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New hi-tech piano demonstrated in Hungary

Budapest - A new so-called “Wonder Piano” has been unveiled by its inventor in Budapest, Hungary and is claimed to be the next step in piano design, using carbon composite technology instead of wood for its soundboard.

Review: Sarah McLachlan mesmerizes New York with ethereal vocals Special

New York - On July 22, Grammy-winning songstress Sarah McLachlan played a wonderful sold-out concert at New York City's Beacon Theatre.

Review: Sarah McLachlan dazzles on new 'Shine On' album Special

Grammy-winning songstress Sarah McLachlan has released her newest studio album "Shine On," via her record label, Verve Records.

Review: Elton John's 'Million Dollar Piano' film hits theaters this week Special

45 years after Elton John took the music world by storm, his first concert film makes its debut in theaters around the globe.

Man builds staircase and bed out of salvaged pianos

Tim Vincent-Smith, a UK-based interior design artist, built a staircase leading to a lofted bed out of two repurposed pianos.

DrumPants: You can have a whole band in your pocket

Imagine you're camping, and the urge to sing strikes. You may be by yourself or with family, but you didn't bring your guitar or harmonica. If you have DrumPants, you can play more than 100 sounds or instruments. You can even compose.

Video: Haydn killed by a cell phone in Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg - German concert pianist, Christian Zacharias was beautifully performing Haydn's Piano Concerto in Gothenburg, Sweden, when suddenly a cell phone starts to ring. A lesson should be learned here by all.

Review: Hugh Laurie proves his musical worth (again) on 'Didn't It Rain'

Laurie’s love affair with New Orleans blues music takes a detour into the American heartland with 'Didn’t It Rain'. And surprise! This is no vanity project.

Duo Concertante — Sweet music, bright sounds Special

Toronto - Duo Concertante are real-life couple Nancy Dahn and Tim Steeves. Hot off their Carnegie Hall debut in February, their new album (out on Marquis Classics) covers Beethoven's sonatas for violin and piano. As they explain, playing together isn't always easy.

Op-Ed: Piano bike rider doesn't just play music, but inspires people too

San Francisco - Imagine seeing a person riding a piano bike down the street. You would be pretty impressed and would probably feel happier just listening to the tunes that flow out of the piano. This is what Gary Skaggs dreams of.

Five-year-old Canadian pianist to play at Carnegie Hall

Vancouver - Five-year-old Ryan Wang claims that "Music is in my head". Wang is from Vancouver BC, Canada. Before his mother decided that he should take music lessons last year, Ryan had spent many hours playing on an electric keyboard.

Review: Austin Mahone releases 'Say You're Just a Friend' piano version

Pop singer Austin Mahone posted an acoustic music video for his newest single “Say You’re Just a Friend” on Feb. 26, 2013, on his official YouTube channel.

'Casablanca' piano sold at Sotheby's, New York for $602,500

New York - The famous phrase, "Play it, Sam" is now off the table, as the famous piano goes under the hammer at Sotheby's in New York. (Updated).

Police arrest piano-playing break-in artist

Assen - A homeless man in Assen, northern Netherlands, had the sudden urge to play the piano and then get some sleep. So he broke into a music shop.

Lavinia Ramirez is child Mozart in the making

With hands that are very small and fingers that span only a few keys at a time, Lavinia Ramirez is hailed as mini Mozart. Ramirez is only two years old and has to use a booster seat in order to reach the piano.

Video: Autistic boy Ethan Walmark plays Billy Joel's 'Piano Man'

Westport - Ethan Walmark is a six-year-old boy diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. He has special difficulties with social interaction but his special musical talents have made him an Internet sensation.

Canadian 15-year-old pianist Jan Lisiecki earning worldwide fame Special

Don't call him a prodigy. Fifteen-year-old Jan Lisiecki hates the term, often leveled at him when classical music lovers hear his passionate performances live or on his debut CD.

French pianist, composer Anne Lovett launches debut album Special

The French pianist and composer Anne Lovett has just released her debut album, Beyond (and Below), which consists of entirely original piano works, to a worldwide audience. This writer has interviewed her exclusively for Digital Journal.

Pianos Hit London Streets As 'Play Me I'm Yours' Comes to Town

Artist Luke Jerram's 'Play Me, I'm Yours' artwork is in London until July 13. The project consists of street pianos that pop up anywhere; parks, outside train stations, football grounds and laundrettes have all been sites.

