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Man detained for 20 hours after filing TSA complaint

Philadelphia - A man who was detained for more than 20 hours at Philadelphia International Airport has sued the Transportation Security Administration.

Vietnam veteran get his prosthetic leg back following theft

Philadelphia - A disabled man has reclaimed his prosthetic limb some 24 hours after it was stolen ahead of Sunday's Giants-Eagles National Football League game in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia food truck explodes, injures 12

Philadelphia - A La Parrillada Chapina food truck exploded Tuesday afternoon on a busy street, severely burning a mother and daughter and injuring 10 others.

Giant game of Tetris played on 29-story building

Philadelphia - Last Saturday, Philly Tech Week put on a display to delight true geeks and the nerds-at-heart. The city was treated to a record-setting game of Tetris.

Is Philadelphia the new Silicon Valley for tech start-ups? Commissioned

Philadelphia - Start-up companies in Philadelphia are backed by venture capital, nonprofits, and city government. Blend all of those positives with a well-educated talent pool in a city filled with impressive amenities and you have a recipe for business success.

Leafs' Lupul takes flight in 4-3 Overtime win over Philadelphia Special

The Toronto Maple Leafs narrowly escaped a third period collapse Saturday night at the Air Canada Centre when the Philadelphia Flyers tied it up on separate occasions late in the game.

Man crashes into chicken joint, then pleasures himself

Philadelphia - A drunk driver crashes his car into a chicken restaurant and proceeds to strip and supposedly masturbates in front of startled onlookers.

Philadelphia baby born on a sled

Philadelphia - Though it sounds like something out of a movie, a baby was born Wednesday on a sled as her father tried to rush his pregnant wife to his car at the bottom of a hill.

US police detain two for talking to stranger on street

Philadelphia - Policemen in Philadelphia unlawfully detained two African American pedestrians for talking to a stranger on the street - namely, saying "hi".

Wet Dreams at Philadelphia's SPACE 1026

Philadelphia - Wet Dreams is a mixed-media installation inspired by deep sea celestial voyaging, surfing, and the mysticism surrounding the ocean. Its opening reception is this Friday at SPACE 1026, a Philadelphia-based artist collective.

Philadelphia Flyers hope changes fuel return to playoffs

Philadelphia - The Flyers went 23-22-3 last season and were 10th in the Eastern Conference with 49 points last season. As a result the Flyers uncharacteristically missed the playoffs for only the second time since 1994

Op-Ed: Public reactions to the Philadelphia education crisis Special

Philadelphia - “Philadelphia is dealing with a major crisis in public education. The children in Philadelphia deserve better. The focus should be on closing the achievement gap, not closing schools.”

Happy ending for man who lost $12,000 saved for engagement ring?

Philadelphia - He only wanted to surprise his fiance with a special engagement ring. Matthew Camp of New Jersey never believed he would lose the $12,000 he had saved to buy it while riding on a motorcycle. There could be a happy ending after all for the man.

Op-Ed: Can the Philadelphia Eagles offense last all year?

Philadelphia - When the Philadelphia Eagles hired Chip Kelly as their new coach they expected their offense to gain yardage and score a lot of points.

Review: Jay-Z struts his musical ambitions in Made in America documentary Special

Concert documentaries are not often remarkable. But Ron Howard's Made in America dazzles at almost every turn as he chronicles Jay-Z's massive 2012 music fest in Philadelphia, which brought together dozens of disparate acts.

TopFinds: Photo tour of Burning Man, Philly's education problem

A Digital Journalist takes us on a visual ride inside the annual dance party known as Burning Man. Why is Philadephia closing all of its schools in two years? The latest news from the dolphin culling in Taiji, Japan. Welcome to this week's TopFinds.

LeBron James to produce sitcom with Starz

Will LeBron James be adding an Emmy to his trophy case in the future? It seems there's a chance as he's set to executive produce a sitcom with Starz.

Forced landing for plane suspected to have a bomb

Philadelphia - The FBI is investigating a phoned-in tip after a flight heading from Ireland was forced to land because of a hoax bomb threat.

Philly 76ers take their time looking for a new coach

Philadelphia - The Philadelphia 76ers who started the past season with so much promise saw it all unravel with a knee injury to Andrew Bynum. The Sixers went 34-48, and missed the playoffs for the first time in three years.

Sarah Murnaghan recovering well from her second lung transplant

Sarah Murnaghan, 10 years old, is recovering from her second lung transplant. However, she is awake and in very good spirits.

Philadelphia building collapse inspector commits suicide

Philadelphia - An inspector charged with the task of inspecting the building that collapsed in Philadelphia weeks before the tragedy has taken his own life.

