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Convalescent plasma of limited use for Covid-19: study

Paris - Plasma taken from the blood of people who have recovered from Covid-19 and given to people sick with the disease does not reduce their chances of getting seriously ill or dying, new research has found.

The key factors for selecting the best COVID-19 plasma donors

To develop convalescent plasma therapy for the treatment of those with COVID-19, the factors of sex, age, and severity of disease are key to identifying potential donors with high levels of antibodies to provide the source material.

Op-Ed: Why Trump's overruling of the FDA over COVID-19 therapy is risky

Donald Trump has issued an order overriding scientific and medical advice to make convalescent plasma therapy available across the U.S. What is this treatment and what are the concerns with the President's proclamation?

Pakistanis risk unproven plasma treatment in virus fight

Islamabad - Pakistanis with COVID-19 are risking their lives and navigating a shady black market to get blood plasma transfusions, despite scant medical proof about the remedy's effectiveness.

Q&A: Blood purification can effectively treat COVID-19 patients Special

A cytokine storm can occur in some COVID-19 patients, leading to severe inflammation, rapidly progressive shock, respiratory failure, organ failure and death. A novel treatment has been devised to address this concern.

Essential Science: Can blood plasma therapy reduce aging?

It appears that by diluting blood plasma it is possible to rejuvenate tissue. Through this is may be possible to reverses aging. At this stage the process is based on studies conducted using mice. Going forwards a human therapy could be possible.

'Superheroes': Coronavirus survivors donate plasma hoping to heal the sick

New York - As she emerges from quarantine, recovered COVID-19 patient Diana Berrent is eager to join the battle against the pandemic and donate precious antibodies that researchers hope might help others.

Man-made St. Elmo's fire created in open air for the first time

For the first time, engineers at Caltech have created a stable ring of plasma in the open air—essentially capturing lightning in a bottle, but without the bottle.

Brain gains in elderly mice given human umbilical cord plasma

In what could turn out to be a major science breakthrough, researchers have succeeded in rejuvenating old mice’s brains and improve their memories by injecting them with plasma taken from human umbilical cords.

Fads and phases: TV's bid to make you buy the 'Next Big Thing'

Over the past few years, televisions have changed to include new display types, online streaming and party-trick features such as 3D. Much of this has yet to see widespread adoption though, raising the question of what we're looking for in a TV.

Drop in U.K. blood donors

Watford - A new campaign for blood donation has been launched in England and Wales following a 40 percent drop in donations, year-on-year.

Plasma, an antibiotic alternative?

Plasmas, by effectively destroying many bacteria, constitute an alternative to chemical disinfectants and potentially to antibiotics. A new report charts how this might happen.

Novel plasma flashlight developed to fight wound infections

A novel device has been developed which uses cold plasma (an 'electrical gas') to destroy the thick layers of bacteria around wounds. If the prototype is successful it would be used by emergency services and in military operations.

Plasma brush could mean painless fillings

More comfortable visits to the dentist could be part of the future, thanks to a plasma brush which is currently being developed.

Use of Plasma Probes Can Kill Tooth Infections

The prospect of getting a root canal is something that can send chills down the spine of any adult. Now, scientists are hurrying production of new plasma technology that will make visits to the dentist much less painful.

Getting Ready for HDTV

On February 17, 2009, U.S. television will change forever. However, those who are still watching “over-the-air” analog transmissions on that date will only see snow.

Samsung Regains Spot as No. 1 Flat-Panel TV Company

After losing the leader position in flat-panel TV sales to Vizio last quarter, Samsung regained the lead this quarter by capturing 11.8 per cent of market share. Rounding out the top four is Vizio at second, followed by Sharp and Sony.

UK Plans to ban plasma TV's

The Conservatives will propose banning plasma screens and other energy-guzzling devices in a report that is to be unveiled next week. It targets fridges and freezers, as well as TVs, PC's and DVD players that use too much energy or operate on stand-by.

The Search For Perfect Flat-Panel Screens: Inside Germany's Consumer Electronics Fair

A new crop of acronyms is about to hit the flat- panel screen business as manufacturers seek ways to convince shoppers that television A contains snazzier technology than television B.

SCI-FI to SCI-FACT: Plasma Converter

This promising new technology straight out of Star Trek holds out the promise of making landfills and other troublesome toxic storage sites a thing of the past and with further research and development become a viable alternative energy source for homes,

Underbed Plasma lift

This thing is frickin sweet

OLED is the future of Television

If you though that your HD LCD TV was bringing you top of the line video quality, think again. OLED brings 1,000,000/1 Contrast.

Plasma drill to ease pain of dentist visits

The dentist’s drill is the epitome of pain and discomfort in the modern world, but that could soon change.

Ultra-Colorful TV

Will lasers provide a cheaper alternative to large projection and plasma displays?

Are Plasma TVs Making Our Kids Fat

Does watching a 4:3 television image on a 16:9 screen give kids a distorted body image?

Plasma Screen: The Future of TV

The future of television is as slim as three inches, can be mounted on your wall, and produces unparalleled images. High cost may deter average consumers, but industry insiders expect plasma screens to be the next hot item for home theatre enthusiasts...

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