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Pets News

Exotic pet trade sends Florida bird rescues soaring

Miami - In this small animal hospital perched on Miami's sun-splashed harbor, some of the most exotic creatures fly in and out of Carla Zepeda's life.

Foreign protesters' bark unleashes Chinese dog eaters' bite

Yulin - International groups and celebrities, backed by millions of foreign petitioners, have rallied against an annual dog meat festival in the Chinese city of Yulin: but the protests may have backfired, residents say, spurring more people to eat man's best f...

Activists intensify drive vs China dog meat festival

Beijing - This year’s dog meat festival in China is still two months away but local and international animal rights activists are already heightening their campaign against the event.

Armed man plotted to kidnap Obama family dog: Reports

Washington - A heavily armed man claiming to be Jesus allegedly plotted to kidnap one of the Obama family's dogs and has been arrested, US media and officials said.

Couple have their recently deceased dog cloned

British couple Laura Jacques and Richard Remde 43, mourning the loss of their pet boxer dog Dylan, have successfully had the dog cloned two weeks after the pet's passing.

Men and women deposit different types of bacteria

The types of bacteria found in the home vary according to whether more men or women live in the house, as well as whether household pets are present.

First litter of in vitro puppies born in U.S.

Washington - The first litter of puppies conceived through in vitro fertilization has been born, in a scientific breakthrough decades in the making, US researchers announced.

Puppy love: Russia's gift to France replaces slain police dog

Moscow - Russia symbolically handed over a puppy to France on Monday to replace a police dog called Diesel who was killed during a raid linked to the November 13 Paris attacks.

France accepts Russian replacement for police dog killed in Paris attack

Paris - France on Friday warmly accepted the offer of a puppy from Russia as a replacement for a police dog named Diesel which was killed during operations after the November 13 terror attacks in Paris.

Russia gives France puppy to replace killed police dog

Moscow - Russia has offered to send an Alsatian puppy to France in a gesture of solidarity after a police dog was killed during a raid on jihadists linked to the Paris attacks.

French police dog killed by jihadists during Paris raid

Paris - A French police dog named Diesel was killed Wednesday during a huge security services' operation against jihadists holed up in an apartment to the north of Paris, police said."Diesel, a seven-year-old Belgian Shepherd, a female assault dog ...

Florida police officer shoots dog in front of owner

A family in Florida City, Fla., is demanding an apology after a police officer shot and killed their dog. The incident occurred on Tuesday morning.

Woman arrested after dog flung from a balcony

Scarborough - Last month, a dog was thrown from an apartment balcony in Scarborough. Now, a woman has been arrested for allegedly committing the act.

Courthouse dogs help traumatized children

Our canine friends have always been of the greatest support to us. Can courthouse dogs be the perfect solution for children too traumatized to testify against abuse?

Man caught having sex with dog after phone pocket-dials

Phil Campbell - A man from Alabama was arrested after he was allegedly caught having sex with his dog. He was caught after he accidentally pocket-dialed someone.

Lost your dog? Finding Rover can be much easier with this app

Finding Rover is a new smartphone app that helps dog owners find their lost pets by using facial recognition technology. John Polimeno, developer of the app, was sitting in a coffee shop when he noticed the ever ubiquitous "lost dog" poster.

Man watches woman's dog, and then demands sexual favors

Frederick - A 23-year-old man is being accused of demanding sexual favors from a woman, who asked him to watch her dog as she went into a store.

War dog goes on final ride

Minden - A war dog that served in Afghanistan went for one final ride with her owner, before getting put down due to health problems.

TN now legalizes people to break into hot cars to save pets

As of July 1, 2015 Tennessee has become the first state in the nation to specifically allow good Samaritans to legally break a window in a hot car in order to save a pet.

Chinese man raises puppies for 2 years, finds out they're bears

About two years ago Wang Kayui decided to adopt a pair of puppies. As the weeks passed, the puppies grew into well-behaved dogs, and all seemed well. At least until Wang saw a flyer on endangered animals and realized that his dogs were, in fact, bears.

