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Chris Cuffaro talks photo exhibition in Hollywood, James Cameron Special

World renowned photographer Chris Cuffaro chatted with Digital Journal about his photo exhibition on August 30 in Hollywood. He also discussed the digital transformation of the photography scene.

'Earhart' photo taken years before disappearance: expert

Majuro - A photograph supposedly showing Amelia Earhart alive in the Marshall Islands in 1937 that caused a stir earlier this month is from a Japanese book published years before the famed aviatrix disappeared, a military expert said Wednesday.

AFP photographer describes heartbreak of Nice attack aftermath

Nice - AFP's Valery Hache was one of the first photographers to arrive on the scene of the attack in Nice on Thursday night and he captured striking images of the chaos and the truck, its windscreen riddled with bullet holes.

Op-Ed: An American street photographer in Mumbai Special

Mumbai - Someone once commented that my street photography was not representative of India. I agreed completely since I mainly specialized in street life. But I added that when you ditch the car and walk the streets, it's exactly what you'd find in Mumbai.

Paris police release photo of 3rd stadium suicide bomber

Paris - French police on Sunday released a photo of the third of three suicide bombers who blew themselves up outside France's national stadium during the November 13 Paris attacks.

French police issue photo of unidentified dead suicide bomber

Paris - French police on Tuesday released a photograph of one of the suicide bombers who blew himself up outside the national stadium, appealing for any witnesses with information to come forward.

Woman rides sea turtle, gets arrested after photo goes viral

Melbourne - In July, photographs of two women sitting on sea turtles surfaced and went viral. One of the women was recently arrested.

Instagram just introduced the feature everyone's been asking for

Instagram announced today that it is "thinking outside the square" and will now allow users to post in both landscape and portrait format.

Next-gen Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch spotted on employee wrists

The Motorola Moto 360 has proven to be one of the most popular Android smartwatches to date. Now, its much-anticipated successor seems to have been shown off in full by three images of the device being worn by Motorola employees in Chicago.

iPhone 6S is in production, front panel identical to the 6

Images of the next iPhone's front panel in an Apple factory have leaked. They show that Apple has begun mainstream production of its next flagship device, expected to arrive in a couple of months, although it looks identical to the current iPhone 6.

NASA releases 'epic' photo of Earth

Today NASA published another awe-inspiring glimpse of Planet Earth. The Deep Space Climate Observatory satellite has snapped its first view of the entire sunlit side of Earth from one million miles away.

Photo essay: Geneva is more than just Red Cross and heavy heat Special

Geneva - If you thought Geneva was only expensive watches and the Alps and Red Cross headquarters, think again. I visited this Swiss gem to get a glimpse into what makes this city so attractive.

Photo essay: Berlin is made for art lovers Special

Berlin - Berlin is an artistic paradise. From the unique architecture of Daniel Libeskind's Jewish Museum to the outdoor East Side Gallery, Berlin showcases memorable art you won't see anywhere else.

Photographing London: A journey from 675 AD to 2015 Special

London - Anyone interested in European history and medieval culture would be wise to visit London. Check out what I enjoyed during my London travels this summer.

Photo essay: There's nothing like summer in Paris Special

Paris - On a brief visit to Paris this summer, I was enamoured with the city's gorgeous architecture, rich history and delicious food.

BlackBerry's eye-catching first Android phone revealed in photo

The first clear image of BlackBerry's upcoming Android smartphone has appeared online. It shows a stylish, sleek handset with a slider display that curves round to the edges in the same manner as Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge. It appears to run stock Android.

Microsoft's default Windows 10 background is a radical departure

Earlier this week, Microsoft revealed the image that will be the default desktop background for new Windows 10 computers. Now referred to as "the hero image," the shot features the Windows logo made of light amid an aurora of smoke and haze.

Instagram to start sending 'Highlights' emails to inactive users

Photo-sharing app Instagram is now rolling out a new feature that copies other rival social networks by sending inactive users regular digests of what they have missed. New "Highlights" emails feature some of the best unseen photos in a users' feed.

Artist sells other peoples' Instagram photos for $100k in NYC

An artist is exhibiting and selling other peoples' Instagram photos without permission in New York City right now. With prices reaching as much as $100k, the story is drawing controversy and criticism as a copyright loophole means it could all be legal.

