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Planned parenthood News

Planned Parenthood exits federal family planning program

Planned Parenthood said Monday it's pulling out of the federal family planning program rather than abide by a new Trump administration rule prohibiting clinics from referring women for abortions.

Texas health official forced out after Planned Parenthood study

Austin - A top health official in Texas is stepping down after co-authoring a study that angered Republican leaders because it suggested cuts to Planned Parenthood are restricting women's access to healthcare statewide.

Planned Parenthood cleared, activists indicted over videos

Houston - In a surprise twist, a Texas grand jury has cleared Planned Parenthood of misconduct related to the alleged sale of fetal body parts and has instead indicted the activists who recorded the undercover videos that prompted the investigation.

Review: ‘She Who Must Burn’ is intelligent and pointed horror Special

‘She Who Must Burn’ is a thoughtful condemnation of extremists that doubles as an intense drama and engaging thriller. Shot in Vancouver, the film plays The Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival.

Texas cuts off Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood

On Monday, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission notified Planned Parenthood that it was cutting off Medicaid funding to their clinics following the release of undercover videos that featured discussions on fetal tissues.

Op-Ed: Judge: Anti-Planned Parenthood group must turn over the evidence

On Friday, a federal judge said that the anti-abortion group attacking Planned Parenthood with heavily edited videos cannot refuse to turn over pieces of evidence by pleading the Fifth Amendment.

Anti-abortion group hacks Planned Parenthood, FBI notified

On Sunday night, hackers who oppose Planned Parenthood's abortion practices released the non-profit's website databases along with names and email addresses its employees.

Planned Parenthood defends itself against video that twists facts

A controversy is brewing over a recently released video that shows a Planned Parenthood executive appearing to discuss the sale of body parts harvested from aborted fetuses with people whom she believes are buyers from a medical company.

Op-Ed: Problems with ISIL? Just Nuke 'em says Republican Senator

Bigelow - Arkansas Senator Jason Rapert has the solution for putting ISIL in its place: Nuke the jihad out of them! Rapert fired off this salvo on his Facebook page by trotting out the idea that "God is love."

Op-Ed: Anti-abortionists freak out over Planned Parenthood ice cream

Portland - When an ice cream shop in Portland, Oregon dedicated a flavor to Planned Parenthood, the anti-abortion crowd decided to bring the crazy.

Op-Ed: Show 'Parenthood' becomes infomercial for Planned Parenthood

Hollywood television show "Parenthood" is pushing a Planned Parenthood abortion agenda. Selling a trip to the abortion clinic like going to the dentist and offering no moral argument, given the show's name sake.

Rules for Texas' health program puts Planned Parenthood at risk

Austin - A Texas health program that serves more than 100,000 low-income women will shut down if Planned Parenthood is allowed to continue participating, the state's health and human services chief said on Thursday.

Woman dies after abortion at Chicago Planned Parenthood clinic

Chicago - Leaving behind a son who just had his first birthday, a Chicago woman died Friday from complications during an abortion at a local Planned Parenthood clinic.

Planned Parenthood opens clinic in L.A. high school

Los Angeles - Planned Parenthood has set up shop in L.A.'s Roosevelt High School to provide birth control and other health services to students.

New Arizona law cuts all funding to Planned Parenthood

Phoenix - Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on Friday signed into law a bill banning providers of abortion services such as Planned Parenthood from receiving funding through the state.

Op-Ed: Teen Pregnancy — its decline and what that means for U.S.

Teen pregnancy rates in the United States are declining and statistics show it's because of comprehensive sex education in schools.

Komen reverses decision to cut off funding to Planned Parenthood

After three days of widespread opposition and criticism, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure has rescinded decision to cut off funding for about 19 Planned Parenthood clinics that provide breast cancer screening and related services.

Op-Ed: TX GOP congressman links Planned Parenthood to ‘mass murder’

San Antonio - Speaking at a town hall meeting this week in Texas, a freshman Republican congressman, elected in 2010 with Tea Party support, took aim at Planned Parenthood by calling the group a “front for mass murder.”

Conservative MP warns abortion debate has been reopened in Canada

Ottawa - Conservative MP Brad Trost warns that the debate on abortion access has been reopened in Canada, and that aggressive new tactics will be the name of the game.

Op-Ed: S. Dakota gov. stuck on control of women, signs abortion-wait law

Sioux Falls - South Dakota’s governor Dennis Daugaard signed into law on Tuesday a measure that will require women seeking an abortion to meet with their doctor, in person, and wait three days after that consultation before an abortion is performed.

'Give a Sh*t' campaign promotes young men's health

Toronto - Looking to promote young men's health issues, Toronto's Planned Parenthood is launching the 'Give a Sh*t' campaign this Thursday at Harbourfront Community Centre's gym.

Planned Parenthood Promotes Non-Disclosure of HIV in Youth Sex

In the past, I have reported here on Planned Parenthood's unconscionable cover-up of thousands of statutory rapes and mass-marketing of abortions to the black community in America. Today, we can add the advocacy of youth sex sans disclosure of HIV status.

Planned Parenthood going head-to-head with Tebow

Planned Parenthood has decided to combat the ad by Focus on the Family and Tim Tebow with their own ad during the Super Bowl.

Op-Ed: US Government Already Subsidizes Abortions on a Grand Scale

In recent polling, most Americans oppose provisions in the Senate DemCare bill that require compulsory funding of elective abortions, which is prohibited by law under the Hyde Amendment. Yet Americans have been funding elective abortions for decades.

Op-Ed: Is the Economic Recession Sparking More Abortions?

Has the nation-wide recession fostered a rise in vasectomies and abortions? Startling statistics from Planned Parenthood of Illinois claim that it has, but read on and form your own opinion.

Planned Parenthood Honours Clinton with its prestigious award

U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton is in the news again but this time, her philanthropic efforts are at the core of her gender. Clinton was honoured by Family Planning for her contribution to women's rights last night in Houston, TX.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana Caught Up in Child Abuse Case

Abortion is a hot button topic for anyone actually willing to discuss it. This article is not intended to promote either pro or anti abortion, it is only to report the need for oversight in an industry which appears to have insufficient internal controls.

Black Pastors Want Candidates To Refuse Funding From Planned Parenthood

60 black demonstrators protested at the Republican and Democratic National Committee headquarters and strongly urged political candidates not to take funding from Planned Parenthood.

Pastors And Activists Accuse Planned Parenthood of 'Genocide' on Blacks

Black activists said they were incensed by 'undercover' calls to Planned Parenthood clinics across the U.S. “Every day, over 1,500 black babies are murdered inside the black woman’s womb,” said Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. "This is a race issue."

Op-Ed: If the FLDS Is Fair Game, Planned Parenthood Should Be Next On The Hit List

There's a lot of outrage over adult FLDS men commiting multiple statutory rapes and conspiring to hide it all from the public eye. But what of Planned Parenthood, which has covered up perhaps thousands of statutory rapes, and worse, as a matter of policy?
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Texas has cut all medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood.
Texas has cut all medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood.
This chart shows the number of services performed by Planned Parenthood.
This chart shows the number of services performed by Planned Parenthood.
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