Protesters muzzled at Chinese dog meat festival

Yulin - Campaigners protesting at China's annual dog meat festival, which sees thousands of canines butchered and eaten, were forcibly dispersed by unidentified men Monday as they tried to rally outside a government office.

Chinese woman pays to rescue 100 dogs from meat festival: Report

Yulin - A Chinese woman has paid over $1,000 to save 100 canines from being eaten during a dog meat festival, media said, as activists have lashed out at the event labelling it cruel.

Medical study warns about diseases transmitted by pets

Pets are affectionate friends, which many of us love a great deal. However, that love could be blinding us to the real dangers of contracting diseases from our household companions.

Tampa police make arrests in case of dog tied to railroad tracks

Tampa - Tampa police have arrested two teenagers related to the case where a dog was found shot and tied to railroad tracks last week. The track is an active one and the dog would have been run over in minutes, police say.

Chihuahua smuggles itself into airport in owner's suitcase

A Chihuahua has been found hiding in a suitcase in the baggage area of New York's LaGuardia airport, triggering a security alert that led to it being found inside the suitcase it had nestled itself in.

Woman who stole and euthanized dog gets jail time

On Friday, a woman from Pennsylvania was sentenced to jail for stealing her neighbor's dog and paying to have it euthanized.

U.S. woman drowns puppy in toilet to get on plane: Report

Washington - A Florida woman allegedly drowned a two-week-old Doberman in a U.S. airport toilet because she wasn't allowed to board a flight with the puppy, media reports said.

Celebs praise pet adoption: Cuddly love, kindness and support

It is so important to remember that one should give back to the furry members of society by adopting a pet in need of someone to love. Celebrities have long been using their status to help in the efforts of getting pets adopted.

This woman lived on dog food for 6 days

Anne Kadet, a Paleo dieter and columnist, got tired of the high prices of meat and product, so she turned to another source of nutrients, dog food.

Recap of latest viral videos, from dogs in costumes to Ed Sheeran

A dog and a cat making out, pugs in Halloween costumes, a little girl that wakes up and starts dancing to an Ed Sheeran song, and a man that trained his dog to bring him beer from the refrigerator--those are some of the latest viral videos online.
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Pets Image

The newly released Fetch  by GoPro.
The newly released Fetch, by GoPro.
Photos Courtesy of GoPro
These sisters enjoy a stroll through Centennial s Small Dog Park.
These sisters enjoy a stroll through Centennial's Small Dog Park.
Dogs can help deal with depression.
Dogs can help deal with depression.
Cloe receives a vodka IV to recover from antifreeze poisoning.
Cloe receives a vodka IV to recover from antifreeze poisoning.
Screen Capture
Best friends go for a walk
Best friends go for a walk
Dog and cat friends in Fuengirola  Spain - FC (Fat Cat).
Dog and cat friends in Fuengirola, Spain - FC (Fat Cat).
Dog skull
Dog skull
A Detroit dog who tried to stay warm on this single digit degree day
A Detroit dog who tried to stay warm on this single digit degree day
Just a few of my favorite pictures of my animals..
Just a few of my favorite pictures of my animals..
It is a very common feature in Melbourne  making the dogs celebrating.
It is a very common feature in Melbourne, making the dogs celebrating.
If the word  watchdog  could be somehow explained  here it s its exact meaning  Promnitzs  castle  ...
If the word "watchdog" could be somehow explained, here it's its exact meaning, Promnitzs' castle, Żary, Poland.
A dog at doggie day care
A dog at doggie day care
 If I could fly away...
"If I could fly away..."
Erik Johansson photo of a dog floating thanks to balloons
Erik Johansson photo of a dog floating thanks to balloons
Courtesy Erik Johansson
Just a few of my favorite pictures of my animals..
Just a few of my favorite pictures of my animals..
This pup was not too sure about having the headless horseman ride on his back.
This pup was not too sure about having the headless horseman ride on his back.