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As China pressure mounts, Hong Kong's Cathay sacks two pilots

Fpo - Cathay Pacific said Wednesday two pilots had been sacked, as the Hong Kong carrier comes under huge pressure from Beijing to clamp down on staff supportive of anti-government rallies."One is currently involved in legal proceedings.

Canadian pilots warned to stay off cannabis for 28 days

Pilots in Canada have been warned not to smoke or to consume cannabis containing products up to 28 days before the they are due to fly. This is due to concerns about impaired performance.

US pilots reported problems with Boeing 737 MAX

Washington - As US authorities continued to resist pressure Wednesday to ground the Boeing 737 MAX following the latest deadly crash, reports from American pilots surfaced who reported issues with the plane late last year.

Pakistan national airline fires pilots with fake school degrees

Islamabad - Pakistan's national flag carrier has fired 50 staffers including three pilots for holding fake high school degrees, an airline official said Monday, in the latest embarrassing mishap to hit the troubled airline.

Poor pilot emergency training behind AirAsia crash: analysts

Paris - A new probe into what sent an AirAsia flight plunging into the Java Sea last year, killing all 162 people on board, has pointed the finger at poor pilot training on how to cope with emergencies.

Two pilots from downed Russian plane alive: Turkish official

Ankara - The two pilots who ejected from a Russian war plane downed by Turkey on the Syrian border are believed to be alive and Turkish authorities are seeking to recover them, a government official said on Tuesday.

French pilots train for survival behind enemy lines

Captieux - It is the nightmare scenario for every fighter pilot operating over Syria and Iraq today -- a crash-landing behind enemy lines.

Asiana Airlines suspended from using SFO due to 2013 crash

Seoul - South Korea has penalized Asiana Airlines for last year's fatal crash at San Francisco International Airport by barring its jets from landing there for 45 days.

Op-Ed: Father is proud of son's career path as Flight Instructor Special

Sonoma - Receiving his Federal Aviation Administration Airmen Certification, two years ago was an honor and a proud moment for Sonoma native John Philip Cabaud, Jr. He is now a flight instructor at Sonoma Skypark Airport.

Op-Ed: Fire, The simplest MH370 theory from an experienced veteran pilot

Chris Goodfellow has 20 years experience as a Canadian Class-1 instrumented-rated pilot for multi-engine planes. He believes that the pilots of MH370 were overcome by smoke and the plane just continued on the heading probably on autopilot until...

MH370's pilots an engineering buff, and a 'good boy'

Kuala Lumpur - The captain of a missing Malaysian jet is an engineering buff who assembled his own home flight simulator, while friends of the co-pilot have defended his reputation after one report portrayed him as a cockpit Casanova.

Malaysia pilots' homes searched, flight simulator examined

Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia said Sunday that police had searched the homes of a missing airliner's two pilots and were examining the captain's home flight simulator, but warned against "jumping to conclusions"."Police searched the home of the pilot on Saturday, 15 March,...

Malaysian plane's pilots under scrutiny after mystery

Kuala Lumpur - The captain of a missing Malaysian jet is said to be an engineering buff who assembled his own flight simulator, while friends of the co-pilot are defending his reputation after one report portrayed him as a cockpit Casanova.Malaysian Airlines flight 3...

Pilots of 3 airline jets reported UFOs over UK's Scientology HQ

According to a report by the UK Airprox Board that monitors reports of air traffic safety violations, pilots on three separate passenger flights reported they saw two UFOs hovering above UK's Scientology headquarters in East Grinstead, West Sussex.

Dwight Schrute might tell 'The Office' to beet it in 2013

If you love beet farms and B&Bs, you're in luck. NBC may be planning a spin-off series based on Dwight Schrute, America's favorite beet farmer/paper salesman.

Wikileaks: Iranian agents killed former Iraqi pilots for revenge

As the Wikileaks documents continue to be digested and reported by the media, the picture of an opportunistic and vengeful Iran emerges, new reports suggest.

