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Pizza News

Domino's is stockpiling tomato sauce and toppings before Brexit

Domino's Pizza has spent £7 million stockpiling toppings and tomato sauce to prepare for a no-deal Brexit. The company is preparing for possible disruption food supplies or food prices rising sharply.

Domino's experiments with self-driving pizza robo-car

Houston - Domino's, the pizza chain, is experimenting with a self-driving pizza delivery system in the U.S. city of Houston. This takes the form of a temperature controlled robo-car, which takes the pizza directly to the customer.

Naples pizza twirling seeks nod as UNESCO 'intangible'

Paris - Naples' art of pizza twirling is a candidate to join UNESCO's list of "intangible heritage" next week along with a wealth of other cultural treasures such as Saudi Arabian wall painting and Bangladeshi cane weaving.

Pizzeria owner Dan Romano discusses Vegan menu, technology Special

Farmingdale - Pizzeria owner Dan Romano sat down and chatted with Digital Journal about his new Vegan menu, as well as the digital transformation of the pizza industry.

Review: Martin Garrix mesmerizes on new electronic track 'Pizza' Special

The world's No. 1 DJ and producer, Martin Garrix, according to the 2016 edition of DJ Magazine, is back stronger than ever with his refreshing new track "Pizza."

The 'two pizza rule' is Jeff Bezos' secret to productive meetings

On Friday, Amazon announced that it would purchase Whole Foods for $42 a share in an all-cash deal. That puts Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos at the helm of a company valued at $13.7 billion.

Fred Ottman talks wrestling career, proud moments, Tugboat, pizza Special

Farmingdale - WWE star Fred Ottman, best known as Tugboat, sat down and chatted with me at Frankie's East Side Gourmet Pizza in Farmingdale on Long Island.

New Zealand PM grilled after spaghetti pizza outrage

Wellington - New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English defended his love of pizza topped with tinned spaghetti and pineapple on Friday after the recipe sent fans of the Italian treat into an outraged frenzy.

Robots in Germany to start delivering pizza for Domino's

Hamburg - Domino's announced that it has partnered with Starship Technologies and it will start using robots to deliver pizza in Hamburg, Germany.

Farmingdale pizzeria Pays It Forward, donates 1,000 pizza slices Special

Farmingdale - Farmingdale pizzeria owner Dan Romano has a major reason to celebrate. He had donated a total of 1,000 pizza as part of his "Pay It Forward" project.

Woman shoots boyfriend for smearing pizza on her face

Millmont - A man in Millmont, Pennsylvania, was shot by his girlfriend. He allegedly rubbed a slice of pizza in her face before she shot him.

Is free pizza more motivational than money?

New research suggests that employees work harder if they are given free pizza rather than extra cash. The study touches on the way people respond to different levels of reward.

Russian convicted of hacking U.S. pizza outlets

Russian Roman Seleznev, the son of a parliamentarian, has been found guilty in the U.S. of running a hacking scheme that stole $169 million from pizza outlets.

Naples smashes world record with mile-long margherita pizza

Naples - Naples has reclaimed the world record for the longest pizza after more than 200 chefs rolled out and cooked a mile-long margherita on the waterfront of the doughy delicacy's home city.The record-breaking snack measured up at exactly 1,853.

Pizza Hut to give away three years' worth of pizza on Pi Day

If you are good at math, you may be able to prove it to the world and reap the rewards of a whole lot of pizza on March 14.

Review: Enjoying rustic pizza in Hertfordshire Special

Ridge - The Old Guinea is a pub location in the village of Ridge in rural Hertfordshire. Unusually for a pub it doubles as a pizza restaurant; and the quality of the meals is first class.

How to slice pizza properly? Math has the answer

Liverpool - Most people like pizza and the conventional way to slice it is by cutting triangular shapes. But what it someone really likes crusts, whereas someone else would rather avoid a particular topping? Mathematicians have the answer.

Finnish police wants public to report cheap pizzas

In an effort to root out those who dodge taxes, Finnish police are asking the public to report businesses that are offering cheap pizzas.

Pizza Express deducts admin free from staff tips

London - A campaign has begun to force a major pizza chain — Pizza Express — to pay staff the full amount given by customers in the form of tips. For credit card payments, the restaurant chain takes an "admin fee."