Video: Building collapses in Philadelphia, 2 feared trapped

A building collapsed in downtown Philadelphia Wednesday morning. Local fire officials digging through the rubble say they fear that people are still trapped inside it.

Pennsylvania abortion doctor sentenced to life

Philadelphia - Updated on 5-17-13, 3:10 a.m., EDT Kermit Gosnell, 72, a Philadelphia abortion doctor, was found guilty of first-degree murder. On Wednesday, he was given a third life sentence for killing a baby he described as so big it could "walk to the bus."

Op-Ed: Dr Kermit Gosnell abortionist - jury starts deliberations today

Philadelphia - Dr. Kermit Gosnell, 72, is facing the death penalty for performing late-term abortions and allegedly killing newborns, as he 'snips' the spinal cords to make sure they are terminated (killed.)

Video: Philly bike-riding cat going viral on YouTube

Philadelphia - Meet Rudi Saldia, a bike messenger who loves cruising the streets of Philadelphia, and his tabby cat MJ, who apparently loves to ride along with him perched on his shoulders.

Pooches caught humping during breaking news coverage (video)

Philadelphia - Sometimes live news coverage can go... well, a little wrong, as NBA 10 zooms in on an alleged dog-fighting ring, only to find a totally different doggy situation ongoing.

CCTV: Man fires shots into Philadelphia Chinese store, wounds 3

Philadelphia - CCTV security cameras caught the action as a man fired his gun into a Chinese food store in Philadelphia on Tuesday night, wounding three people.

Daycare worker arrested for kidnapping, rape of 5-year-old girl

Philadelphia - A young woman who works at a West Philadelphia daycare center has been arrested and charged in connection with the kidnapping and rape of a 5-year-old girl.

Cops shoot dogs in front of Philadelphia high school

Philadelphia - When a stray dog got into a pickup truck at a red light outside the high school in Chester, Pa, a fight ensued. Police officers responding to a call about the dog fight opened fire and shot the dogs five times with a pistol and once with a shotgun.

Top children's disease researcher murdered

Philadelphia - Melissa Ketunuti, a researcher into infectious diseases in children, was strangled, bound, and set ablaze in the basement of her home in Center City, Philadelphia.
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Ribbon cutting for RJ Metrics.  From L to R: Luke Butler  Chief of Staff to the Deputy Mayor of Econ...
Ribbon cutting for RJ Metrics. From L to R: Luke Butler, Chief of Staff to the Deputy Mayor of Economic Development, Rebecca Lopez Kriss, Manager, Entrepreneurial Investment, Alan Greenberger, Deputy Mayor of Economic Development, Jake Stein, Founder of RJ Metrics, Robert Moore, Founder, CEO of RJ Metrics, Mayor Michael Nutter, Bob Moul, CEO of Artisan (former President of Philly Startup Leaders), and Rick Nucci, President of Philly Startup Leaders and partner at First Mark Capital. 2/18/14
City of Philadelphia/Kait Privitera
Philadelphia building collapses
Philadelphia building collapses
Screengrab / NBC 10
Dr. Deborah Diamond  President of Campus Philly.  Philadelphia  PA
Dr. Deborah Diamond, President of Campus Philly. Philadelphia, PA
Courtesy of Deborah Diamond.
Artisan office.  Philadelphia  PA  10/16/2012
Artisan office. Philadelphia, PA 10/16/2012
Kait Privitera
Rudi Saldia takes his cat MJ with him on bike rides around Philadelphia.
Rudi Saldia takes his cat MJ with him on bike rides around Philadelphia.
Rudi Saldia takes his cat MJ with him on bike rides around Philadelphia.
Rudi Saldia takes his cat MJ with him on bike rides around Philadelphia.
Luke Butler  Chief of Staff to the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development.  Philadelphia  PA
Luke Butler, Chief of Staff to the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development. Philadelphia, PA
Courtesy Luke Butler
Miss America 2000  Heather French  serves food to homeless veterans during the closing ceremonies of...
Miss America 2000, Heather French, serves food to homeless veterans during the closing ceremonies of Operation STAND DOWN at Lighthouse Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Scott H. Spitzer USAF Civ.
CCTV footage of a man shooting into a Chinese food store in Philadelphia  USA
CCTV footage of a man shooting into a Chinese food store in Philadelphia, USA
Rudi Saldia takes his cat MJ with him on bike rides around Philadelphia.
Rudi Saldia takes his cat MJ with him on bike rides around Philadelphia.
Mitt Romney shaking hands with Philadelphia residents
Mitt Romney shaking hands with Philadelphia residents
World Affairs Council of Philadelphia

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