Op-Ed: Pilots shouldn't get to skip new TSA airport screening procedures

Thanks to efforts by union leaders, airline pilots can skip the intensified screening and aggressive pat-down procedures at airports, the Associated Press reports. But why? Isn't the point of these procedures to make flying safer yet? Why open a hole?

Resigned Philippine Airlines pilots ordered to return to work

Pilots of Philippine Airlines {PAL) who abandoned their posts last Saturday were ordered by PAL management to return to work or they will face appropriate charges.

Black Angels over Tuskegee opens off-Broadway Special

New York - During WWII American soldiers went to war and risked it all for our country. But for a special unit of black men, they weren't only battling the enemy abroad; they were fighting for their right to fight. Black Angels Over Tuskegee tells the story.

WWII US women flyers finally receive recognition, medal

Washington - Veterans of the US Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) have been honoured for the first time since WWII by being awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian honour.

Lufthansa airline pilots set to strike, demand pay increase

Berlin - In what could be the largest work stoppage in almost a decade, pilots of the German airline Lufthansa voted to strike on Wednesday over a pay increase with a one-year salary agreement.

FAA revokes licenses of two 'reckless' Northwest Airlines pilots

Two Northwest Airlines pilots who overflew their destination airport at Minneapolis-St Pauls have lost their licenses. The FAA told the chief pilot he was engaged in a "frolic" of his own while he was not communicating for 91 minutes.

Could pilots soon be napping in the cockpit? Special

If U.S. airlines and union have their way, more pilots would be napping on long flights. They are urging the Federal Aviation Administration to allow "controlled napping" to ensure the crews are more alert.

Australia’s last missing Vietnam servicemen found

A Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) team have unearthed the remains of Australia’s last missing servicemen from the Vietnam War from the crash site of their Canberra bomber.

Op-Ed: Continental Flight 3407 and Casting Blame on Pilots

North American media has published the pictures of the cockpit crew at the controls of Continental Flight 3407 when it went down in New York on Feb. 12, killing 50 people.

Toronto's Filmport Studios Are Booming

Toronto's newest film and television studio doesn't have any free parking places. That's great news for the city as filming is up and the studios are almost completely booked.

Israeli pilots may get Viagra boost

Israel’s Air Force is planning to provide Viagra to their combat pilots so they can function better at high altitudes and avoid fatigue and dizziness. The Israeli Air Force believes Viagra provides benefits beyond its intended use.

India Flying: Expatriate pilots find another home

India Shining is the current buzzword in many sectors. But for expat pilots, young or old, from US, New Zealand or Indonesia, it could well be India Flying.

'High' pilots grounded before flight

Violating the rules---Temporary suspension from work.

As Airlines Surge, Pilots Want Share

Now, as Airlines in the U.S. are beginning to rebound from their horrible loses and attract more investment, pilots are demanding a greater share of the benefits.
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Eight members of the elite Tuskegee Airmen standing in front of a P-40 fighter aircraft. Tuskegee Ai...
Eight members of the elite Tuskegee Airmen standing in front of a P-40 fighter aircraft. Tuskegee Airmen - Circa May 1942 to Aug 1943 Location unknown, likely Southern Italy or North Africa. Contrary to negative predictions from some quarters, a combination of pre-war experience and the personal drive of those accepted for training, far from failing, had resulted in some of the best pilots in the U.S. Army Air Corps. Nevertheless, the Tuskegee Airmen continued to have to fight racism.
A scene from the film Pacific Rim
A scene from the film Pacific Rim
Warner Bros. Pictures
Pilots marching to Wall Street strike
United/Continental pilots on Rector and Trinity streets  on th...
Pilots marching to Wall Street strike United/Continental pilots on Rector and Trinity streets, on their way to a demonstration on Wall Street to protest an ongoing labor dispute. Not related to #occupywallstreet, as they had planned this well in advance.
Dan Nguyen @ New York City

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