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Photo of loyal dog standing guard over fallen friend goes viral

Atlanta - They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which may explain why the image of a dog lovingly standing guard over his companion has touched so many heartstrings and made the picture the latest viral image on the Internet.

This Lukas Podolski selfie is the best photo from World Cup 2014

Moments after winning the 2014 World Cup, German forward Lukas Podolski snapped one of the most memorable selfies in sports history. Podolski posted on his Twitter account a photo of fellow German player Bastian Schweinsteiger kissing his cheek.

Instagram announces adverts are coming to UK, Canada & Australia

Following a successful trial in the US last year, photo-sharing network Instagram has announced that uses in the UK, Canada and Australia will all be seeing adverts appearing in the app "later this year".

Op-Ed: Royal media rumpus rises over Kate's cheeky photo

Sydney - As most people know Prince William and his lovely wife Kate, along with baby George, were on tour in Australia recently. This week a photo has been published first by Bild and then by an Australian newspaper showing a rather embarrassing view of Kate.

Facebook is building a competitor to Snapchat

Facebook is reportedly building a new video-sharing service of its own to enable it to directly compete against the immensely-popular Snapchat.

Viral photo sums up the subzero chill affecting 180 million Americans

Widely shared online right now is this chilly photo taken of Chicago during Tuesday's devastating cold. Residents of the Windy City are not alone: 180 million Americans are struggling through record-breaking freezing temperatures.

Image of kid at closed zoo goes viral

Quickly spreading across the Web, via sites such as reddit, is a photo of a child holding onto the bars of The National Zoo gate, the "temporarily closed" sign hovering above him. Does this photo best define the fallout of the U.S. government shutdown?

NASA releases photo of hot gas swirling in Coma galaxy cluster

Today NASA released a stunning photograph of massive arms of hot gas swirling in the Coma cluster of galaxies. The image was captured via NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and ESA’s XMM-Newton.

Photo collective shoots X-ray insides of luxury products

We may know what a Les Paul guitar looks like, or the outer design of a digital camera, but what about the guts of these gadgets? That's what motivated photographer collective Luxinside who shot X-ray images of high-end products, big and small.

Photo project seeks to capture one exact moment all over world Special

The One Moment project is an attempt to capture one exact moment in as many different places as possible. Photographers in over 95 countries are set to participate.

NASA releases photo of thousands waving at Cassini spacecraft

NASA released an incredible collage of 1,400 images of people waving at the spacecraft Cassini as it pointed its camera at Earth.

Photos of Chinese kids dressed in watermelons go viral

The latest odd trend going viral on Chinese social media sites? Photos of children wearing "suits" made out of sliced watermelon sections.

Mini-Me: 3D printing takes a step ahead with instant human copies

Hamburg - For the very latest in personal photography, a German company is offering to capture your image, complete with poses, clothing, hairstyles and facial impressions, all in living, 3D color.

NASA releases Earth photo taken from Saturn's orbit

London - The Blue Marble becomes a tiny dot in the immensity of the vast space when seen from Saturn's orbit at a distance of 1,440 kilometers.

Video: Amazing time-lapse photo restoration and colorization

In this just over seven minute video, we see the complete transformation of an old photo into a colorized and restored image of a person's grandmother, from beginning to end.

The new trend of photography: baby mugging

Baby mugging isn't what it sound like. There is no mugging of babies nor mug shots of babies. All you need is a camera, a baby, and a mug.

New trend: Photos of Japanese teens devouring humans

A new anime called Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titans sparks a new trend for memes in Japan. Inspired by the concept of the anime, Japanese teens are utilizing camera angles to portray themselves as giants.

TopFinds: Powerful photo from Bangladesh disaster, living on Mars

A compelling photo captures a haunting scene amid the ruins of the collapsed Bangladesh garment factory in Savar. Thousands apply to live in a Mars colony. Talking to Robert Downey Jr. about Iron Man 3. Read on to learn more in this week's TopFinds.

Teen mother's picture banned from high school yearbook

Caitlin Tiller will receive her high school yearbook later in the month, but she will not be able to find a single picture of herself in it.

Toronto: Contact photo fest features work from Gilbert, Salgado

Toronto - The 17th annual Contact Photography Festival will take over Toronto exhibits and studios for the entire month of May, and will showcase photography from photo icons such as Al Gilbert, Sebastiao Salgado and Arnaud Maggs.

