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Philosophy News

Hungarian philosopher and dissident Agnes Heller dies aged 90

Budapest - Philosopher Agnes Heller, a dissident under Hungary's communist regime and later a prominent critic of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, died Friday at the age of 90, the Hungarian National Academy of Sciences said.

Developing ethics for tech industry must begin in the classroom

Boston - How can the the technology sector ensure that ethical principles are built into the design of products and, most importantly, with the shape of artificial intelligence? According to one academic, this must begin at school.

After yoga, meditation breaks into the mainstream

New York - It is 5 pm, otherwise known as rush hour in Manhattan. Julia Lyons, 31, finishes work and heads straight for her daily dose of peace and quiet -- half an hour at meditation studio "Mndfl.

Philosopher says speed threatens democracy: Q&A

Paris - Christophe Bouton, a philosophy professor at Montaigne University in Bordeaux, who wrote "The Time of Urgency", says that democracy is threatened by a contemporary preoccupation with speed.

Walden the video game to be released for Thoreau’s 200th birthday

A new kind of video game, almost a decade in the making, will allow players to step into the shoes of one of America’s greatest philosophers as he finds food, shelter and arrowheads in the rustic setting of Walden Woods.

Op-Ed: Food Philosopher ponders the culture and ethics of eating habits Special

Worcester - The students of Holy Cross College professor Andrea Borghini in Worcester, Massachusetts have the opportunity to not only look at what they eat, but they get to ponder the philosophy of food.

Rapper Dan Bull takes us through 5,000 years of human achievement

Dan Bull, with all the grace of a hardcore poet, releases another awing installation of his Epic Rap series with his new song, "Civilization."

Review: The most thought-provoking documentaries on YouTube

There are countless documentaries on YouTube. Here is a handful of some of the most thought provoking, from a purely subjective viewpoint.

Op-Ed: Berkeley's Idealism

Idealism is a venerable theory of philosophical thought. We can break down the simple premise of idealism in a short sentence; everything that exists and/or whatever can be known to exist, is in some capacity mental.

Op-Ed: Beyond Dawkins' Delusion — A More Reasoned Riposte to His Atheism

The atheistic philosophy of Richard Dawkins, though compelling, falls far short in proving that God doesn't exist or that individuals who embrace God are somehow delusional. What is required is a more objective handling of the issue.

Op-Ed: The Morality of Violence—Reflecting on Toronto

These days will probably become known as the Toronto Riots, locally the G20 Riots (Toronto doesn’t lend itself to rhyme, so catchier names like the Battle in Seattle are out).

Russia Today in propaganda war of words and images

In what reminds one of the 'Cold War' days, although it is more sophisticated in this century, the pro-Putin news outlet 'Russia Today' displays rather philosophical ads right now on UK roads and at some US airports.

Op-Ed: The Morality of Theft

Are superstores legitimate targets for theft? A renegade priest in Northern England raises important philosophical questions about the values of a society. What do we care more about: property rights or human rights?

Site of Aristotle’s School to Become Outdoor Museum

The school of one of the founders of Western philosophy is to become a museum, the Greek Ministry of Culture has announced. Aristotle’s school was on the site of the Lyceum, a public sports complex, whose remains were found in 1996.

Source Of Modern Day Philosophy: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Could the source to the philosophy of modern day life come from a teenage who fights vampires? That is what the focus will be at a three-day conference that began on Friday at Henderson State University in Arkansas.

Op-Ed: Kalokagathia--Why Schools Should Not Play Sports

The Greeks had a word for it -- kalokagathia, which descried a noble human being as one possessing the perfect union of body and soul.

Op-Ed: What is art?

How do you define art?

My Friends: "The Holy Trinity"

Transitioning from the "Religious Life" to the "Secular Life"!

The Philosophy of Sex

Want to know how your famous actor or actress feels about sex... then this is for you!

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at the Convergence Pollenzo  in Italy  April of 2013. speaking about food  art and nature  Professor...
at the Convergence Pollenzo, in Italy, April of 2013. speaking about food, art and nature, Professor Andrea Borghini, PhD lectures frequently in his travels.
Courtesy of UNIG Italia via YouTube
A few of the students who have written reviews about the professor have commented that they like his...
A few of the students who have written reviews about the professor have commented that they like his drawings, or doodles. In his lectures he tries to illustrate his ideas through drawings.
Courtesy of Professor Andrea Borghini
existentialist philosopher Albert Camus is the subject of study and insight in Robert Zaretsky s 201...
existentialist philosopher Albert Camus is the subject of study and insight in Robert Zaretsky's 2010 book, "Albert Camus - Elements of a Life," published by Cornell University Press.
Ludwig Wittgenstein
Ludwig Wittgenstein
Professor Antony Flew (1923-2010). I can t remember exactly when I took this but it was around 1991;...
Professor Antony Flew (1923-2010). I can't remember exactly when I took this but it was around 1991; as can be deduced from the poster on the wall behind him, he was speaking at a Libertarian Alliance conference. Although he was never afraid to argue his case forcefully, Professor Flew was a genuinely nice guy.
Professor Andrea Borghini  PhD teaches courses in food and its philosophy at the College of the Holy...
Professor Andrea Borghini, PhD teaches courses in food and its philosophy at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA.
Courtesy of Professor Andrea Borghini and

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