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Photosynthesis News

Even short-term heat waves could lead to failure of coffee crops

Coffee drinkers around the world may not be concerned about how hot it may be outside when they have that first cup of coffee in the morning, however, as the world gets warmer, finding that cup of coffee could become a lot more difficult.

Making fuel out of sunlight and a ‘bucket of bacteria’ Special

Boston - Can scientists make a bionic leaf and why would they want to? As it turns out, green leaves aren’t terribly efficient at converting sunlight to energy.

Paradise, photosynthetic bacteria and terraforming

Cyanobacteria may have played a vital role in creating one of the most beautiful places on earth. Researchers are currently studying what rule the organisms played in creating one of the most beautiful areas of nature in the world.

Why do seedling grow towards the light?

Botanists have discovered how cells in the stems of seedlings use blue light to grow towards the light. The discovery was made by examining seedling stems and a blue light used fitted to a microscope.

Artificial leaf used to produce energy from dirty water

Scientists have created an "artificial leaf," a device designed to provide people in developing countries and remote areas with electricity.

Why are cheese plants full of holes?

A new research report suggests that the peculiar leaves of the Swiss cheese plant, which form a pattern of holes, have developed to help them to avoid stress.

Scientists discover how to make fuel from sunlight

Scientists at the University of California, Davis have discovered how to make fuel from sunlight and engineered cyanobacteria — commonly known as blue-green algae.

Unplugged: The revolutionary green desk

With the rapid advancement of technology the past few years, we've been able to invent solar panels and wind farms that provide cleaner energy. Now, Eddie Tornberg has taken it a step further, and has invented an office desk that is powered by its user

Scientists develop the 'Artificial Leaf'

Anaheim - After a decade of research on sustainable energy sources, scientists have made a groundbreaking development as they have prepared the first practical ‘artificial leaf’.

Algae biodiesel, fuel of the future, a no go says USDA chemist

A chemist based with the United States Department of Agriculture gave algae-based biofuels a failing grade recently when he reviewed the oil as an energy source, reported SciDevnet.

Green sea slug can steal plant genes and produce chlorophyll

The green sea slug can produce its own chlorophyll and is, as you might have guessed, green in colour. Oddly enough, the slug is shaped like a leaf. Is it a plant or is it an animal?

Ancient Bacteria Uses Arsenic to Grow

Scientists have discovered ancient bacteria that rely on arsenic rather than water to grow during photosynthesis. This process probably dates back a few billion years.

Study Provides Twist on Photosynthesis

A startling discovery by scientists at the Carnegie Institution puts a new twist on photosynthesis, arguably the most important biological process on Earth. Photosynthesis by plants, algae, and some bacteria supports nearly all living things.

Researchers Stimulate Photosynthesis and Design Better Leaf

A research team from the University of Illinois has built a better plant using a computer model that mimics the process of evolution and they are the first to stimulate every step of the photosynthesis process.

Artificial Photosynthesis may be key to world's energy problems

Chicago, Illinois. Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory are trying to design catalysts inspired by photosynthesis.

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Photosynthesis Image

The overall process of photosynthesis
The overall process of photosynthesis
At09kg : original Wattcle : vector graphics
Daniel Nocera talking on photosynthesis at M.I.T. in 2010. (screen grab)
Daniel Nocera talking on photosynthesis at M.I.T. in 2010. (screen grab)
Simple chart showing the carbon cycle on earth.
Simple chart showing the carbon cycle on earth.

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