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Pigs News

Ebola-like virus is killing millions of pigs in China

A virulent strain of African swine fever spreading across Asia. The virus infects animals, primarily pigs and seems to kill almost every pig it infects by a hemorrhagic illness which is reminiscent of Ebola in humans.

Latvia slaughters pigs after African swine fever outbreak

Riga - Latvia's government on Friday voted to fund the disposal of pig carcasses after a pork producer decided to exterminate all of its livestock when the animals contracted African swine fever.

Meet LiLou: San Francisco Airport's therapy pig

San Fransisco - The experience of passing through an airport feel a lot like being a herded animal. San Francisco airport has gone one better and has deployed a pig. And it's no ordinary pig, but a therapy pig.

Canadian lab worker may have accidentally been exposed to Ebola

Winnipeg - A Canadian lab worker may have been exposed to the Ebola virus on Monday while handling pigs infected with the deadly virus as part of an experiment.

Gene-edited micropigs are going to be sold as pets

Shenzhen - Cutting-edge gene-editing techniques have products a byproduct, micropigs that a Chinese genomics institute will sell as pets.

Microscopic sea creatures digest caged pig (video)

Amphipods are tiny, segmented, scavenging marine animals. In the sea they can digest large fish and whales in a matter of days. To illustrate the rate that the creatures work, scientists have put together a new video using a pig carcass.

Butterflies and pigs, genetic modification in the news

According to the European Union there is no need to widen buffer zones around genetically modified (GM) crops to protect butterflies. Meanwhile, super-muscly pigs have been created by small genetic tweak.

NJ Governor Chris Christie vetoes pig gestation crate ban Special

Trenton - Chris Christie, New Jersey's Republican governor, has vetoed a bill that would have banned gestation crates, which severely harm the mobility and sanity of pregnant pigs.

New way to detect porcine epidemic diarrhea virus

Researchers have developed a new test for porcine epidemic diarrhea virus. This virus has been spreading throughout the pig population within the U.S. The test differentiates the genetic material of the virus from that of other viruses.

Tackling piglet parasites

Biologists have examined a parasitic disease that affects piglets during the first days of their life and can cause heavy diarrhea in the animals. To find out more, the researchers analyzed the immune response to the infection.

Method to track infections in pigs

The latest genetic sequencing technologies have been utilized to develop new methods to identify genes which are important for the survival of bacterial infections in pigs. This is seen as an important step for reducing infection in livestock.

New generation of pacemakers in development

The new type of pacemaker involves direct reprogramming of cardiac muscle cells into pacemaker cells. Studies have shown that this gives pig hearts back their rhythm.

Antibody rich milk protects piglets

Antibodies against parasites are transferred via the sow’s very first milk to the piglets immediately after birth. Based on this, researchers are looking at ways to increase the level of these antibodies in sows to boost the health of piglets.

New test for pork virus

A virus in the U.S. has killed over 6 million pigs. Researchers have developed a new test to monitor for the disease. The hope is that improved detection can be used to slow down the rate of infection.

Photo Essay: Lots of fun at the farm Special

London Colney - Willows Farm is located in leafy Hertfordshire, a county in England. The farm is aimed at children and attracts hundreds of visitors each day. This Easter the Digital Journal paid a visit.

Farmer in Norway left 400 pigs to starve to death

On Friday a farmer in Norway was sentenced to a year in prison for leaving 400+ pigs to die of thirst, as well as hunger.

Flu pandemic of 1918 came from birds

The strain of influenza that caused the 1918 flu pandemic (Spanish flu) probably came from birds, according to a new study.

Virginia aims to cull wild pigs

Richmond - The state of Virginia has assembled a task force to slow the growth of wild pig populations. The state regards the pigs as an "ecologically destructive and invasive species."

Mafia boss fed alive to pigs: Italian Police

A mafia boss who went missing in 2012 was likely fed alive to pigs, an investigation that was launched into the case revealed.

Undercover video shows shocking cruelty at Walmart pork supplier

Pipestone - An undercover investigation by an animal rights group has revealed shocking abuse of pigs at a Minnesota factory farm that supplies pork products to Walmart, the world's largest retailer.

Pig-manure fertilizer linked to human MRSA infections

People living near pig farms or agricultural fields fertilized with pig manure are more likely to become infected with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacteria, new research suggests.

Dutch farmer builds water slide for his pigs

Pigs also need to cool off during the summer heat, so a farmer in the Netherlands came up with a fun way to keep his pigs both cool and also entertained.

Huangpu River pigs didn't die of H7N9

No bird flu virus was found in the samples taken from some of the 16,000 pig carcasses that were dumped in the Huangpu River, in China.

16,000 dead pigs in Shanghai waterway

Chinese authorities have reported that the number of dead pigs in Huangpu River might be around 16,000 carcasses. The reason behind the pigs’ deaths is still unknown.

1,000 dead ducks found in Chinese river after pig clean up

Meishan - As the clean up of around 16,000 pig carcasses nears its end in southwest China's Sichuan province, now 1,000 dead ducks have been pulled from the Nanhe River in Meishan City, Pengshan County.

Film clips: 'Samsara' — an introduction into food production

The video is a selection of clips from the film "Samsara" (which is a Tibetan word meaning "the wheel of life") which show how our food is mass-produced in automated fashion, from living, breathing, feeling creatures, for our consumption.

Nearly 6,000 dead pigs found in Shanghai waterway

Shanghai - The toll of dead pigs fished out of the Huangpu River in Shanghai has risen to almost 6,000, and according to official sources, the number is expected to increase.

3,000 pigs might have succumbed to cold weather

Jiaxing - Around 3,000 dead pigs have been fished out of the Huangpu River, the main drinking water source for Shanghai. Most of the pigs have been identified to come from the neighboring city of Jiaxing, in Zhejiang Province, according to their ear tags.

3,000 dead decomposing pigs found in Shanghai's drinking water

Shanghai - Up to 3000 decomposing pigs have been found and pulled from Shanghai's Huangpu river, a source of drinking water for the city's 23 million inhabitants.

Zombies and pigs invade Savannah's 'First Saturday on the River' Special

Savannah - At Savannah's first 'First Saturday on the River' event for 2013, River Street was filled with vendor booths and entertainers with Piggly Wiggly's Mr. Pig, zombies, and Fang joining the festivities to support diabetes awareness campaign.
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Pigs Image

screenshot from les éleveurs de porcs bretons website
screenshot from les éleveurs de porcs bretons website
piglets suckling  right on a dump below and beside a major highway in Lagos.
piglets suckling, right on a dump below and beside a major highway in Lagos.
Wild pigs
Wild pigs
United States Department of Agriculture
Ebola virus
Ebola virus
Mother pig and baby piglets
Mother pig and baby piglets
Smaack (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Sows used for breeding are confined in 7ft x 2ft gestation crates
Sows used for breeding are confined in 7ft x 2ft gestation crates
Pigs and humans share biological similarities  and are often used in studies of decomposition.
Pigs and humans share biological similarities, and are often used in studies of decomposition.
Pigs in a livestock truck.
Pigs in a livestock truck.
Pigs fed marijuana waste products could be flying high.
Pigs fed marijuana waste products could be flying high.
Pigs taking part in pannage in the New Forest.
Pigs taking part in pannage in the New Forest.
Jim Champion (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Pigs could be flying high with byproducts from  pot  farmers.
Pigs could be flying high with byproducts from "pot" farmers.
Alan Turkus

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