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Plants News

World's rarest plants, vital crops can't be banked: study

Paris - International efforts to save some of the world's rarest and economically important plants from climate change are doomed to fail because their seeds cannot be stored, researchers warned Friday.

Plant disease patterns offer clues about climate change

General atmospheric models provide an indicator of climate change. More sensitive models are needed to understand what is happening on ground level, however. One way to do this, new research highlights, is by tacking the spread of plant pathogens.

Want differently colored corn? You’ve got it

Consumers, it seems, want the best of both worlds. There is a desire for new ‘fresh’ looking food and there is a desire for only natural ingredients to be used. This stretches to food dyes as well. Researchers have developed natural dyes for corn.

Unpicking the key to better tea through genomics

Scientists have undertaken the monumental task of sequencing the genome of the tea plant Camellia sinensis. Knowing this will help trace back the origins of tea and it might lead to improvements in the taste of the beverage.

Major review underway of medicines made from plants

Biologists have come up with a new means for identifying the plant genes that produce the chemicals used by plants use to protect themselves. These could become the natural sources of a new range of medicines.

Belgian king's colonial-era greenhouse opens to public

Brussels - In an annual rite of spring in Belgium, the domed 18th century greenhouse complex on King Philippe's Brussels estate opened to the public on Friday.

Spain's Balearic Islands hit by deadly olive tree bacteria

Madrid - A deadly bacteria that infected thousands of olive trees in Italy has been detected in Spain's Balearic Islands where authorities are racing to contain it, a regional government official said Friday.

Son calls police because dad destroys his cannabis plants

Darwin - A man contacted the police in Australia because his father had destroyed the son's small set of cannabis plants. The son was complaining about the destruction of his illicit cultivars.

Italy fury as EU gets OK to order felling of ancient olive trees

Luxembourg - The EU's top court ruled Thursday the European Commission can order member states to cut down healthy olive trees to stem the spread of damaging bacteria after Italian authorities halted a controversial felling programme in December.

Fifth of world's plants under threat, warns Kew Gardens

London - A fifth of the world's plant species are at risk of extinction, British researchers warned Tuesday in an unprecedented global census of the plant kingdom.

Op-Ed: Why we must wake up to the health benefits of plants

Recently there seems to have been a shift in the acceptance of just how much plants can benefit our health. From marijuana to houseplants, here's why we need to wake up to the health benefits of plants before it's too late.

Europe's winter warmth puts nature in tailspin

Rome - The daffodils are out in London, plum trees are blossoming in Milan and asparagus tips are pushing through the soil in eastern France.

Italy prosecutors halt felling of olive trees in bacteria probe

Rome - Italian prosecutors said Saturday they have blocked an EU order to axe thousands of olive trees affected by a deadly bacteria and placed 10 people tasked with tackling the disease under investigation.

Overcoming stress factors in plants by dealing with salt

It may seem an odd statement at first but plants suffer from different forms of stress triggered by different influencing factors. One of the most serious is high salt levels in soil, which affects crop yields.

Mistletoe is genetically different to other plants

Mistletoe has been found to be made-up in a slightly different way to other plants or animals: it is missing several key genes needed for energy production in cells.

Video: Slow motion footage of plants exploding

A few days ago a video of plants exploding in slow motion surfaced. Since being uploaded, it has received thousands of views.

Plants may run out of time to grow under ongoing climate change

Ongoing climate change can alter conditions for plant growth, and in turn, impact our ecological and social systems. A new study looks at the consequences of changing variables that would limit plant growth, and the impact to ecosystems and people.

Natural plant material combats tooth decay

Can adding a chemical extract from plants help with the battle against tooth decay? A new study suggests that oral health products could be enhanced with a little dose of nature.

Compound from plants targets cancer stem cells

By using an enzyme and compound found in broccoli and Brussels sprouts, researchers have devised a chemical that can potentially prevent the re-occurrence of certain types of cancer. This is based on research in human cervical cancer stem cells.