Teen hacker admits swatting female gamers who turned him down

Coquitlam - A teen hacker from British Columbia has pleaded guilty to 23 charges of public mischief, extortion, criminal harassment and making false police reports. His targets were usually young female gamers.

You shouldn't recycle pizza boxes

There are many people who often think that pizza boxes are recyclable, but it turns out that people shouldn't toss them into the recycling bin.

Mother held hostage uses online pizza order to get help

Avon Park - A woman in central Florida said she and her children were being held hostage, so she sent a secret message asking for help via an online pizza order.

Highly processed foods are linked to addictive eating

New research confirms what most people know: highly processed foods, including certain types of chocolate, pizza, burgers and French fries are among the most addictive and trigger an inclination to overeat.

Police officer delivers pizza after arresting delivery driver

The Illinois Oswego Police Department has recounted details of an event earlier this week where an officer who had arrested a pizza delivery driver proceeded to complete the delivery to the customer.

The remarkable chemistry of pizza (video)

Naples - Everyone enjoys pizza, right? As you tuck in to a slice, have you ever wondered what is happening in order make the slice so tasty? A new video explores the chemistry behind the cheese, tomato and dough.

Pizza Hut New Zealand to offer new Mexican-inspired pizza flavors

Italians may have invented the pizza, but an industry staple in New Zealand takes the concept in a decidedly different direction with the release of its new series of flavors.

Pizza Hut announces major brand overhaul

Dallas - Pizza giant Pizza Hut has announced plans to expand its offerings and personalize its menu, increasing everything from available toppings to the types of cheeses it uses.

Is a Canadian company developing cannabis-infused pizza sauce?

Vancouver - The latest foodie trend adds weed to the pizza pie equation. Is "Weed Pizza" coming to Canada by way of Colorado? Here's what you need to know.

Arrested man allegedly ordered pizza to police station

Michael Harp was having a bad enough day on Tuesday when he was locked up in Corbin, Kentucky's jail for allegedly being intoxicated in public and shoplifting.

Frontier Airlines pilot treats delayed passengers to pizza

Cheyenne - Passengers on a Frontier Airlines flight from Washington DC to Denver probably thought their trip could not get much worse after their plane was diverted to Wyoming because of bad weather.
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Pizza Image

Ross Parry
Pizano s Pizza & Pasta.  Chicago  IL
Pizano's Pizza & Pasta. Chicago, IL
The name of this pizza comes from the Latin Dulcis Domus  which means  sweet home  in Latin.
The name of this pizza comes from the Latin Dulcis Domus, which means 'sweet home' in Latin.
Roundtable Pizza is now offering its selection of  Artisan  pizzas. Among  them are the  flatbread p...
Roundtable Pizza is now offering its selection of "Artisan" pizzas. Among, them are the "flatbread pizza" series.
Pizza getting ready for the oven
Pizza getting ready for the oven
A rather ironic display featured in a Papa John s restaurant window
A rather ironic display featured in a Papa John's restaurant window
Oh so yummy blue cheese and buffalo chicken pizza.
Oh so yummy blue cheese and buffalo chicken pizza.
Spreading a layer of salsa on pizza dough
Spreading a layer of salsa on pizza dough
Sourdough crust
Sourdough crust
Michele Garcia
Roberta s legendary Bee Sting Pizza!
Roberta's legendary Bee Sting Pizza!
Adam Kuban
Taco Pizza!
Taco Pizza!
YouTube screen grab
A pizza box for Domino s
A pizza box for Domino's
File photo: A Pizza Hut restaurant in United States.
File photo: A Pizza Hut restaurant in United States.
Ed! via Wikimedia
The free garlic pizza at the Dove & Olive Hotel.
The free garlic pizza at the Dove & Olive Hotel.
Fresh tomato sauce  chewy mozzarella cheese  a sprinkling of basil on a crispy crust.
Fresh tomato sauce, chewy mozzarella cheese, a sprinkling of basil on a crispy crust.
Carlos Solorzano  of of Solorzano Bros. Pizza in Sarasota  Florida made a time lapse video of pizza ...
Carlos Solorzano, of of Solorzano Bros. Pizza in Sarasota, Florida made a time lapse video of pizza, from tossing the dough to finished boxed pie.
Via YouTube / Carlos Solorzano Jr.
Leftover pizza in a box
Leftover pizza in a box

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