some sag in popularity

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has released figures showing a dramatic 18 percent drop in cosmetic surgery last year, citing the recession as a major contributor to the decrease.

Heidi Montag Claims Addiction to Plastic Surgery

Heidi Montag, who rose to fame and stardom in the television show, "The Hills" is reportedly claiming that she is addicted to plastic surgery.

U.S. Plastic Surgeons Object to the Health care Bill's Bo-tax

Plastic Surgeons are fighting mad about a Senate proposal in the health reform bill that would levy a tax on most elective cosmetic procedures.

Plastic surgeon redesigns wife

A German plastic surgeon has turned his wife into a sought-after model. Dr. Reza Vossough, whose practice is in Berlin, did a total of eight operations to transform his wife into an F cup model. Opinions of cosmetic surgery however, remain stereotypical.

How much are you willing to spend to look like your daughter?

A 50-year-old mother spent thousands of dollars on surgery to look like her daughter. They are always mistaken as sisters since then.

Op-Ed: Woman, 50, gets plastic surgery to look like her daugther

A 50-year-old woman is trying to defy the process of aging by spending £10,000 to have plastic surgery to look more like her daughter.

Woman Protects Self by Forcing Mother to Have Cosmetic Surgery

A young 24-year-old woman recently who was jilted by her lover because he found out about her plastic surgery demanded that her mother have it too. He had seen a picture of her parents and said she looked nothing like her mother.

Pop Star Usher's Wife In Hospital

Usher had to cancel his performance Saturday night at Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party because of 'a serious illness in the family.' That illness has been revealed to be that wife, Tameka Foster suffered complications from surgery in Brazil.

First U.S. Face Transplant Completed in Cleveland

The first face transplant in the U.S. was recently completed at the Cleveland Clinic, the hospital announced. Nearly all of a woman's face was replaced with that of a dead female donor in an operation a couple weeks ago.

My Beautiful Mommy: The Plastic Surgery Book For Kids

A Florida plastic surgeon has written a picture book, “My Beautiful Mommy” for children explaining the various facets of plastic surgery to the under-8 age group.
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Many women are opting for the controversial labiaplasty for a designer vagina look in yoga pants.
Many women are opting for the controversial labiaplasty for a designer vagina look in yoga pants.
Jymbv barbell Dymbv
Justin Jedlica  who had operations to resemble the doll Ken
Justin Jedlica, who had operations to resemble the doll Ken
© Justin Jedlica
More women are opting for the labiaplasty procedure for a designer vagina look in tight pants.
More women are opting for the labiaplasty procedure for a designer vagina look in tight pants.
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The Miss Daegu 2013 contestants: Photoshopped?
The Miss Daegu 2013 contestants: Photoshopped?

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