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Mice blamed for eating plans to fix traffic problems in Brussels

Brussels - Officials in Brussels said municipal laziness was not the reason for delays in repairs to the city's streets. They say mice are to blame.

How the EU plans to tackle the migrant crisis

Brussels - European Union plans to tackle the worst migrant crisis since World War II include a push to tighten external border controls and moves to increase aid to refugees outside the bloc.

Israel 'unblocks plans for 1,800 settler homes'

Jerusalem - The Israeli government on Thursday ordered officials to move forward with plans for another 1,800 settler homes, just hours after issuing tenders for 1,500 housing units, an official said.

Tech companies slam FCC's plan for internet prioritisation

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Dropbox, Yahoo, Netflix and many others have all signed a letter expressing intense disapproval of the FCC's proposals for "Internet fast lanes" as yet another setback for the plans.

Netflix plans price hike for its subscriptions

Netflix surprised customers today with their the announcement of their decision to increase monthly plans by $1 to $2 in their shareholder newsletter.

US studying plans to rescue Americans from Olympics terrorists

With looming verbal threats having been expressed by militants, the United States has been planning ways of evacuating Americans, in the event of terrorist attacks during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia,

T-Mobile introduces no-contract plans

It seems that T-Mobile has done away entirely with contracts for their wireless customers, which is part of broader changes designed to make the wireless carrier more competitive.

UK Government announces plans to monitor digital communication

The UK Government will be able to monitor the calls, emails, text messages and web habits of every person in the UK under new legislation set to be announced soon.

Vaccination plans begin in Haiti to fight cholera epidemic

Testing plans are now in the making for the delivery of 200,000 doses of cholera vaccine for approximately 100,000 people --not enough to stop the cholera, but enough to show the world the vaccine works.

Plans unveiled for badger cull in England

The government has revealed plans for a badger cull in England, even though it has been shown that culls do not stop the spread of bovine tuberculosis.

California Hospital Plans Face Protests Special

Dozens of people showed up on the front steps of the main California Pacific Medical Center campus on California Street at Maple on Aug. 12 to protest the ambitious "Master Plan" to upgrade healthcare services in San Francisco.

Details of German plans to invade Britain during WW ll revealed

Details of Germany’s plan to invade Britain by having shock troops, dressed in British uniforms, land at Dover have been made public.

McLaren F1 designer reveals plans for electric car

Plans for a new electric car have been revealed by Gordon Murray who has worked for McLaren F1 in the past. There are plans to create three prototypes of the vehicle in a period of 16 months.

Google reveals plans for new search engine dubbed 'Caffeine'

Google is dishing out some early details of its new upcoming search engine. The project, dubbed "caffeine" by the developers who have worked on it, will revamp Google's current search engine with the goal of making it even better.

United States announces plans to tackle piracy

Hilary Clinton has today announced a new plan to fight piracy which is currently affecting the Gulf of Aden. The plan consists of four main strategies.

Michael Vick admits in Bankruptcy court what he previously denied

After nearly two years in federal prison, suspended NFL player Michael Vick was ordered to testify in Bankruptcy Court. His plan? Returning to the NFL, working construction and a documentary agreement are all part of the game. But what did he admit?

McCain unveils economic plans

Presidential hopeful and Arizona Sen. John McCain unveiled his economic plans which includes suspending federal gasoline taxes.

Regis Plans April 26 Return to Talk Show

After coming through his triple heart bypass surgery with flying colors, Regis Philbin plans to return to "Live With Regis and Kelly" on April 26, 2007.

DJ Users! What Do You Do With Your $$ Earned At

I've been a user at DJ for 4-5 months now and have begun to accumulate a few dollars from my time spent on the site. I've made plans for the money I make on the site, how are the extra funds going to help you?

Europeans plan new oil pipeline

Five southern European nations have signed a pledge to step up efforts to build an oil pipeline from the Black Sea to Italy.

Bell Mobility and "It's New Plan".

Bell Mobility is offering it's customers a new plan. One that allows free unlimited calls to other Bell Mobility users.

Father of the bungee plans record jump

Man who invented the bungee jump is planning a 4,920ft fall from a helicopter

Mint plans pizza-size gold coin worth $2M

The Royal Canadian Mint's newest coin will be the size of a party pizza and worth $2 Million.

The EU plans missing children hotline

The EU will set up a single hotline for parents to report missing children.

Boeing scraps plans for 787 wireless system

Boeing announces it won't carry Wireless Net in its Boeing 787 Class Airine.

Ontario plans website to embarrass deadbeat parents into paying support

Ontario's Liberal government will step up its efforts to embarrass deadbeat parents into paying their court-ordered family support by posting their pictures online.

Keith Urban ends rehab and plans a tour

Country singer Keith Urban has finished his three-month stay in rehab for alcohol addiction.

More Polish clerics alleged secret agents

"KRAKOW, Poland, Jan. 10 (UPI) -- A Polish Roman Catholic clergyman in Krakow plans to identify 39 priests, including three bishops, as former communist police agents, reports said."

EU plans 'industrial revolution'

The European Commission has unveiled a new energy strategy, calling on member states to cut emissions of greenhouse gases by at least 20% by 2020.
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A metro police officer holds arrest plans for Julian Assange caught on camera by a Press Association...
A metro police officer holds arrest plans for Julian Assange caught on camera by a Press Association photographer
PA - Fair use
Photo/image  courtesy of Barbary Coast PR Consultants. Design rendering of proposed plans for Califo...
Photo/image, courtesy of Barbary Coast PR Consultants. Design rendering of proposed plans for California Medical Center at Cathedral Hill complex, Van Ness Ave & Geary, San Francisco, CA
Provided by Barbary Coast Public Relations via CPMC
A metro police officer holds arrest plans for Julian Assange which gets caught on camera.
A metro police officer holds arrest plans for Julian Assange which gets caught on camera.
PA - Fair use

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