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Giant vertical farm opens in Denmark

Taastrup - A purple glow illuminates stacked boxes where lettuce, herbs and kale will soon be sprouting at one of Europe's biggest "vertical farms" which has just opened in a warehouse in an industrial zone in Copenhagen.

Q&A: How technology aids Brexit and workforce planning Special

It is critical for employees and employers to know how Brexit will continue to affect the workforce and implement technology to help prepare for the changing landscape, explains a leading CSO.

Welcome to the jungle: plants overrun Chinese apartment blocks

Bejing - An experimental green housing project in a Chinese megacity promised prospective residents life in a "vertical forest", with manicured gardens on every balcony.

On yer bike: cycling industry out-pedalled by demand

Paris - Bikes are booming across the globe as people seek to avoid crowded buses and trains for their daily commutes in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic -- or get back into shape after long months of lockdown.

Green light for 'colossal' renovation of Paris Gare du Nord

Paris - Europe's busiest train station, the bustling Gare du Nord in Paris, appeared set for a colossal facelift after regional authorities on Tuesday approved a divisive 600-million-euro ($678-million) overhaul.

Q&A: The rise of ERP through the coronavirus pandemic Special

ERP software houses sensitive business information — from financials to employee data, and, in normal times, large enterprises use it to keep track of all their moving parts to see big-picture operations. This is being challenged in the time of COVID-19

Cairo's green lung razed for roads to new desert capital

Apo - In the traffic-choked megacity of Cairo, the historic Heliopolis district has long stood out for its leafy boulevards, but now construction crews are cutting new highways through it and uprooting its century-old trees.

Albania quake exposes scourge of sketchy construction

Mamurras - When a powerful earthquake struck Albania more than two months ago, buildings collapsed like houses of cards atop sleeping families.

Residents fear aftershocks more than cold after Turkey quake

Elazig - A dozen people bundled up in colourful blankets crouched around a makeshift fire in eastern Turkey. It is an icy night in Elazig and Esra Kasapoglu shivers but she says "it's out of the question to return home.

Capital flight: Indonesian move could prompt new environment crisis

Jakarta - Abandoning Jakarta for a new capital in Borneo won't save the fast-sinking Indonesian megacity from disaster and could even spark a fresh environmental crisis in a region home to rainforests and endangered orangutans, critics have warned.

Indonesia picks Borneo island for new capital

Jakarta - Indonesia will move its capital to the eastern edge of jungle-clad Borneo island, President Joko Widodo said Monday, as the country shifts its political heart away from congested and sinking megalopolis Jakarta.

London Latino heartlands struggle for survival

London - Whenever London's South Americans go looking for a job, a helping hand, the flavours of home or a party with their compatriots, they head to the Latino indoor market in Seven Sisters.

In China's Chongqing, high-rises buck property slowdown

Chongqing - In many Chinese cities, government restrictions have cooled formerly feverish property markets, but in the southwestern city of Chongqing, construction is booming and sales soaring as investors rush in.

Daily hell for squatters in Caracas's poorest areas

Caracas - Erick Hurtado wants to escape the abandoned Caracas building that has been his home for eight years, but despite his daily nightmare, he prefers to wait there for the abode promised to him by Venezuela's embattled government.

Ethiopia hosts $173,000-a-seat dinner to beautify capital

Addis Ababa - More than 200 people paid an eye-watering $173,000 (150,000 euros) to attend a dinner thrown by Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, to raise funds to beautify the capital Addis Ababa, state media reported Monday.

Russia cathedral protests expose church role tensions

Yekaterinburg - Thousands of people protested for a third straight day Wednesday plans for a new cathedral in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg in a case exposing tensions over the growing authority of the Orthodox Church.

Tired to trendy: architects give Russian provinces urban makeover

Belgorod - For decades, the banks of the river flowing through the Russian city of Belgorod were in a sorry state of disrepair. "It was hard to get down to the water, and it was really filthy in places," said architect Jezi Stankevic.

Indonesia eyes moving capital from congested Jakarta

Jakarta - Indonesia is considering a plan to move its capital away from sprawling megalopolis Jakarta, officials said Monday, but any jump to a new city could still be years away.

Impact of technological change on future infrastructure

London - The U.K. government has embarked upon a series of reviews examining how infrastructure is being impacted by technological change. The review includes a review of integrated transport.

'A city like no other': hopes on hold for model Indian capital

Kallakuru - It promised to be "an Indian city like no other" -- a modern, leafy metropolis modelled on Singapore, where citizens would enjoy parks and rivers and breath air unrivalled in freshness.

Satellite imagery makes it hard to hide from the tax collectors

If you thought you could conveniently forget to put your home addition or swimming pool on next year's tax return, you may be surprised to learn the Tax Guy in the Sky will see your new addition even if it’s hidden from the street.

Swedish court rejects 'gigantic' Nobel centre

Stockholm - A Swedish court on Tuesday ruled against the construction of the huge Nobel Center which critics such as King Carl XVI Gustaf fear would damage a historic area in the capital of Stockholm.

Swedish court rejects 'gigantic' Nobel centre

Stockholm - A Swedish court on Tuesday ruled against the construction of the huge Nobel Center which critics such as King Carl XVI Gustaf fear would damage a historic area in the capital of Stockholm.

'Drug flats' blight the heart of Spanish cities

Madrid - A decade after Spain's property bubble burst, dozens of vacant apartments in Madrid and Barcelona city centres have turned into "drug flats", to the dismay of local residents who complain of abandoned syringes and frequent brawls.

For Berliners, life in techno capital is not always a party

Berlin - Party-goers and tourists love Berlin, the capital of techno and home to a vibrant art scene.But behind the trendy facade lies an overstretched adminstration battling chronic understaffing and drastic cost cuts.

Xi orders China's 'toilet revolution' to march on

Bejing - China's president has ordered the country to march on in its "revolution" to clean up notoriously dirty and foul-smelling public bathrooms in a bid to improve quality of life and boost tourism.

Cape Town housing boom a bust for longtime tenants

Cape Town - As a child in the 1970s, Charmaine Marcus was forcefully removed from her Cape Town neighbourhood when the apartheid government declared it a whites-only area.

Beijing bricks up shops: Beauty or 'hideous'?

Bejing - It took Zhang Zhimin a decade to cultivate a loyal clientele at his imported shoe shop facing one of central Beijing's busiest streets. Yet it took authorities no time at all to make his life's work disappear behind a wall of bricks.

Avoiding a Greek tragedy for Athens' modernist architecture

Atenas - Although in the shadow of its ancient hilltop Parthenon, Athens is also home to elegant architectural gems from the 19th and 20th centuries which marked its emergence as modern Greece's capital.

Brazil vows good use of abandoned Olympic venues

Rio De Janeiro - Brazilian authorities launched a plan Wednesday to make sure expensive venues used last year in Rio de Janeiro's Olympic Games do not fall into disuse.
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One of Kubrick s may notebooks  outlining some of the detail that he was known for.
One of Kubrick's may notebooks, outlining some of the detail that he was known for.
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A meeting, with interactive display and conferencing facilities.

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