Deepening the mystery: Snapchat has 'plans' for Windows Phone app

Windows Phone is known to have a substantial app gap when compared to rival platforms like iOS and Android. One of the most notable absences is Snapchat who have continually refused to come to Windows but an unexpected tweet has suggested that may change.

First ever photo of light as both wave and particle at same time

For the first time ever, light in the simultaneous form of both wave and particle, has been captured on camera by scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL)

New Android malware spies on you even when phone is shut down

Security researchers have discovered a new form of malware attacking Android smartphones that allows hackers to control the device even if it appears completely shut down to the user.

The new Raspberry Pi is 'camera shy'; reboots after flash shot

Users of the new Raspberry Pi 2 credit-card sized computer launched earlier this week are discovering that the device appears to be "camera shy" with several owners noting that using flash to take a photo of the device causes it to freeze and then reboot.

Man buys laptop off eBay, and receives photo of it

Ilfracombe - A man in England ordered a laptop off eBay, but when the package arrived and he opened it up, it was just a photocopied photo of a laptop.

The only photo of Comet Lovejoy you need to see this week

Dropping the jaws of skywatchers worldwide is this photograph of Comet Lovejoy as it passes by Earth. Taken by amateur photographer Gerald Rhemann, the photo shows the comet leaving an incredible trail of ice and gas in its wake.

Photo of 14-month-old hanging from hook leads to mom's arrest

A mother in Virginia was arrested after a photo of her crying 14 month old son hanging from a hook by his shirt was posted on Facebook.

Journalist shocked to see her image as memorial hologram

Paris - Imagine walking past a funeral parlor, and seeing your image as a memorial hologram encased in plastic. The memorial had a fake name and dates of birth and death, "Brigitte Martin, 1959-2009,” while the lady in the photo is still very much alive.

Photo of loyal dog standing guard over fallen friend goes viral

Atlanta - They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which may explain why the image of a dog lovingly standing guard over his companion has touched so many heartstrings and made the picture the latest viral image on the Internet.

This Lukas Podolski selfie is the best photo from World Cup 2014

Moments after winning the 2014 World Cup, German forward Lukas Podolski snapped one of the most memorable selfies in sports history. Podolski posted on his Twitter account a photo of fellow German player Bastian Schweinsteiger kissing his cheek.

Instagram announces adverts are coming to UK, Canada & Australia

Following a successful trial in the US last year, photo-sharing network Instagram has announced that uses in the UK, Canada and Australia will all be seeing adverts appearing in the app "later this year".
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Hanna Bedford/Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year
A photo taken by Marianna Frances Digioia with her DSLR camera
A photo taken by Marianna Frances Digioia with her DSLR camera
Marianna Frances Digioia
The surface of Mars with what appears to be a drawing of a penis.
The surface of Mars with what appears to be a drawing of a penis.
Abstract: metal construction pipes.
Abstract: metal construction pipes.
A photo of children in Abu Dhabi
A photo of children in Abu Dhabi
Digital Journal
Abstract:  Stairwell in Hotel el Puerto  Fuengirola
Abstract: Stairwell in Hotel el Puerto, Fuengirola,
just my art stuff
just my art stuff
just my art stuff
just my art stuff
Workers drag an escalator by ThyssenKrupp Elevator that was hoisted to the 101st floor of One World ...
Workers drag an escalator by ThyssenKrupp Elevator that was hoisted to the 101st floor of One World Trade Center
Courtesy ThyssenKrupp Elevator
Workers from the Lagos State Waste Management Authority LAWMA. Instagram photo on X-Pro mode here.
Workers from the Lagos State Waste Management Authority LAWMA. Instagram photo on X-Pro mode here.
Abstract: Graffitt in Fuengirola  Spain.
Abstract: Graffitt in Fuengirola, Spain.
An escalator by ThyssenKrupp Elevator being hoisted to the 101st floor of One World Trade Center
An escalator by ThyssenKrupp Elevator being hoisted to the 101st floor of One World Trade Center
Courtesy ThyssenKrupp Elevator
A commercial motorcycle rider  popularly known as Okada in Lagos. Here  this Instagram photo was set...
A commercial motorcycle rider, popularly known as Okada in Lagos. Here, this Instagram photo was set at Toaster mode.
Tourists in Italy taking photos
Tourists in Italy taking photos
Digital Journal
Vin Diesel goes behind the wheel in  Fast Five
Vin Diesel goes behind the wheel in 'Fast Five'
Photo prior to being restored and colorized.
Photo prior to being restored and colorized.

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