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Plague News

Teenage boy dies of plague in Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar - A 15-year-old boy has died from the bubonic plague in Mongolia, health authorities said Tuesday, one of a handful of cases that recently emerged in the country and neighbouring China.

Russia urges against marmot hunt over plague fears

Moscow - Russian authorities have warned residents of regions near Mongolia against hunting marmots but stressed there was no risk of bubonic plague spreading across the country.

UK 'plague village' offers lesson for a country under lockdown

Eyam - In the 17th century, residents in the remote English village of Eyam quarantined themselves to prevent the spread of bubonic plague. Most paid with their lives.

Plague outbreak in Madagascar revived dread of a killer

Antananarivo - Most inhabitants of Madagascar thought the plague was a footnote of medical history until the disease dramatically returned last year, slaying more than 200 people.Fear and anxiety rippled across the Indian Ocean island nation.

Deadly plague slowing down in Madagascar: authorities

Antananarivo - A plague outbreak that has claimed 128 lives in Madagascar has slowed down, health authorities on the island nation said Tuesday, citing a decline in the numbers of the infected and dying.

Plague alert over Madagascar's dance with the dead

Antananarivo - In Madagascar, ceremonies in which families exhume the remains of dead relatives, rewrap them in fresh cloth and dance with the corpses are a sacred ritual.

Seychelles schools closed over plague fears

Victoria - The Seychelles government ordered schools to close Friday, after the discovery of two suspected cases of plague thought to have been brought from Madagascar where the disease has killed scores.

Panic in Madagascar as plague spreads

Antananarivo - Crowds of fearful residents flock to their local pharmacies before dawn, desperate to buy masks and antibiotics to stave off a plague outbreak sweeping Madagascar.

Cause of the Great Plague of London identified

London - In 1665 London was ravaged by a deadly plague that was only stopped by an equally great fire. New evidence, from examining bones of the victims, has pinpointed the causative organism.

U.S. Army mishandles plague samples

Washington - The U.S. Army appears to have improperly handed hazardous biological agents. This is the second incident this year where the U.S. armed forces have mishandled a biohazard.

Plague claims life of adult in Colorado

The plague, one of the most fearsome diseases in history, has claimed another life after an adult Colorado resident succumbed to the disease in recent days.

Tiny genetic shift led to 'The Black Death' and worse

The bacterium responsible for plague — Yersinia pestis — gained its pathogenic activity through one tiny genetic alteration, according to new research. This alteration led to the bubonic plague.

First transmission of pneumonic plague from dog to human

The plague, caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis, is rare in the United States, infecting only about seven people yearly, and usually in rural western regions of the country.But for the very first time, a dog has infected a human with the plague.

Plague carrying Oriental fleas found in New York

New York City - Scientists have found Oriental rat fleas, the insects that can carry plague bacteria, on New York City-dwelling rodents.

Plague alert: How agriculture could trigger problems in Africa Special

A warning has been sounded that methods deployed to increase food production in East Africa could increase the risk of plague, possibly to epidemic levels.

Meet Plague, a social networking app spreading info like a virus

Plague is a new social networking app with a fun twist that could just work. Plague is all about discovering "viral" content, but the way you discover the next viral video or hilarious photo is what's unique.

47 dead as plague spreads to Madagascar capital

Antananarivo - Madagascar said Monday it was trying to contain an outbreak of plague -- similar to the Black Death that swept medieval Europe -- that has killed 47 people and is spreading to the capital Antananarivo.

Madagascar plague kills 40 since August

A plague outbreak in Madagascar has killed 40 people on the island, with 119 more people diagnosed with the bacterial disease since early August.

Plague outbreak in Madagascar kills 40, WHO reports

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported on Friday a plague outbreak in Madagascar has infected 119 people so far, killing 40. The bacterial disease, transmitted by fleas, started in a village in Soamahatamana in August, and has now spread.

Ancient diseases provide new insights into today’s pathogens

Humans have lived with deadly epidemics since they formed the first communities. Researchers study ancient scourges, such as the bubonic plague, in order to understand how the body responds to infections. Such insights can inform about modern infections.

Deadly toxins found improperly stored, forgotten in NIH, FDA labs

Bethesda - Officials are confirming that an alarming number of improperly stored vials containing highly dangerous pathogens have been located in various federal government laboratories.

China 'seals off' town after man dies of bubonic plague

Beijing - A Chinese town has been sealed off and 151 people placed in quarantine since last week after a man died of bubonic plague, state media said Tuesday.

Scientists create Black Death family tree

Scientists have constructed the first view of the Black Death bacterium's entire family tree. The analysis shows how some family members evolve to become harmful.

DNA from ancient plague points to modern peril

Paris - "In some cases death came immediately; in others, after many days," the historian Procopius wrote as a terrifying disease scythed through Constantinople in 542 AD.

Pneumonic plague hits Madagascar

Cases of pneumonic plague have been reported in Madagascar during December 2013. Efforts to slow down the spread of bubonic plague by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Pasteur Institute, which began in 2012 appear unsuccessful.

Black Death and the Vampire's origin

Contrary to Bram Stoker's Drakula (1897) that has largely been accepted as the origin of modern-day vampire fiction, vampiric entities recorded in many cultures since prehistoric times do not necessarily involve blood-sucking activity.

Could the ‘plague’ become a re-emerging infectious disease?

The discovery of the London 14th century plague pits has triggered an interesting debate amongst scientists and historians: could the plague ever re-emerge on a similar level in the twenty-first century?

'Thinking outside the box' saves Colorado girl from 'Black Death'

Denver - A young Colorado girl is reported to be recovering nicely in a local hospital after being diagnosed with Bubonic Plague. Sierra Jane Downing, 7 years-old, was on a picnic with her parents when she found a dead squirrel and asked to bury it.

Oregon man hospitalized with likely case of 'Black Death'

Bend - An Oregon man has allegedly become ill with the bubonic plague after he was bitten by a stray cat. The man, who was trying to pull a mouse out of the cat's mouth when he was bitten, is in critical condition at the St. Charles Medical Center, Bend.

Plague originated in China, spread through trade routes: Study

The plague pathogen originated in or near China. Then it evolved and emerged multiple times to cause global pandemics. And it spread far and wide, an international team of scientists has found using DNA fingerprinting analyses.
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Plague Image

Original photograph of the triple-inhumation regarding the three male soldiers (Brandenburg  Germany...
Original photograph of the triple-inhumation regarding the three male soldiers (Brandenburg, Germany), dated to the Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648).
Plos One
Plague is endemic in prairie dog populations in the American Southwest.
Plague is endemic in prairie dog populations in the American Southwest.
Matthias Trautsch
Plague patient displaying a swollen  ruptured inguinal lymph node  or buboe. After an incubation per...
Plague patient displaying a swollen, ruptured inguinal lymph node, or buboe. After an incubation period of 2-6 days, symptoms of the plague appear including severe malaise, headache, shaking chills, fever, and pain and swelling in the affected lymph nodes, also known as buboes.

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