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Plastic News

Tires are a major pollutant for the world's oceans

Conservationists and scientists have warned that particles of debris from car tires are reaching the ocean as "plastic soup" and causing harm to wildlife.

Human made sun and rain demonstrates plastic pollution impact

The most common material used in the modern world is plastic. Many modern plastics are composed of nanoparticles. What is the ecological consequence when plastic degrades? A research group have been finding out.

Transatlantic mission to study effect of marine plastic pollution

A British led expedition has begun to sail to the Falkland Islands to study the effects of plastic pollution on tiny creatures in the depths of the seas.

New concerns about plastic waste in the oceans

New concerns have been raised about the impact of plastic waste dumped into the world’s oceans. A new report indicates that waste from Northern Europe, for example, will reach the Arctic within two years.

New packaging aims to keep vegetables fresher

Michigan State University have developed new packaging designed to help produce stay fresher for longer. The research has run tests on onions and the data collected shows considerable improvement in keeping the vegetables edible.

Plasticizer in new health risk

Medics have connected the plastic softeners in medical tubing to neurological problems in children who have been hospitalized with critical illnesses.

U.S. House bans microbeads in personal care products by 2019

Washington - Several states have passed legislation to put and end to the use of tiny microbeads in beauty products, but now the rest of the nation is catching up. It's all part of an effort to keep the tiny plastic beads out of the ocean and our seafood.

Three in four fish in River Thames contain plastic

London - Around three-quarters of the fish in the River Thames have plastic fibers in their gut. This is based on a new survey, highlighting the extent of plastic pollution.

Study claims half the world's sea turtles have eaten plastic

A new study was released and it claims that half of the planet's sea turtles have eaten some form of plastic at some point in their lives.

Plastic waste getting worse and harming seabirds

London - Waste discarded by people and factories is causing significant harm to seabirds and other wildlife, according to a new report. One estimate says 90 percent of seabirds around the world have eaten plastic.

Los Angeles reservoir filled with 96 million plastic balls

California City - With California suffering one of the most severe cases of drought, the mayor released 96 million "shade balls" into the Los Angeles reservoir in hopes to conserve water.

Cutting back on plastic bag use to protect the environment

The average citizen in Europe throws away 200 plastic bags per year. Most of these are used only once. For this reason, the European Union is seeking to phase out plastic bags from stores.

Scientists find new way to control light for next gen computing

Scientists have created a device reminiscent of a bee's honeycomb that can twist beams of light around tighter curves than has ever been witnessed before. This could become a powerful way of transmitting data on circuit boards in next gen computers.

Plastic pollution in the oceans consumed by corals

Sydney - Scientists studying Australia’s Great Barrier Reef have discovered that coral will eat microplastic pollution. Microplastics are the remains of plastic pollution discarded into the oceans.

French fries and a tooth? McDonald's Japan takes the heat

On Wednesday, McDonald's Japan Senior Vice President Hidehito Hishinuma held a press conference to apologize to customers over foreign objects, including a human tooth, being found in the company's food items.

Plastic waste builds up to record volume in the oceans

A new survey has revealed the full extent of the plastic problem in the world’s oceans. The research estimates more than 5 trillion pieces weighing nearly 250,000 tons are floating through the seas.

Plastic debris coats 88 percent of the world's oceans

Results from a study carried out during an around-the-world cruise by a research ship, scientists have found that 88 percent of the oceans' surface contains plastic debris, leading to concerns about the effects on both marine life and the food chain.

Recycling in the home to save money and the environment

The sheer quantity of garbage in this world is horrendous. Landfills, covered in glass, plastic, food leftovers and more, blight our landscapes. What we need to do is recycle our trash, not only to save the environment, but also to save a few bucks.

Super plastic mimics blood clotting

Chicago - A new high tech plastic has been developed which "heals itself," meaning that a cracked phone screen could be self-mended.

Plastic pollution of oceans is a growing menace

Microbes living on floating pieces of discarded plastic are affecting the ocean ecosystem. This plastic pollution poses a significant risk to invertebrates, humans and other animals.

Op-Ed: Why Samsung can still succeed with plastic Galaxy S5 bodies

Rumors are floating around suggesting that Samsung is holding off on the release of the Galaxy S5 smartphone, which was scheduled for one year later after the Galaxy S4. Whatever the reason may be, they will not disappoint.

Plastic bag recycling available to most Canadians

Toronto - Recycling of plastic carry-out shopping bags is locally available to 93 percent of the Canadian population according to a new study.

Use of nanotechnology to fight fungal infections

Researchers have converted recycled plastic bottles into non-toxic and biocompatible materials designed to specifically target and attack fungal infections.

From plastic to oil: Making waves with a machine and a vision Special

Vancouver - Upgyres, a Vancouver organization, is looking to use the famous Blest machine that converts plastic into oil as a tool to clean up the North Pacifc plastic garbage patch. My interview with its director sheds light on this enterprise.

New stretchy material conducts electricity

A new stretchy material has been developed which conducts electricity. The material was used to manufacture a transparent loud speaker.

Plastic ocean junk harbors pathogenic bacteria

Pathogenic bacteria are residing in the masses of plastic debris that float over large areas of the world's oceans. Scientists have named this ecological hazard the "Plastisphere."

Cooking oil recycled to make cheaper plastics

Scientists have developed a method for producing cheaper 'bioplastics' made from used cooking oil combined with certain microorganisms. This would not only lead to cheaper plastics, it would also help with environmental recycling.

Can fruit salad hold the key to the cars of the future?

Driving a lemon is not something a motorist wants to do, but studies by Brazilian scientists are looking to change that.

Plastic-eating fungi found in Amazon may solve landfill problems

Just when you thought that plastic waste was never going to break down in the environment, along comes Mother Nature to solve the problem.

Forced to resign over a nose job? It happened in Egypt

In Egypt, ultra-conservative party Al Nour takes a strong stance against "sinful" things like popular music and plastic surgery. And under the suspicion of having plastic surgery, one Egyptian lawmaker has been forced to resign.
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Plastic Image

Wikimedia Commons
An albatross chick killed by eating plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
An albatross chick killed by eating plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
Duncan Wright
Food shoppers are already using reusable bags at a Blackwood Foodland market in South Australia on t...
Food shoppers are already using reusable bags at a Blackwood Foodland market in South Australia on the day before a ban on plastic bags went into effect in 2009.
Miropolitan/Wikimedia Commons
Compressed plastic waste collected by fishermen at a processing plant in Chiva  near Valencia in Spa...
Compressed plastic waste collected by fishermen at a processing plant in Chiva, near Valencia in Spain
Pedro Armestre, AFP
Del Monte s new bananas available in a plastic bag/wrap
Del Monte's new bananas available in a plastic bag/wrap
Del Monte
A woman eating plastic on the TLC show My Strange Addiction
A woman eating plastic on the TLC show My Strange Addiction
YouTube screenshot

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