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Here's why the internet is obsessed with 'number neighbors'

The viral trend has users texting phone numbers that are one digit away from theirs and seeing what kinds of responses they get and what hilarity ensues.

France to put phones in prison cells in bold shift

Paris - France plans to install landline phones in prison cells across the country in an ambitious bid to improve rehabilitation rates -- and cut down on rampant cellphone trafficking behind bars.

France ponders phone ban in schools

Paris - French Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer has touched off a public debate about banning phones in schools as he seeks to implement a campaign pledge by President Emmanuel Macron.

New Nokia dumb phones come with month-long batteries, cost $15

HMD Global, the company granted exclusive rights to manufacture phones under the Nokia brand, has announced two new dumb phones aimed at emerging markets. The handsets both cost less than $25 but feature batteries that last a month on standby.

100 million people now use Google Photos

Just five months after launching its completely revamped Photos app, Google has announced there are now over 100 million active users on the new platform. Perhaps predictably, the most photographed category is food and people frequently search for 'me'.

Windows 10 is the 'last version of Windows', says Microsoft

A Microsoft developer has revealed that the company is viewing Windows 10 as the last major version of the renowned operating system, confirming many previous rumours of how Microsoft will update Windows over-the-air with incremental feature additions.

Windows 10 for Phones update fixes some major issues

Microsoft has released a new version of Windows 10 for Phones to Windows Insiders. Build 10052 fixes some major issues in the release from a couple of weeks ago and may encourage more Windows Phone users to try out the new software.

New Windows 10 for Phones build brings many new features

Microsoft has just pushed out a new update to the Windows 10 preview for phones. With it comes several new features including improvements to core apps, multitasking and the first inclusion of the Project Spartan web browser.

Windows 10 for phones to include notification LED support

New leaked screenshots of an unreleased build of Windows 10 for Phones revealed last night that the operating system will feature support for notification LEDs. Just a day later, such an LED has been found hidden inside Microsoft's Lumia 735.

Back from the edge — Radio Shack gets new financing offer

New York City - Ubiquitous US electronics retailer RadioShack Corp. reportedly has received an offer of nearly $600 million in financing that could enable it to avoid bankruptcy.

Pay for transport or phone credit by recycling bottles in Beijing

Beijing - A new system introduced in Beijing is allowing people to get free phone card rebates or passes to public transport in exchange for simply recycling a used drinks bottle.

What's next? Introducing a purse that charges your phone

Have you ever had an issue wanting to use your cephone, only to discover the battery is dead or extremely weak? If you buy the Everpurse that won't happen because it allows you to charge your phone without batteries or external cords.

Use of smartphones has changed some behaviors Special

Minneapolis - Are smartphones to blame for people not buying candy bars or reading the latest celebrity gossip while waiting in the checkout lane?

Ontario's top court: Holding a cellphone while driving illegal

Toronto - In a pair of decisions, the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled the prosecution need not prove a cellphone was actually being used by a driver before a conviction can be entered for distracted driving. Merely holding one is sufficient.

Are smartphones making people less impulsive?

Almost everyone has done it at one time or another- impulse buying. It may be something as small as a pack of M & M's or as large as a television.

Review: Inside the 'Dogfight' between Apple and Google Special

Who'd have thought that in a span of fewer than 10 years, the world would become enamoured with smartphones and tablets? Fred Vogelstein examines the genesis of these two devices as a product of a bitter but fruitful war; the battle of Apple and Google.

Smartphones outsell standard mobile phones for the first time

Smartphone sales have exceeded standard mobile phone sales for the first time in the April-to-June period, according to information technology research firm Gartner.

CRTC announces new wireless rules for Canadians

Under the new wireless code set out by the CRTC, Canadians will be able to cancel their contracts after two years without penalty and data and roaming charges will have monthly caps.

Report: Facebook developing smartphone

Facebook may be getting ready to launch its very own smartphone sometime next year, as reports suggests that the company has hired former Apple engineers.

RIM co-CEOs step down, COO Heins now taking over BlackBerry maker

According to recent reports, the co-CEOs of BlackBerry creator Research in Motion, Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie, are stepping down from positions they've held for more than two decades. COO Thorsten Heins will now take over RIM.

Mobile malware continues to rise, Android sees most infections

A recent survey has concluded that mobile malware continues to rise at an accelerated rate. The smartphone operating system (OS) seeing the most malware action? Google's Android.

Cellphone use affects brain activity after 50 minutes Special

New research shows cellphones excite the brain by stimulating glucose that can affect decision making, and thinking and impair the senses.

10-digit dialing starts this weekend in Ontario's 705 region

For those living in Ontario's 705 region dialing a local phone call will change on Saturday when the area begins using 10-digit phone numbers.

Cellphones being used as in-class learning tools

Chicago - For many, using a cellphone in class has been a surefire way to get a one-way ticket to the principal's office but a few Chicago area schools are now allowing their students to get away with texting, taking pics and talking on cells as a learning tool.

Developer nominates his Apple iPad App of the week Special

The Apple iPad is not going anywhere. Apple will be launching the iPad in nine more countries this week, so to assist the newbies, we asked a developer what their iPad app of the week was.

Is cellphone use safe? Experts disagree with FDA study

Washington - The FDA and WHO have recently released studies on the use of cell phones and report no increased danger for users. Other experts in the field including the scientific team at Mast Sanity disagree and saying studies were funded by the cell phone companies.

James O'Keefe arrested in New Orleans

James O'Keefe was an emerging hero to the right-wing after blowing the lid off of ACORN's illegal practices. Today the young maverick finds himself on the wrong side of a jail cell. Journalist O'Keefe was arrested on Monday in New Orleans.

Canada's text message champ wins $25,000 in Toronto Special

Toronto lived up to its party name Monday by holding off the rain until after the 2009 Canadian Texting Championship finished. The event, hosted by LG, proved today's younger generation has some very fast fingers.

Rumour: Two new Android Phones from HTC coming June 24

HTC is reportedly preparing to launch two new phones which are supposedly going to be called the Hero and Lancaster. Both phones are expected to run Google's Android mobile phone operating system.

Op-Ed: 747 area code doesn't fly with San Fernando Valley's busy dialers

Call it the illogical, non-thinking “corporate brain” or “group think,” it boils down to the California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) not listening to thousands of suggestions from the public that all said the same thing.
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The new Xbox app in Windows 10 Mobile build 10080
The new Xbox app in Windows 10 Mobile build 10080
The MA450i by RHA-Audio  a small UK company  division of Reid-Health.
The MA450i by RHA-Audio, a small UK company, division of Reid-Health.
The redesigned Outlook Mail for Windows 10 works across desktops and phones
The redesigned Outlook Mail for Windows 10 works across desktops and phones
The MA450i by RHA-Audio  a small UK company  division of Reid-Health.
The MA450i by RHA-Audio, a small UK company, division of Reid-Health.
Windows 10 for phones
Windows 10 for phones

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