Italian priest Andrea Maggi burns photo of ex-Pope Benedict XVI

Imperia - An Italian priest Father Andrea Maggi from a rural parish in northwestern Italy, set a photo of ex-Pope Benedict XVI on fire, accusing him of "abandoning his flock."

Op-Ed: 'Oops…one less Arab': More disturbing images from IDF soldiers

Recently an image was found on Instagram, showing a Palestinian boy in the cross hairs of a rifle. The photo caused a huge public outcry, and bloggers began searching for more. They found plenty.

A photo of a man and his dog go viral helping them reunite

San Bernardino - A photo that pulled many heart strings and a kind photographer who posted the photo on her facebook and asked it to be shared means Dave Thomas will be reunited with his beloved dog this morning at the San Bernardino Animal Shelter.

Photo: BC 'Fire Splash' sunset photo goes viral

Vancouver - A B.C photographer, Rob Leslie, created a photo illusion that he terms "Fire Water," that is, "the illusion of fire on the ocean through photography art." The photo that shows what looks like fire splashing out from the ocean has gone viral online.

All S.African Air Force fighters now delivered: Photo essay Special

Pretoria - The Deputy Chief of the South African Air Force (SAAF), Major General Jerry Malinga says all 26 SAAB Gripen C and D fighters have been delivered to the Air Force.

The 'not to be published' photo of Princess Di sold for $18,306

Amherst - Earlier this month, it was reported that a rare photo of Princess Diana, relaxing with a young man other than Prince Charles and marked "Not to be published", had been found. It has now been sold on auction and the mysterious young man identified.

Photo: Obama - 'I want to take a look, one more time'

Washington - There are many moments and images from President Barack Obama's 2013 Inauguration that will stand out in the minds of the American people, perhaps none more than when the President took a moment to pause and take it all in.

Photo essay: Digital photography for fun and candid moments Special

Fuengirola - For those interested in photography, it is always a good idea to have your camera with you at all times. So often you will catch a really fun image, just by sheer chance.

Photo: What Mars would have looked like – A blue marble

Washington - What would Mars look like if it had water and was green? A new photo by an American software engineer provides Earthlings a view of how the fourth planet from the sun would appear if it sustained life.

Photo shows moment President Obama learned of Sandy Hook shooting

As survivors of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting returned to class Thursday, the White House released a photo of President Obama at the moment Homeland Security adviser John Brennan briefed him on the details of the shooting in Newtown, Conn.
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Photo Image

From a time-lapse video of the restoration and colorization of an old photo.
From a time-lapse video of the restoration and colorization of an old photo.
Photographer Al Gilbert with a photo of Justin Trudeau
Photographer Al Gilbert with a photo of Justin Trudeau
Courtesy Digital Journal Staff
Abstract: Fishing nets.
Abstract: Fishing nets.
Sweet Photo
Sweet Photo
Tourists in Italy taking photos
Tourists in Italy taking photos
Digital Journal
photo of book for blog  taken by Jonathan Farrell  Aug. 2010
photo of book for blog, taken by Jonathan Farrell, Aug. 2010
Photo removed by Facebook after moderators believed the elbows were breasts.
Photo removed by Facebook after moderators believed the elbows were breasts.
Theories of the Deep Understanding of Things/Facebook
Abstract: graffitti in Fuengirola port.
Abstract: graffitti in Fuengirola port.
The process of uploading a photo on Notice the neutral tags (keywords)
The process of uploading a photo on Notice the neutral tags (keywords)
Abstract: rust in Fuengirola port.
Abstract: rust in Fuengirola port.
Abstract: Reflections in Fuengirola port.
Abstract: Reflections in Fuengirola port.
An escalator by ThyssenKrupp Elevator being hoisted to the 101st floor of One World Trade Center
An escalator by ThyssenKrupp Elevator being hoisted to the 101st floor of One World Trade Center
Courtesy ThyssenKrupp Elevator
Matt Damon in  Contagion
Matt Damon in 'Contagion'
Warner Bros
A major street in Lagos  digitally filtered with Instagram Linkwell mode
A major street in Lagos, digitally filtered with Instagram Linkwell mode
A van used for a locally driven campeign and advertisement for the US Visa Lottery program
A van used for a locally driven campeign and advertisement for the US Visa Lottery program


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