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Who blinks first? Boris Johnson's risky Brexit bet

London - Britain's incoming prime minister Boris Johnson has bet big on a risky Brexit strategy that he hopes will take the UK out of the EU on favourable terms.

Tuberculosis can be eradicated by 2045: experts

Paris - The world can eradicate tuberculosis by 2045 if the fight against the killer disease is properly funded, an international team of experts said Wednesday.

France announces 'action plan' to counter migrant Channel crossings

Paris - The French government announced an "action plan" Friday to counter attempts by migrants to cross the Channel to Britain by sea, which it promises will end a phenomenon that has alarmed the Conversative government in London.

Suspect planned NY attack for weeks in name of IS: police

New York - Terror suspect Sayfullo Saipov spent weeks planning to conduct an attack in the name of the Islamic State group, police said Wednesday after eight people were killed in New York's worst attack since September 11, 2001.

Lots of ideas on offer for how to rewrite Venezuela's constitution

Caracas - President Nicolas Maduro and the candidates in Sunday's election for a new assembly to rewrite the constitution promise a lot: from a return to peace after months of deadly unrest to relief from economic woe in the form of subsidized food.

Istanbul airport bombers 'planned hostage-taking'

Istanbul - The suicide attackers who launched the deadly Istanbul airport assault were planning to take dozens of passengers hostage, Turkish media reported Friday, as two of the bombers were identified.

EU's refugee plan: How does it work?

Strasbourg - European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker will unveil a plan Wednesday for EU states to take 120,000 refugees from overstretched Italy, Greece and Hungary, but divisions remain over how it would work.

Nationalisations, German probes in Greek contingency plan: Report

Atenas - Greece had a contingency plan in the event of being forced by creditors into a disorderly default, which included nationalisations and a corruption probe targeting German companies, a Greek newspaper reported Saturday.

Creditors make 'positive evaluation' of Greek debt proposals: EU source

Brussels - Greece's international creditors believe its latest debt proposals are positive enough to be the basis for a new bailout worth 74 billion euros, an EU source said Friday.

EU Commission proposes 10-point migrant crisis action plan

Luxembourg - The EU unveiled a 10-point action plan Monday to stem the tide of migrants crossing the Mediterranean after the latest disastrous loss of life, promising to step up both control and rescue operations.

Microsoft lays off hundreds more employees in restructuring plan

Microsoft has laid off hundreds more employees amid its continuing "restructuring" plan started last summer by CEO Satya Nadella. It is unknown exactly how many have been affected by the latest round of cuts.

Nintendo has a new plan: Mobile games and new consoles

During a press conference today, Nintendo revealed that it is finally going to enter the mobile gaming market in partnership with DeNA, releasing games featuring Nintendo characters to smartphones. A new console, "Project NX", is also in the works.

AT&T buys Verizon Wireless spectrum for $1.9 billion

Wireless mobile phone service provider AT&T is making a very big investment, $1.9 billion to be exact. This deal takes place with the biggest network providers by subscriber - Verizon Wireless.

Israel pushes ahead with illegal settlements plan

On Monday, Israel announced that it was still going forward with plans to build more than 1,000 settler homes in East Jerusalem.

Op-Ed: A blueprint for a new direction

Representative John Boehner has stated for the record post-midterm elections that we need to reverse course. To that end the Republicans have offered a "pledge" to the American people commensurate with the mandate of the 2010 midterm elections.

Randy Quaid says there is plan to murder him over royalties

Vancouver - Actor Randy Quaid has accused a small network of Hollywood lawyers and business managers, who once worked for him, of conspiring to steal from him by sabotaging his credibility and career, orchestrating false arrests and plotting to have him killed.

Nude gardener concerned about new housing plans

Steeton - A UK man who likes to do his gardening while nude is worried that residents of new houses being planned in his area will be able to view him in his garden.

Plans for St. Luke's Hospital in San Francisco halted by protests Special

As the struggle between California Pacific Medical Center and labor union representatives continues on, a youth rally was staged on July 15 and a nurses rally on Aug. 12 to protest the future plans CPMC has for St. Luke’s Hospital.

Teenagers now free to buy the 'morning-after' pill

Young teens faced with an unwanted pregnancy now have a resource at their nearby pharmacy. Plan B, or the "morning after" pill will be available to women as young as 17-years old.

Eurozone Countries Agree Bank Rescue Plan

Meeting at the weekend in Paris, the heads of states of the eurozone have agreed a response to the banking crises. The eurozone comprises the 15 countries that use the euro. This meeting was the first such, since the euro was launched in 1999.

Bush terror plan harshly criticized

On Thursday the investigative arm of Congress said that there is no comprehensive strategy for eliminating Osama bin Laden's sanctuary in Pakistan and the Bush administration is to blame.

French Urge EU to Address Global Food Crisis

French UN special rapporteur Jean Ziegler urges the European Union to get its head out of the sand regarding the impending global food crisis. The EU's tepid response suggests it's not impressed by Ziegler's findings.

Bush Wants to Cut Climate Deal Before G8 Meeting in July

The Bush administration recently came up with a plan to conclude a new international deal on greenhouse gases way before the G8 summit next July. The US is accepting binding international obligations so long as other nations do the same.

Alberta: New Eye care Plan Announced

The Alberta provincial government has announced a new eye care plan. The plan will cover all citizens of Alberta who are between the ages of 19 to 64. Diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts will be covered.

Hello Mrs. Poopypants

New diet drug is not so famous for it's horrendous side effects. No one wants to use a diet drug that could make you lose control of your functions. In this case, the plan seems to backfire, literally.

Hillary Invites Foreigners To Help Keep America at the Technology Forefront

During a campaign stop in Silicon Valley, Sen. Hillary Clinton outlined her plan for making higher paying technology jobs that will keep Americas dominant on the technology front.

Cape Town Creates a MAP: Addressing Climate Change

Cape Town South Africa has developed a plan to deal with climate change

Bush Misses the Point, Again

In a speech President Bush gave at a Coast Guard Academy graduation ceremony, he pointed to declassified intelligence that says Osama Bin Laden thought about sending a top lieutenant to Iraq in 2005. But he's missing the point.

Is NFL Hall of Fame Legend’s Dementia the Result of Playing Football?

John Mackey had an impressive football career for which he was inducted into the Hall of Fame. One problem: he may have obtained something not so positive from his football career, after numerous tackles and sustaining a concussion.

Bush Tries Again on Immigration Plan

President Bush returns to work on today and at the top of his agenda is a renewed effort to pass his immigration plan. His team is looking for "comprehensive reform," including get-tough security with promises of fair treatment for undocumented residents.
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