A Piano? Christie's Has A Choice: Freddy Mercury's, Mike Oldfield's, Fredric William's

Next Thursday, Christie's in London is auctioning the piano of Freddy Mercury, former lead singer of Queen. No one has been daring to put a value on the musical instrument thus far.

Offended Mother Says Fisher-Price Piano Says "F--- Me, Rape Me."

Same old story. Godmother buys toy. Kid plays with toy. Toy says "f-- me, rape me." First lead paint, now bad words. Is China to blame? Is it an overactive and dirty adult imagination?

Cocaine Found in Off-Key Piano

Police in Cartagena Columbia discovered 560 pounds of cocaine packed into the recesses in a grand piano that was part of a shipment of household goods en route from Bogoda to Panama.

The Day The Music Died On A Grand Scale

We have seen comedy sketches over the last 100 years about the antics of removal men, but none was so shocking than to see a £45,000 piano, dropped off the back of a lorry

John Lennon's "Imagine" Piano Goes on Peace Tour

Even in death, John Lennon is still spreading his hopes of peace.

Collector's Piano Turns Out to Be Owned By Composer Frederic Chopin

Collector Alec Cobbe was looking to purchase a piano of Chopin's time. But what he got instead was worth much, much more...

Nora, The Piano-Playing Cat

Nora began playing the piano on her own. She plays even when she is alone in the room. She really enjoys playing duets with a student playing on the second piano.

Piano Playing Pigs Not Hogwash

When she is not wrapped up in her zoo conservation studies at university, Katie Mason teaches piano lessons to her only two pupils, her piglets Rupert and Penny.

Amazing piano playing... if you are a Mario fan at all, you must view this!

Absolutely amazing video of someone playing a medley of songs from the Mario series.I have played piano since I was a kid, and I am amazed at what he pulls off at the end. You gotta watch!!!!

A Robot Hand For Your Desk

Pianist Hand Concert moves its fingers in sync with one of six pre-programmed classical pieces

Collections of original Chopin documents now in UNESCO's World Register

PARIS, 13 October, 2000 - Autographs of Polish composer Fryderyk Chopin, authorized copies of his works and other original items held by the Fryderyk Chopin Society in Warsaw, Poland, have recently been included in UNESCO's "Memory of the World" Regist...

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Piano Image

Casablanca piano sold on auction at Sotheby s New York.
Casablanca piano sold on auction at Sotheby's New York.
Jan Lisiecki  chatting with an admiring fan outside The Royal Conservatory in Toronto.
Jan Lisiecki, chatting with an admiring fan outside The Royal Conservatory in Toronto.
Janusz Überall
Man playing piano
Man playing piano
Patrick Rice
Jan Lisiecki  a 15-year-old piano sensation  poses for photographs during a practice session at The ...
Jan Lisiecki, a 15-year-old piano sensation, poses for photographs during a practice session at The Royal Conservatory in Toronto. Lisiecki was preparing for a series of concerts saluting Chopin’s Bicentenary in Stratord, Ontario.
Janusz Überall
A brightly painted piano in New York s Central Park
A brightly painted piano in New York's Central Park
Serge de Gracia
Jan Lisiecki  a young Canadian pianist  during an intense practice session at The Royal Conservatory...
Jan Lisiecki, a young Canadian pianist, during an intense practice session at The Royal Conservatory in Toronto.
Janusz Überall
Jobriath performed in the West Coast production of the musical  Hair  in the late 1960s as Woof  a c...
Jobriath performed in the West Coast production of the musical 'Hair' in the late 1960s as Woof, a character best-known for the infamous "Sodomy" song in Act One. In 1969, he left the production to form his own band, Pidgeon, who went on to release one album before disbanding.
The Film Collaborative
Beyonce singing during a concert in Central Park
Beyonce singing during a concert in Central Park
Jan Lisiecki  a 15-year-old piano sensation  poses for photographs during a practice session at The ...
Jan Lisiecki, a 15-year-old piano sensation, poses for photographs during a practice session at The Royal Conservatory in Toronto
Janusz Überall
The Bogányi futuristic new piano
The Bogányi futuristic new piano
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Lang Lang