New plant cell structure leads to new renewable materials

Plants are increasingly being considered for renewable materials, energy and for building construction. The utilization of bio-materials has been advanced by a new understanding about the structure of wood.

Study: Plants less affected than animals during mass extinctions

Gothenburg - Plants are truly survivors and apparently aren't as affected as animals are during mass extinctions. In Earth's long history of five major extinction events, plants have fared better in the survival game than animals have, scientists say.

Gene jumps across three domains of life

Through a mechanism termed horizontal gene transfer, an antibacterial gene family has dispersed to a plant, an insect, several fungi, and an archaeon.

Space plants return to Earth

A cargo holder holding more than 1,000 frozen plants that germinated and grew aboard the International Space Station have been returned to Earth for further study by University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists.

Plant science aims to help with world hunger

Three leading scientists have said that basic plant science and its application to agriculture, emphasizing can help to deal with global food demands.

Sheep get high after accidentally munching cannabis plants

Merstham - A flock of sheep ended up getting high after they accidentally munched thousands of dollars worth of pot dumped on their farm.

Photo Essay: World's biggest indoor rainforest Special

Saint Austell - The Eden project in Cornwall, England contains two fascinating biomes. One of the ecological centers contains a tropical wonderland. Digital Journal paid a visit.

Photo Essay: Inside Cornwall's Eden Project Biome Special

Saint Austell - The Eden project in Cornwall contains two enormous biomes. One contains of the structures draws on colorful plants from the Mediterranean. Digital Journal paid a visit.

Glow-in-the-dark houseplants get venture backing

After raising more than $450,000 on Kickstarter, a start-up company making glow-in-the-dark houseplants attracts funding from a Silicon Valley venture capital firm. The plants will be marketed to consumers soon.

Protecting plants from toxins

Lisbon - Zinc is essential for plant growth and development, but if too much of the metal are present in the soil, it can become toxic to the plant. Researchers have discovered a novel genetic mechanism that protects plants from toxic zinc levels.

‘Iron Man’ super-plant made using nanotech

A team of MIT researchers wants to make plants even more useful by augmenting them with nanomaterials that could enhance their energy production.
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Plants Image

General pictures.
General pictures.
The Veggie flight pillow. The bellows of the hardware have been lowered to better observe the plants...
The Veggie flight pillow. The bellows of the hardware have been lowered to better observe the plants. A small temperature and relative humidity data logger is placed between the pillows in the small white box, in the center.
Weeds growing along the road
Weeds growing along the road
Via Flickr user Michael Kappel
Image By: Sarah Ackerman
Welwitschia mirabilis (Common name: tree tumbo): Conservation status: Near threatened. A ragged-leav...
Welwitschia mirabilis (Common name: tree tumbo): Conservation status: Near threatened. A ragged-leaved inhabitant of African desert, some tree tumbos are believed to be over 1,000 years old.
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Some marijuana
Some marijuana
The woodwardia fern plant
The woodwardia fern plant
A strange  almost alien looking plant from within the Eden Project.
A strange, almost alien looking plant from within the Eden Project.
The Eastern Cape giant cycad originates from South Africa  is long-lived and slow growing  and is po...
The Eastern Cape giant cycad originates from South Africa, is long-lived and slow growing, and is popular as an ornamental plant.
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Mosses are one group of bryophytes.
Mosses are one group of bryophytes.
Growing plants on the International Space Station
Growing plants on the International Space Station
One of the more interesting plants of Hyères  soaking up the Mediterranean sun.
One of the more interesting plants of Hyères, soaking up the Mediterranean sun.
Sunken garden at Kensignton Palace  London.
Sunken garden at Kensignton Palace, London.
Petunia plant
Petunia plant
General pictures.
General pictures.
A view of shiitake mushrooms growing from the ground
A view of shiitake mushrooms growing from the ground
General pictures.
General pictures.