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Pharmaceutical News

Greek MPs to back probe into Novartis bribes

Atenas - Greece's parliament was early Thursday to approve a probe into whether nearly a dozen senior politicians received bribes from or helped promote Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis during their term in office.

Trump vows again to bring down prescription drug prices

Washington - President Donald Trump vowed again Tuesday to bring down prescription drug prices in the United States, an issue on which his government has been accused of dragging its feet.

Rocky start for Alzheimer's drug research in 2018

Paris - The year 2018, barely underway, has already dealt a series of disheartening blows to the quest for an Alzheimer's cure.

'Pharma Bro' Shkreli's lawyer convicted in fraud trial

New York - A former lawyer for "Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli has been found guilty of helping the disgraced executive and hedge fund manager commit fraud.

Sierra Leone health workers sue government in Ebola case

Dakar - Two Sierra Leonean health workers on Friday sued their government in a West African court, alleging its misuse of donor funds during the Ebola crisis had contributed to the deaths of thousands.

Amazon looks set to enter pharmacy market

The distribution of medicines in the U.S. looks set for a shake up with renewed rumours that Amazon is going to enter the medicines distribution market.

'Pharma Bro' Shkreli jailed after Clinton threat

New York - Martin Shkreli was sent to jail on Wednesday after a US judge revoked the bail of the former pharmaceutical executive over a threat aimed at Hillary Clinton -- which he insists was a joke.

Swiss drugs giant Novartis likely bribed 'thousands' in Greece: minister

Atenas - Greece's justice minister on Friday said Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis had likely bribed "thousands" of doctors and civil servants to promote its products, amid an ongoing probe."A great number of state officials are implicated...

Drug against alcoholism works, researchers claim

Paris - French researchers provided fresh evidence Friday to support claims that a drug touted as a miracle cure for alcoholism, and prescribed for this purpose in France, actually works.

Greek justice minister vows speedy corruption inquiry

Atenas - Greece's justice minister on Tuesday promised a "swift and thorough" investigation into suspected corruption by civil servants and Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis.

'Bad boy' pharma chief mocks Australian student achievements

Sydney - "Bad boy" pharmaceutical chief Martin Shkreli, who raised the cost of an HIV drug by 5,000 percent, has mocked a group of Sydney school students who recreated the life-saving medicine on the cheap.

Guinea-Bissau islands feel the bite of antivenom crisis

Bolama - The vivid red wound at the base of Gina's ankle has remained open for three months and refuses to heal, leaving the Guinea-Bissau islander in constant pain.

Addiction is a crisis, not a character flaw: US surgeon general

Miami - Alcoholism and drug abuse are a pressing public health crisis in the United States, and addiction should no longer be dismissed as a "character flaw," top US health officials said Thursday.

Three Zika vaccines show promise in monkey studies: report

Miami - Three different experimental Zika vaccines being developed in the United States have worked well in monkey studies, paving the way for human trials in the coming months, researchers said Thursday.

Second Zika vaccine trial gets under way in US

Miami - US health authorities Wednesday launched the second human trial of a vaccine against the mosquito-borne Zika virus, which can cause birth defects and is now spreading in the US and Latin America.

Malaria vaccine loses effectiveness over several years: study

Washington - An experimental vaccine against malaria known as Mosquirix -- or RTS,S -- weakens over time and is only about four percent effective over a seven-year span, researchers said Wednesday.

Foreign patients turn to India in search of cut-price cures

New Delhi - When doctors told Australian Greg Jefferys he had Hepatitis C and the disease was destroying his liver, the devastating diagnosis was compounded by the cost of a cure.

'Major shortcomings' in French drug trial death lab: Inquiry

Paris - An inquiry into the death of a man during a drug trial has found "three major shortcomings" at the French laboratory where he was being tested, the minister of health said.

Researchers scramble to fight 'brand new' Zika virus

Miami - Zika virus is spreading rapidly through the Americas leaving researchers scrambling to understand the very basics, including how to prevent, treat and diagnose the emerging mosquito-borne threat.

Johnson and Johnson cut 3,000 jobs

One of the biggest healthcare companies in the U.S. has announced a high number of job cuts in its medical device business.

No reason to stop drug trials despite death: French minister

Paris - There is no reason to stop clinical trials in France, the country's health minister said Monday, despite the death of a man during testing for a new drug.

Man dies after being left brain-dead in French drug trial

Rennes - A man who was left brain-dead after suffering serious side-effects during a drugs trial in France died on Sunday, according to the hospital which had been treating him.

Reviled US pharma chief arrested on fraud charges

New York - A reviled US pharmaceutical boss who caused a storm in September by jacking up the price of a life-saving drug by 5,000 percent has been arrested on fraud charges, prosecutors said.

Bayer sued in Germany over contraceptive pill after health scares

Willst - "If I'd known, I'd never have taken this pill," says Felicitas Rohrer, who is suing German pharmaceuticals giant Bayer, claiming its oral contraceptive Yasminelle caused her to suffer a pulmonary embolism.

New class of leukaemia drug approved

London - The U.K. body responsible for approving medications for the health service has recently approved a new type of leukaemia drug. The drug works in a different way from those in current use.

Germany seizes record haul of illegal sex and diet pills

Berlin - German customs investigators said Thursday they had seized their largest-ever haul of illegal pharmaceuticals -- 3.5 million pills from India, mostly slimming and sexual potency "lifestyle drugs".

Pharma companies lobby U.K. government over spending cuts

London - A number of life science sector bodies, both private and public sector, have lobbied the U.K. government in relation to proposed cuts to research and development into new medicinal products.

Doctors warn of snakebite serum shortage

Paris - Tens of thousands of people will unnecessarily die of snakebites unless an affordable new source of antivenom is found, Doctors Without Borders has warned, with stocks of a French-produced drug running out.

Breakthrough in quest for Ebola vaccine

Paris - An Ebola test vaccine provided blanket protection in a field trial in Guinea, researchers said, possibly heralding "the beginning of the end" for the devastating West African outbreak that has killed thousands.

Promise seen for drug in patients with early Alzheimer's

Washington - A new kind of drug to fight Alzheimer's has shown promise when given to people in the early stages of the disease, drug-maker Eli Lilly said Wednesday.
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